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A recent study by Australian researchers reported that taking 500 mg of vitamin C twice daily can help people with Type 2 diabetes by lowering elevated blood sugar levels across the day and minimizing spikes in blood sugar after meals.

The randomized cross-over study, recently published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, also found that vitamin C lowered blood pressure in people with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting benefits for heart health too.

Lead researcher Associate Professor Glenn Wadley, from Deakin’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, said the results may help millions of people currently living with Type 2 diabetes. “We found that participants had a significant 36 per cent drop in the blood sugar spike after meals. This also meant that they spent almost three hours less per day living in a state of hyperglycemia,” Associate Professor Wadley said.

“This is extremely positive news as hyperglycemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in people living with Type 2 diabetes.

“We also found that the proportion of people with hypertension halved after taking the vitamin C capsules, with both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels dropping significantly.”

Previous research by Wadley found that vitamin C works to counteract free radicals and improve the disposal of blood glucose in people with Type 2 diabetes. This is due to vitamin C’s known antioxidant properties, which improve the capacity of the muscle to remove the by-products of energy expenditure that interfere with insulin’s actions.

Associate Professor Wadley said the dose of vitamin C used in the study was about 10 times the normal dietary intake and readily available from most health food stores.

“Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can help counteract the high levels of free radicals found in people with diabetes, and it’s encouraging to see how this benefits a number of the disease’s common comorbidities, such as high blood pressure,” he said.

“While physical activity, good nutrition and current diabetes medications are standard care and very important for managing Type 2 diabetes, some people can find it tough to manage their blood glucose levels even with medication.”

“We need to find new ways to help people with type 2 diabetes reduce the incidence and severity of diabetic complications and improve their quality of life.

“For people living with type 2 diabetes, vitamin C could be a potentially cheap, convenient and effective additional therapy, used in addition to their usual anti-diabetic treatments to improve glycemic control.”

Source: Humble vitamin C tablet key to Deakin diabetes breakthrough

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