About Tango Advanced Nutrition

Tango Advanced Nutrition is the exclusive distributor of a unique line of outstanding herbal formulas designed by leading anti-aging scientists and herbal researchers. Our advanced formulas are modern, updated versions of traditional herbal “essence tonics,” long revered for their legendary abilities to enhance energy, promote vitality and restore health.

Superior Tonic Herbs

Tango’s advanced herbal formulas are based exclusively on tonic herbalism – the practice of combining traditional ‘tonic herbs’ into formulas that deliver synergistic effects greater than those possible from taking individual herbs. All of our formulas are based on Jing or essence tonics, commonly referred to as “anti-aging” herbals and taken to prolong “the years of life without aging.”

Tonic herbs, also referred to as “superior herbs” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, are an “elite class” of about 60 of the approximately 3,000 herbs currently used in traditional herbal medicine. By definition, tonic herbs can be taken continuously over long periods of time for cumulative, long-term benefits free of unwanted side effects. The core tenet of tonic herbalism is that regular consumption will aid the body in maintaining its self-regulatory capacity for optimal health.

Safety and Efficacy

The surprising safety and efficacy of Tango formulas derives from our innovative approach of combining time-proven herbal ingredients with modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and quality control standards to unleash the restorative powers of these time-honored herbals.

In the United States new drugs typically undergo three to five years of human clinical testing before being approved for sale by the FDA. Unfortunately, serious side effects often don’t appear until a new drug has been taken by larger numbers of people, over longer periods of time. By comparison, herbal tonic formulas have undergone a constant state of development and refinement over periods stretching back thousands of years, contributing to a large and sophisticated body of empirical knowledge, gathered over countless generations, that reveals which herbs are safe and most capable of supporting human health.

All Tango herbal formulas are put through an exhaustive, multilayered analytical testing program overseen by Dr. Richard Ko, former senior research scientist with the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch for 16 years, and currently a senior FDA consulting scientist. Dr. Ko has been actively involved in regulating dietary supplements and investigating issues related to herbal products, as demonstrated by his numerous published peer reviewed papers in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet and the Journal of Medical Toxicology.

Dr. Ko brings his unique perspective and guidance regarding herbal safety and efficacy, assuring that all of our herbal formulas meet or exceed FDA and U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) safety standards for purity and quality.