FemmePhase, 60 Capsules

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Advanced Herbal Support for Hormonal Balance, Menopause and Postmenopause

FemmePhase® can be taken at the earliest signs of menopause to help ease women through the transition with minimal discomfort.* FemmePhase’s all-natural herbal ingredients have been shown to provide support for a wide range of common symptoms associated with menopause, including:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Cramps
  • Occasional Fatigue
  • Night Sweats
  • Mild Memory Issues
  • Mood Changes
  • Libido Issues.*

Taken regularly after menopause, FemmePhase continues to support optimal endocrine, circulatory and skeletal health.*


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In stock


What is the recommended daily dose of FemmePhase?

The recommended daily dose of FemmePhase is 1-2 capsules, 2 times per day.

How much FemmePhase can I safely take in a day?

You do not need to take more than 4 capsules in a day to gain the full effectiveness of the FemmePhase supplement.

How do I know FemmePhase is working for me?

FemmePhase is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should make a change for you in how you feel. It should promote your circulation and hormonal balance so that you feel better throughout the day and night.

You should expect improvements to occur quickly as many of our customers report dramatic improvement in the first few days of use. The change should be very noticeable. Instead of saying to yourself, “I think this might be helping me”, you really should be able to say, “Wow, I feel a lot better.”

Usually, very clear results show up in the first month of use for most women.

Do I have to take FemmePhase forever?

Everybody has a different set of circumstances that will determine how their circulatory and hormonal health will be promoted when using FemmePhase. Your response to the supplement will be determined by your individual health circumstances. Issues with circulation and hormonal balance may be long-standing over many years. This may determine how soon you notice positive changes and how long you may need or wish to take the formula.

However, the formula is strong enough so that most women who will get benefits should expect them in the first month of use.

When positive changes in circulation and hormonal balance occur, you can lower your dose gradually by one capsule at a time every 4-5 days and expect to see continued benefits. The reason for this is that, as with all true health-promoting supplements, FemmePhase provides restorative results.

When should I take FemmePhase?

The most important consideration in taking FemmePhase is to use it daily and consistently. Convenience makes regular use possible, so including FemmePhase in your regular supplement routine is a good idea.

You can take FemmePhase with or away from meals.

Morning and early evening are the best times to take the formula to spread out its benefits over a 24-hour period.

Some people take FemmePhase about 1 hour before bedtime to make sure they have beneficial nutrients working while they are sleeping.

Can I take FemmePhase with other supplements?

Yes, you can take FemmePhase with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.

I take over-the-counter/prescriptive medicines for better circulation. Can I take FemmePhase with them?

You can take FemmePhase while you are using other products for your circulation or any other condition. However, you should always take FemmePhase or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.

As a special precaution, you should not take FemmePhase if you are on the drastic blood thinning medication warfarin/coumadin.

You should also exercise caution when taking aspirin, plavix or other blood-thinning medication while also using FemmePhase.

If you have any questions about using FemmePhase or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can I combine FemmePhase with some of your other products like OsteoPhase or Herbal Boost?

Yes, you can take FemmePhase with OsteoPhase for bone health. We suggest that you take 1 capsule of FemmePhase for each 2 capsules of OsteoPhase.

It is not necessary to take FemmePhase and Herbal Boost together as they are very similar formulas using the same herbs.

You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

Can a woman take FemmePhase if she is pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend that a woman take FemmePhase if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because FemmePhase is unsafe but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in FemmePhase for pregnancy and nursing.

Can children take FemmePhase?

FemmePhase is not recommended for children or for females under the age of 18.

Can I give FemmePhase to my pet (cat, dog, or horse)?

Yes, however, you should contact a holistic veterinarian for advice on the dose you should give to your pet, since animals vary widely in size and speed of metabolism. Both of those factors determine doses for supplements for animals.

Is FemmePhase tested for contaminants that could harm my health?

Yes, we regularly test batches of our formulas to make sure they meet strict quality control guidelines recommended by government regulatory agencies.

Are there any side effects from taking FemmePhase?

FemmePhase does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

What do I do if I think taking FemmePhase is causing me discomfort?

The most common discomforts experienced by a tiny percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions such as skin itching or irritability.

These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.

If you should experience discomfort when taking FemmePhase and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund.


Directions: Take 1-2 capsules, 2 times per day.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Proprietary Blend 1000mg **
Angelica Sinensis root (Dang Gui) **
Sichuan Lovage rhizome (Chuan Xiong) **
Chinese Salvia root (Dan Shen) **
Safflower flower (Hong Hua) **
Tienchi Ginseng root (San Qi) **
Cordyceps mycelium (Dong Chong Xia Cao) **
Cyperus rhizome (Xiang Fu) **
Platycodon root (Jie Geng) **
Achyranthes root (Niu Xi) **
* Daily Value not established

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    Rebecca B

    Safe, effective and affordable

    I found Tango Herbs when I was searching online for a product to help with my jawbone loss and discovered GingiPhase, which also helped my gums recover while resolving some periodontal issues. I was so happy to discover FemmePhase when I began having hot flashes during menopause. I wanted a safe herbal product and it has been extremely effective in minimizing them and alleviating my discomfort. I highly recommend it and would not be without it!

    February 1, 2023
  • masha hammond

    Have been having issues with hot flashes and night sweats as well as other classic perimenapuse symptoms for good few years now. Tried various herbs, teas and tinctures but nothing really made a difference. FemmePhase really helped to calm the physical symptoms as well as balance psychological ones. Highly recommended. I have many friends who would benefit from FemmePhase so I hope Tango opens an affiliate here in the UK.

    February 14, 2020
  • Olga G

    It's a Game Changer

    Thinking of the adage "If it seems too good to be true…" I took my time writing to tell you of my experience with FemmePhase. After a year of debilitating (and embarrassing) hot flashes, particularly at night, after the first time I took FemmePhase my hot flashes stopped. Yes, starting with the first time. Thrilled, I maintained my FemmePhase regimen, once in the morning, once at night, for a couple of months and did not experience a single hot flash. So what did I do? I stopped taking it. No hot flashes for five days and then they returned. I am back taking it daily and once again am flash-free. I have not had to resort to HRT or anything else dramatic and am enormously grateful for FemmePhase. Thank you, Tango!

    January 5, 2018
  • Betty


    I have tried several other products for hot flashes and night sweats without success. FemmePhase worked the first time I took two capsules and continues to work. Thanks for a great product!

    September 5, 2017
  • Judy Lowry

    havent seen a change

    April 24, 2016
  • LCH

    Hot Flash Attacks Drop from Five per Day to One or Two per Week

    I am writing today to comment on one of my favorite formulas, FemmePhase. I am 52 years old and going through menopause. For the past two years, I have had a pretty rough time with hot flashes. Sometimes, they get so bad that I have to stop what I'm doing and take a break until they pass. I do not want to try prescription medicine due to the worrisome side effects I've read about. So, for a couple of years, I've tried several natural, herbal formulas, none of which worked very well. They seem to stop my hot flashes for a day or so, then the hot flashes come back with a vengeance. My husband and I use your sleep formula, SleepCycle, and I also use your formula, AllerPhase. So, at my husband's urging, I decided to give your FemmePhase formula a try. Wow, what a difference! The formula stopped my hot flashes in the first 24 hours. Instead of having four or five hot flash attacks a day, I now have maybe one or two attacks in a whole week! I have recommended your formulas, including FemmePhase, to several friends. Everyone is having good results. Thank you for creating the best herbal health formulas on the planet. I will always make Tango Nutrition a cornerstone in my personal health regimen. Sincerely, Lisa C., MS

    April 18, 2015
  • Charles Bennett

    Wife is still taking product and believes, as do I, that so far it is reducing frequency and intensity of heating episodes.

    April 3, 2013
  • Anita Babcock

    Recently tried FemmePhase for occasional hot flashes and have notice in the first two weeks that the hot flashes have almost completely stopped. This is a product I intend to keep using.

    February 5, 2013
  • Jill S

    I’d like to share the following clinical reports regarding our clients and your formula, FemmePhase. Mary, a 41-year-old mother of three presented with concerns over her increasingly heavy and longer lasting menstrual periods. Previously she had no concerns regarding her menstrual cycle. Upon further questioning it was revealed that she had also been experiencing abnormal hair loss, unusually dry skin, abdominal bloating the week prior to the onset of bleeding, and fatigue from about day 3 through her next ovulation. Bleeding lasted 6 to 7 days whereas previously it had been a fairly consistent 5 days, with 28-29 days in between. Mary reported no drastic changes in her lifestyle, diet, health or medication. Aside from some activity related to musculoskeletal complaints she presented with a generally healthy picture. Mary began taking 2 capsules of FemmePhase, twice a day, 14 days into her next cycle (for no other reason other than it was when we had our appointment). Her response the following period was most easily measured by the lack of fatigue. The next month the abdominal bloating did not occur, the menstrual blood was not as heavy nor did the bleeding cycle go beyond 6 days. Mary also noticed much less in the way of hair loss and skin dryness. After three months on FemmePhase her menstrual cycle has returned to its original pattern with no premenstrual bloating, 5 day menstrual periods with normal flow, and cessation of abnormal hair loss and skin dryness. Hot Flashes, Night Sweats In a second case, Joan, a 50-year-old mother presented with a two year history of hot flashes and night sweats. It had been two months since her last menstrual period. Lately night sweats had gotten to such a point that they were disturbing Joan’s sleep. Additionally, Joan reported that she easily became angry over small things and had begun to experience left temporal headaches. Joan began taking FemmePhase, 1 to 2 capsules, twice per day. Within one month John noticed that not was she experiencing fewer night sweats, but when she did they were less intense. Joan also reported that she was less irritable and had more energy during the day. Regards, Jill Sweringen, PT, L.Ac.

    December 9, 2010
  • Hala-Dee C

    Dear Tango, I do believe that I have been taking FemmePhase for at least a year now. I had been going through menopause for about 2 years before I started taking FemmePhase. My husband is one who does a lot of investigations on different supplements that might be good for us. He found an article about FemmePhase and knowing what I was going through, he ordered some for me to try. I do believe that he got me four bottles. I started by taking 2 capsules, twice a day and by the time I got through the second bottle I could already tell the difference. So I cut down to three capsules a day and stayed there for quite a while. My hair at the time was shoulder length and because of all the hot flashes it was always up in a ponytail. I decided to at least cut the back of my hair short so that I could be a little more comfortable. Those who have the hot flash will know what I am taking about. That internal furnace that roars off and on, carrying a hand fan around with me to try and stay cool. I had certain clothes that I could no longer wear because when I had a hot flash, it would be twice as bad. Or I would have a t-shirt on for when the hot flash turned on, and when it was over I would have a long sleeved shirt to put on because then I would end up cold. It was quite a roller coaster. I would ask people is it hot in here or is it just me? The commercial where the lady goes outside in the middle of the winter to kick the snow off the air conditioner, well I used to laugh at it, but IT’S TRUE! Of course we can’t forget the nighttime sweats. Throwing off of the blankets, then pulling them back on, because now you’re freezing, doing this over and over again through out the night. A full nights sleep was a luxury. I also had a small fan that ran all night. It was placed just right by my bed so that it would help keep me cool during those flashes of heat. Then, there were the heart palpitations and the headaches that I also had to put up with. Thanks to FemmePhase, I no longer have any of these symptoms. I am now down to taking one, yes, just one capsule a day to keep everything in check. I do find that if I miss several days, those hot flashes do come creeping back, so I just start taking a couple more through the day for awhile, and I’m back to my rightful self again. FemmePhase is now, and always will be, part of my day. It has helped make my days and nights so much easier to get through, without having to worry about those menopause symptoms following me around. Thank You FemmePhase so very much!! Hala-Dee Chumway Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

    December 4, 2010

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