OsteoPhase, 60 Caps

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  • Healthy Bone Support Formula
  • 60 Capsules
  • Our flagship formulas are modern versions of traditional essence herbs historically used to enhance energy, rejuvenate vitality and improve general health


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Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules, 1 or 2 times per day or as directed by your health care professional. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 400 IU
Zinc (as zinc citrate) 10 mg
Proprietary Blend 1000 mg **
Drynaria (rhizome) (Gu Sui Bu) **
Chinese salvia (root) (Dan Shen) **
Eucommia (stem bark) (Du Zhong) **
Astragalus (root) (Huang Qi) **
Dodder (seed) (Tu Si Zi) **
Rehmannia (root) (Sheng Di Huang) **
Dong Quai (root) (Dang Gui) **
Job’s tears (seed) (Yi Yi Ren) **
Oyster (shell ) (Mu Li) **
** Daily Value not established


Bone issues affect an estimated 35 million people in the United States. Not surprisingly bone issues directly contribute to increased fractures and injuries.

OsteoPhase is a marine-based nutritional supplement designed to support skeletal bone health and bone modeling by promoting healthy calcium regulation. OsteoPhase was developed after extensive research into the biology of nacre the lustrous prismatic layer of mollusk shells also known as Mother of Pearl. This fascinating composite biogenic material consists of a matrix of proteins, glycoproteins and chitin that combine elasticity with high mechanical strength similar to modern ceramics. The formula was developed after ten years of clinical research that sought to identify and isolate a number of biologically active proteins and enzymes derived from the inner lining of oyster shells. These tissues are primarily responsible for stimulating and controlling the formation of new shell growth from available marine calcium.

The researchers developed a proprietary process for extracting these bioactive ingredients, which were then blended with ionic calcium and botanicals previously shown to enhance healthy calcium regulation. The result is a unique formula that supports overall bone health.

Initial research on OsteoPhase indicates that the formula supports the body in regulating calcium balance (homeostasis) by positively maintaining bone density and calcium levels in the blood and cells.

OsetoPhase contains a unique, naturally rich source of calcium along with time-proven osteo-supportive herbs and botanicals, including:


Concha Ostrea
Concha Ostrea oyster shell, or Ostrea talienwhanensis shell, provides calcium carbonate, along with additional minerals, glycolipids and nutrients. Ostrea is widely used in traditional Chinese practice. Studies have shown that this unique source of calcium may support bone-building. (1), (2)


Astragalus Polysaccharides
Known to support healthy, oxygen-rich microcirculation, extracts of Astragalus have also been shown to promote bone health in laboratory animals. (3)

Angelica Sinensis
Angelica has been shown to stimulate the proliferation of precursor cells to maintain bone health. (4)

Coix Seed
Long used in traditional Chinese healing, and as a food, Coix seeds have been shown to support bone health. (5)


1. Zhang C, Li S, Ma Z, Xie L, Zhang R. A novel matrix protein p10 from the nacre of pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata) and its effects on both CaCO3 crystal formation and mineralogenic cells, Mar Biotechnol (NY), Published: 2006 Nov-DecPubmed ID: 16972140
2. Shen Y, Zhu J, Zhang H, Zhao F. In vitro activity of pearl, Biomaterials, Jan 2006Pubmed ID: 16023711
3. Kim C, Ha H, Lee JH, Kim JS, Song K, Park SW. Herbal extract for bone health in ovariectomized rats, Arch Pharm Res., 2003 Nov Pubmed ID: 14661857
4. Zhao H, Alexeev A, Sharma V, Guzman LD, Bojanowski K., Effect of SBD.4 a defined multi-component preparation of Angelica sinensis in periodontal regeneration models, Phytother Res. 2008 July Pubmed ID: 18389473
5. Yang RS, Chiang W, Lu YH, Liu SH. Evaluation by adlay (Coix lachryma-jobi) using a tissue culture model, Asia Pac J Clin Nutr., 2008Pubmed ID: 18296323.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What is the recommended daily dose of OsteoPhase?

Adults take 2 capsules, 1 or 2 times daily.

How much OsteoPhase can I safely take in a day?

You can safely take up to 9 capsules in a day to gain the full effectiveness of the OsteoPhase supplement. However, we recommend that you talk to one of our product specialists to determine your starting dose of OsteoPhase. Call the toll-free number at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2 for a free consultation.

How do I know OsteoPhase is working for me?

OsteoPhase is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should make a change for you in your bone health and how your body uses calcium. Since calcium is a mineral involved in every physiological action in the body, each person will note different individual results while using the formula.

Since you may be taking OsteoPhase as a supplement for bone health, we recommend that you have a current baseline DEXA bone scan and a follow-up scan between 6-12 months after starting to take OsteoPhase.

Do I have to take OsteoPhase forever?

Everybody has a different set of circumstances that will determine how their overall and bone health will be promoted when using OsteoPhase. Your response to the supplement will be determined by your individual health circumstances. Issues with bone health usually have a long-standing cause and develop over many years. This may determine how soon you notice positive changes and how long you may need or wish to take the formula.

Once you determine that you have achieved positive results using OsteoPhase, you can call one of our product consultants at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2 for assistance in determining if you need to continue taking OsteoPhase and at what dose. Usually you can take a lower dose for ongoing benefits.

When should I take OsteoPhase?

The most important consideration in taking OsteoPhase is to use it daily and consistently. Convenience makes regular use possible, so including OsteoPhase in your regular supplement routine is a good idea.

You can take OsteoPhase with or away from meals.

Morning and early evening are the best times to take the formula to spread out its benefits over a 24-hour period.

Can I take OsteoPhase with other supplements?

Yes, you can take OsteoPhase with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.

We recommend that you can take a balanced calcium supplement that contains up to 600 mg. of calcium for daily use.

I take over-the-counter/prescriptive medicines for better circulation. Can I take OsteoPhase with them?

You can take OsteoPhase while you are using other products for your circulation or any other condition. However, you should always take OsteoPhase or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.

As a special precaution, you should not take OsteoPhase if you are on the drastic blood thinning medication warfarin/coumadin.

You should also exercise caution when taking aspirin, plavix or other blood-thinning medication while also using OsteoPhase.

If you have any questions about using OsteoPhase or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can I combine OsteoPhase with some of your other products like FemmePhase, Herbal Boost, or Vital Cell?

Yes, you can take OsteoPhase with either FemmePhase or Herbal Boost for bone health. We suggest that you take 1 capsule of FemmePhase or Herbal Boost for each 2 capsules of OsteoPhase.

It is not necessary to take both Herbal Boost and FemmePhase together as they are very similar formulas using the same herbs.

You can take OsteoPhase with Vital Cell if Vital Cell is your daily herbal supplement. You can take 2 capsules or 1 tablet of Vital Cell with each 2 capsules of OsteoPhase for best results. When you take Vital Cell, you do not need to take Herbal Boost or FemmePhase in combination with OsteoPhase.

You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

Can a woman take OsteoPhase if she is pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend that a woman take OsteoPhase if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because OsteoPhase is unsafe but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in OsteoPhase for pregnancy and nursing.

Can children take OsteoPhase?

OsteoPhase is not recommended for people under the age of 18.

Can I give OsteoPhase to my pet (cat, dog, or horse)?

Yes, however, you should contact a holistic veterinarian for advice on the dose you should give to your pet, since animals vary widely in size and speed of metabolism. Both of those factors determine doses for supplements for animals.

Is OsteoPhase tested for contaminants that could harm my health?

Yes, we regularly test batches of our formulas to make sure they meet strict quality control guidelines recommended by government regulatory agencies.

Are there any side effects from taking OsteoPhase?

OsteoPhase does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

What do I do if I think taking OsteoPhase is causing me discomfort?

The most common discomforts experienced by a tiny percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions such as skin itching or irritability.

These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.

If you should experience discomfort when taking OsteoPhase and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund for you.

38 reviews for OsteoPhase, 60 Caps

  1. Roberta Russell (verified owner)


    Roberta Russell

  2. Andree Austin

    A great choice for those with bone density issues. You want to do everything you can to stop bone loss don?t you! this is one supplement you can take that will help you retain bone strength.

    Andree Austin

  3. Juris Rijnieks

    I am very satisfact

    Juris Rijnieks

  4. Audrey Brady

    I love OsteoPhase since I am allergic to foxsomax.

    Audrey Brady

  5. Moira Holland

    bought as apart of my jawbone building program..lost a tooth and bone with it so seeing if this, gingiphase.. along with osteophase helps!! will keep you posted!! thanks, tango

    Moira Holland


    I have been taking this product for several years and well pleased.


  7. Kay Gwaltney

    Great product to help bones be stronger!

    Kay Gwaltney

  8. cecile (verified owner)

    This product is not a quick fix, for my bone-related issues – so I can’t review it for effectiveness yet! But I am intrigued by the ingredient list which is very unlike many other products on the market, and in a few months I will have some tests that will hopefully support my confidence in this product line.


  9. Collin Maronese

    I have a very unique case. Broken scaphoid non-union in the wrist lived with it for 3 years unknowingly. Received reconstructive surgery with a bone graph. Surgeon says it may not heal due to the bottom half no calcifying yet. I am combining OsteoPhase, Herbal Boost and another brand called Calmax. I get an xray in April to see if it has been helping. I just finished a bottle each of OsteoPhase and Herbal Boost 2 weeks ago. I decided to go with this product from a review i saw online with decent credibility. I will report back when i know more. Hoping this is my solution because i will promote this in full if so!

    Collin Maronese

  10. Regina Stewart

    Can tell a difference already in my neck. Thank you!

    Regina Stewart

  11. ReeMo

    I’ve only taken Osteophase for a week and a half and I can already tell the difference in my joint since I’ve started it in conjunction with Herbal Boost. I have gone days without using over-the-counter pain medicine so I give it an A so far!


  12. Janet Brancaccio

    Used these after surgery to help my bone heal.

    Janet Brancaccio

  13. Audrey Brady

    I will find out within a years time.

    Audrey Brady

  14. Laura Austin

    I have a bone scan scheduled and am interested in seeing the results. I’m very active–I do stairs, hills, walk the dog and run around the basement area if the weather is awful. I take a couple of capsules daily–we’ll see if that was enough.
    I’ll be checking in with the hospital shortly.

    Laura Austin

  15. paula Jensen

    Have only been using product for 3 weeks but joint discomfort has eased considerably.

    paula Jensen

  16. Patricia De Young

    I plan to take Osteophase, together with my very good diet, for one year. I will then have a second bone scan and hope to see an improvement in my bones. At present it is too soon to give an honest opinion, however, I do have a sensitive digestion and have no problems with the formula.

    Patricia De Young

  17. Kay Stuckey

    I have been taking OsteoPhase since I found out that I had severe osteoporosis. For years I had the doctor check the condition and it had gone from severe to border line between moderate and severe. It is no longer checked since the doctor knows that my choice is to use a natural supplement. I have to watch my diet and exercise daily to maintain my body. The supplement is expensive, but has been worth it for my body.

    Kay Stuckey

  18. Madeleine Chaleyer

    Ever since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 10 years ago, I have been taking 2 tablets of OsteoPhase each day. I’m not very disciplined, so I haven’t been doing weight training, and I don’t take calcium supplements – I eat cheese! I occasionally go for walks with my dog – that’s about it. I credit OsteoPhase with keeping my bone health under control. The funny thing now my DEXA readings are the same as the average of other people may age, so in that sense I believe I have stabilized my bone health. I think we should all enjoy life and not obsess too much about food, I can highly recommend OsteoPhase, give it a try.

    Madeleine Chaleyer

  19. Jane McHenry

    I think it is working for me.

    Jane McHenry

  20. jt

    doesn’t upset my stomach and I have great hopes for it.


  21. Vasiliki Gkotsi

    I found OsteoPhase and Tango after searching literally the whole internet for alternative ways to face osteoporosis after my rescent bone scan. I saw a lot, read a lot and rejected the most of it. Tango seems to me a serious company. I ordered my first bottle of Osteophase – 120 capsules – a few weeks ago and take 4 capsules/day. I was a bit afraid that it may have problems to arrive because of the distance (order from London – UK) or because of potential customs and airport taxes. Nothing happened. It arrived on the time they had indicated and without any problem. Thank you. I will use Osteophase for at least a year before i come back to you with my results of a new bone scan.I give 5 stars because we need to encourage serious companies and because of their excellent service. about the benefits of osteophase we will talk again in a year.

    Vasiliki Gkotsi

  22. Jeraldine Rogers

    I believe OsteoPhase is a wonderful compliment to the calcium supplements I take daily. I am lactose intolerant and therefore need the extra boost that OsteoPhase gives me. Jeri Rogers

    Jeraldine Rogers

  23. Laura Austin

    Just started taking this, as my doctor mentioned having my bones checked next year. So, it’s too soon to tell. I would like to thank you for sending that article about men needing to lift weights, or do jumping exercises. Great article.

    Laura Austin

  24. Ann Bryan (verified owner)

    I have used OsteoPhase for many, many years. It has shown improvement on my bone density tests. Since I have several “at risk” factors for osteoporosis, I am very happy with the product.

    Ann Bryan

  25. T.G.

    Thank you so much for developing OsteoPhase. I was diagnosed with poor bone density 10 years ago at the age of 39. Several times the medical profession has prescribed various medications to help. I would take them for short periods of time, but with great caution as well as with side effects. Two years ago this February I began using OsteoPhase as prescribed. My bone density for Spine L1-L4 was -2.05. In December I had another bone density test. For the same area it was -1.8. I was stunned, and so was the doctor:). I praise my Lord and your product for giving me hope in having a normal life with bones that prayerfully will become stronger and stronger as I continue to use OsteoPhase, exercise, and nourish my body appropriately! Thank you!! T.G.


  26. J.A.

    I’ve been taking Osteophase, starting quite a few years ago, after learning I had the beginnings of bone density issues. It was easy to swallow and a comfort to take because I knew it had a reputation for being very effective. When my bone scan a year or so later showed I had improved bone density I foolishly tried to save money and discontinued taking them. Once the next bone scan showed the problem beginning again, I quickly returned to taking this and will likely never stop ever again. This product was and is my godsend! – Jaffra Austin


  27. Michael Snyder

    I’m happy to report that I’ve experienced remarkable success using a number of your products – specifically, OsteoPhase, BronchoPhase and ImmunoPhase – and I thought my satisfaction merited some feedback. In the wake devastating injuries sustained from a vehicular accident on November 7, 2008, I faced the very real possibility of losing my lower left leg. Thanks to the emergency orthopedics team at San Francisco General Hospital, and their skill with modern micro-surgical techniques, my leg was saved. Unfortunately my injuries – a fractured left fibula, a fractured ankle, and a compound fracture of the tibia (the weight-sustaining leg bone) – were so severe that my hopes for a full recovery were in doubt. The impact of the onrushing car had literally blown a chunk of my left tibia out of my leg. In addition to a massive wound, the accident had left me with a gaping, wedge shaped space (1/8 of an inch on one side, and 1/4 on the other) between the upper and lower parts of the bone. My surgeons inserted a titanium rod into my leg to hold the two parts of the tibia in place and I was told to keep all weight off the left leg for months while my post-op status was monitored. Compounding the problem, I was a middle-aged man, not a teenager – and thus, my recuperative powers were not optimum. Additionally, since the gap separating the two pieces of my tibia was too far apart to guarantee that the bone would grow back on its own, the likelihood of additional surgery for a bone graft was a distinct likelihood. While I was in the early stages of healing a friend recommended that I look into using Tango’s OsteoPhase, suggesting that since it was designed for people concerned about bone health, it might help to strengthen my bones and assist in my recovery from the damages I had sustained. After reviewing the information on the formula, and after my the exit wound in my leg finally stabilized, I went on a regular regimen of OsteoPhase, with the full approval of my consulting surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Over the next few months he monitored the healing of my leg. In reviewing my X-rays my surgeon noted that the fractured fibula and ankle were healing rapidly. He also noted that the cracks and irregularities on both sections of the tibia were smoothing over, as were the jagged surfaces where the chunk of tibia was missing. That said, there was still insufficient bone growth to allow the two pieces of the tibia to reconnect, which was not a surprise with such a severe non-union fracture. Thus, a bone graft using bone matter harvested from my hip was scheduled and executed seven months after the accident, with the full understanding that there was no assurance that the graft would be successful. As the tibia was monitored in the wake of the graft, and I continued to take a full regimen of OsteoPhase. Within three months, it was evident in the X-rays that the graft was taking. Six months after the procedure, my X-rays revealed that a solid mass of bone matter had grown around the location of the graft, and I was able to walk without the aid of a cane. My doctor observed that I had exhibited remarkable recuperative powers, particularly considering the severity of my injuries and my age. It’s been a little over two years since the accident, and the swelling around the bone graft is lessening as my body continues to absorb the excess bone matter that formed after the operation. I’m now walking without a limp, and no one would guess that I had faced the possibility of spending my life on crutches. I’m no longer taking OsteoPhase, but I can say without reservation that it was important to my recovery. As a side note, I was so pleased with my OsteoPhase experience that I tried ImmunoPhase and BronchoPhase last winter. After taking ImmunoPhase and BronchoPhase as directed whenever I would first feel an onset of a seasonal bug, I found that the symptoms faded within two days, and I was never laid low by the usual head, throat and chest problems that have plagued me in winter and early spring. I will be continuing to use both products as necessary. Additionally, I recommended that two of my friends – a married couple who suffer from serious spring, summer and fall pollen issues – try Tango’s AllerPhase. After taking AllerPhase, they both reported quick and unprecedented relief from their symptoms. The wife noted that Allerphase was at least as effective (if not more so) than the shots she had been receiving from her doctor. Whatever your developers at Tango are doing, it is working. If all of your products get the kind of results I’ve seen from OsteoPhase, ImmunoPhase, BronchoPhase and AllerPhase, you are building an amazing and important brand that people would be wise to seek out. Sincerely, Michael Snyder

    Michael Snyder

  28. Jeannette P

    Dear Tango, I began taking OsteoPhase and ArthriPhase in February, 2010. I had stopped taking Fosamax due to the fact that I had been on it over 10 years, and read that after 10 years there could be side effects. I did some research and after discovering OsteoPhase I called and spoke with John Steinke. I sent him my last bone density scan, taken in 2009, so that he could study my charts. John suggested that I start on 2 capsules of OsteoPhase a day – one at night and one in the morning. He also recommended the same for ArthriPhase, since I have had bone density issues for many years. I had my new bone density done this last July, 2011, and we found great results. The DEXA scan showed a healthy increase in my bone density in my lumbar spine – a very significant reduction in risk of fracture to my spine. Just to make sure I could do everything possible, I included regular exercise as part of my natural program – Zumba, walking, weight lifting and some yoga. Thank you very much for all of your help, my whole life is brighter because of you and your products. I’m 68 years old and wanted to share my story with you. I’m a very happy customer. Jeannette P.

    Jeannette P

  29. Virginia S.

    Dear John, I began taking Tango’s OsteoPhase® and Herbal Boost® in late summer 2008 to address my bone density issues. During past years I had fractured my femur falling off a bike, and cracked my pelvis tripping on a rock and falling. Both events required assiduous efforts to recover and strengthen. In 2008, quite by accident, surfing the web, I discovered Tango Nutrition and I had a long talk with you over the phone. I had just had a DEXA scan and my T score was a grim, high risk of -3.9. You recommended two products, OsteoPhase and Herbal Boost, which you believed would work together to increase bone mass or at least promote bone density. I took both supplements faithfully for two years, and then had another DEXA scan in late August, 2010. My T score one month ago was -3.1, a dramatic improvement in a relatively short time. In addition to Tango products I take vitamin supplements and get lots of exercise. Interestingly, just before my recent scan I had applied for long-term care insurance. The underwriter was willing to cover me with a T score of -3.9, since she found me active and healthy at 71 years of age and taking no drugs whatsoever, just supplements and the Tango products. But she warned me that if I had waited until I had a T score of -4 no company would offer me coverage. When I told her the results of my scan in August she was stunned! I feel fortunate to have discovered Tango Nutrition. You have always been willing to talk, to offer your expertise and to share your enthusiasm! Virginia S.

    Virginia S.

  30. Cora Kurtz, PhD, ret.RD

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story about how OsteoPhase® helped me. My physician, Dr. Branin, was supportive when I showed him the literature about OsteoPhase two years ago. He said it looked like a good product from the review. His only concern was that there were only positive reports and no negatives. A year ago I saw a new doctor, because Dr. Branin is on medical leave. My new doctor was very skeptical about my taking OsteoPhase but respected my opinion because I said I was doing this as an experiment. If there was no improvement when I had my next DEXA scan, I’d reconsider. My new doctor’s attitude totally changed when he saw me this year after reviewing the results of my DEXA scan. I think he’s planning to recommend OsteoPhase for his wife who has been taking bisphosphonate drugs. After my first DEXA scan in 2004, I was started on bisphosphonate drugs. There was improvement in the 2006 DEXA but I was uneasy and discontinued taking the drugs and tried to just use calcium supplements, a good diet and exercise. However, my results in 2008 showed that my bone density had regressed. That’s when I went on the internet to review possible options and found the information about OsteoPhase on HSI’s website. I took 3 capsules a day for a year and then figured I had probably built my bone density back and could follow a maintenance dose of 2 capsules for the next year. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that a friend noticed the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules. Because I had gone so long taking the lower doses and was soon having my next DEXA scan, I continued taking just the 2 capsules per day. Today two parameters are still osteopenic so I’ve increased my intake to 4 capsules per day since my 7/29/2010 DEXA scan. I’m trying to get within normal limits with all of the parameters by my 2112 DEXA scan. My new doctor was really impressed, because my AP Spine (L1-L4) had improved by 8 percent in the two years on OsteoPhase. All the parameters improved. None of the improvements with drugs were as dramatic as with OsteoPhase. What I like most about OsteoPhase is that it promotes building of new bone and not bone reabsorption. I also liked that taking calcium supplements is not necessary with OsteoPhase, and I stopped taking them two years ago after I used up what I had on hand. (I’m a dietitian/nutritionist and have followed a vegetarian diet for over 30 years. I’ve been eating a nutritious plant-based diet for a long time based on reviews of heart disease and cancer research findings). Thank you for letting me share my positive results so that more women may know there is a viable option to current prescription drugs for osteoporosis. Sincerely, Cora Kurtz, PhD, ret.RD

    Cora Kurtz, PhD, ret.RD

  31. M H

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine (WHO score -4.5) and hips (-2.5). I have been taking OsteoPhase for approximately 18 months and my latest bone density scans show a 13% improvement in my spine (now -3.6) and a 7% improvement in my hips (-2.1). These results were very pleasing and certainly sparked some probing questions from my normally sleepy medical practitioner. Thank you for your continuing efforts. Best Regards, M. Hill, Australia

    M H

  32. Olive P

    Dear Tango, When I started using your products in 2007, I had been very ill for several years. I had been unable to lie down for five and a half months and had to sleep in a reclining chair. I couldn’t stand without the aid of a walker, and I was using a wheelchair and crutches to get around. Since I started taking OsteoPhase, Herbal Boost and Vital Cell, I have been amazed at the change in my health. I have been using your formulas for two years now and my health has improved dramatically. I swear by your products. Sincerely, Olive Powell

    Olive P

  33. Mary R

    Dear Tango, Well, for the last few years, I have had weak bones all the way down my spine, and I’ve have had chronic neck pain as a result. The doctor who diagnosed me said it hadn’t progressed yet to osteoporosis, and he wanted to get me on some medicine right away. Well, I didn’t want to take it. I didn’t want to get into any more prescriptions. Besides, I like natural things better. One year the pain was so bad that I had to get a prescription for over-the-counter pain medicine just to make it livable. I also had to get regular physical therapy and see a chiropractor for the pain. Then this past January, while I was getting ready to take a trip to Albuquerque, I read somewhere about OsteoPhase. I’ll admit I really didn’t have much faith in it, and I thought it was kind of pricey, but I decided to try it anyway. Well, after using OsteoPhase for two or three weeks, I noticed a significant difference; the discomfort was mostly all gone! Now, I know you’re supposed to take two a day, but I wanted to make it last, and I was getting such great results that I decided to just stick with taking the one a day of OsteoPhase. Originally the discomfort was worse at night, and sometimes I’d have to wear a soft neck brace for an hour during the day, and that would help some, but I don’t even need that anymore since I started using OsteoPhase. I may get a little stiffness in the morning when I first get up, but other than that, I don’t have any more pain all day or night. I’m just so happy to have found your product, OsteoPhase. It has done so much good for me. OsteoPhase is natural, doesn’t have any side effects and it’s helped me! I’m so grateful to have OsteoPhase. Thank you and God Bless, Mary R.

    Mary R

  34. Jennifer H

    Last month we mentioned that we were waiting for reports from volunteers taking OsteoPhase to counter the loss of bone mass caused by periodontal disease. Our first report has arrived, complete with a DEXA bone scan for Roger that coincides with the date of his last periodontal visit (see letter below). Roger’s report shows a dramatic 8% increase in bone density in his lumbar spine after just three months on OsteoPhase. Because Roger has a congenital and familial type of osteoporosis this result for his spine significantly reduces his fracture risk in this region. Here is the letter we received from Roger’s Registered Dental Hygienist regarding her observations: April 28, 2005 Dear Tango, I have been seeing Roger for his oral health dental hygiene needs for several years. Roger has previously demonstrated severe bone loss, infection, and tooth mobility generally throughout his mouth, with most of the damage appearing on the maxillary arch, resulting in an upper denture. Roger also wears a partial, without incident. Roger previously informed me of his diagnosis of osteoporosis. I also informed him that bone loss was also apparent in the oral cavity. My last visit with Roger (since he began taking your OsteoPhase formula) showed significant positive changes. The remaining mandibular teeth appeared more stable, with absence of infection and lack of mobility. Without radiographs I cannot definitely report that mandibular bone has regenerated or become denser; however clinical signs suggest that there has been a positive change in the soft and hard tissues of the mandible. Regards, Jennifer Huber, RDHAP

    Jennifer H

  35. Leigh R

    It’s been a while (2 years) since I’ve written to you, but I had to let you know my exciting news. My latest Dexa scan showed an improvement in both scores, the first since my diagnosis 7 years ago, and continual use of Osteophase and Gingiphase. 2007 2009 2010 2012 2014 Spine: -2.4 -2.07 -2.3 -2.50 -2.04 Scores: Hip: -2.9 -3.2 -3.0 -3.38 -2.39 I have been pro-actively working at this, since our discussion 2 years ago, changing and adding a few things along the way. However, I have faithfully taken Osteophase and Gingiphase (3 daily of each). I am now taking New Chapter Bone Strength as directed and a Nutritional Concepts Strontium Citrate on waking in the morning. Also, for the past year I have been using a Whole Body Vibration machine 5-10 minutes daily, and I do an exercise called Toe Raises which is great for fallen arches! For the last 6-months I’ve also been doing a weekly strength training program 20 minutes to Fitness. So my work, along with your advice is really paying off. I haven’t been to the dentist yet, but I’m really hopeful about my teeth. No more bleeding gums, or sensitive teeth! Thank you so much John for your advice and Tango’s wonderful products. Please use this as a testimonial if you want. Just to remind you I am 56 and had menopause at 42 and have never taken the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Regards Leigh Redding

    Leigh R

  36. Dorothea L

    Dear Tango, I have been using OsteoPhase for four years. I started taking OsteoPhase after I had been diagnosed as being at high risk for bone loss, with a score of minus 2.3. I began taking a mixture of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, K2-7, strontium, boron, and 6 capsules of OsteoPhase daily. After four years my risk analysis has improved, from high bone loss to mild to moderate for bone loss. While it is not clear which of the nutrients are responsible for the improvement, I will not stop taking OsteoPhase. Yours Truly, Dorothea M. Linley, M.D.

    Dorothea L

  37. Jim C

    A male patient of mine in Sunsanville, CA., has been taking your OsteoPhase bone formula for some time now. Friday after his appointment with a dental hygienist in my building, she commented that she was amazed at the bone growth in his teeth and the improvement in his gums since his last visit 6 months ago. We plan to have a newer bone scan in a few weeks when he has finished his additional 3 bottles of OsteoPhase and will send you a copy. Thanks, Jim C.

    Jim C

  38. Tana M

    About five or six years ago, I was suffering from seasonal issues (pollen, dander, etc.). My Mom suggested I try AllerPhase. I’m not sure where she had seen it advertised, but she gave me the order information and I tried it since I wasn’t happy with the side affects from prescription and over-the-counter remedies. AllerPhase has worked wonderfully for me, and over the years my seasonal issues are much less severe than they were previously which I attribute to the supplement. Then about four years ago my doctor ordered a bone density scan, due to my age and personal family history. I was diagnosed with bone health issues. My doctor, quite naturally, suggested I start taking medication. I explained that I’d prefer to try another course of action versus taking a prescription drug that I would most likely be taking for the rest of my life. I’d had such good success with AllerPhase that I decided to try your OsteoPhase and FemmePhase formulas, in place of prescription drugs to promote my bone health. I began taking your OsteoPhase and FemmePhase, along with vitamin D and calcium that my doctor had suggested, and walking to improve my bone health. Two years later I had a follow-up bone density scan. This second test indicated that my bones were becoming stronger and healthier. I was ecstatic and continued using OsteoPhase and FemmePhase for the next two years. So here we are, four years after the original diagnosis, and my third bone density scan has revealed that I have successfully addressed my bone health issues, and my bones are healthy and normal. I recently ordered these two formulas for my Mom, since she suffered from a stress fracture in one of her vertebrae from the unfortunate affects of having bone health issues. I am a firm believer in these supplements and have the medical tests to prove they worked for me. –Tana M.

    Tana M

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