PriaPlex Hair Support, 180 Caplets

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U.S. Patented Herbal Formula Halts Age-Related Hair Loss in Men and Women While Promoting Healthy Hair Growth
  • All-Natural Herbal Hair Support and Restoration Formula
  • Designed to support healthy hair and prevent hair loss associated with aging.
  • Supports hair health from the inside out, combining essence herbs traditionally used to reduce excessive hair loss with a unique blend of botanicals shown to invigorate circulation and nourish skin and follicles.
  • By supporting healthy circulation to the tiniest blood vessels (microcapillaries) PriaPlex aids in delivering vital nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • In addition to thicker, healthier hair many PriaPlex users also report improved skin tone, increased energy levels and overall health and vitality.

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In stock


What is the recommended daily dose of PriaPlex?

The recommended daily dose of PriaPlex is 3 tablets, 2 times per day.
You can take the tablets with or away from meals.

How much PriaPlex can I safely take in a day?

You do not need to take more than 6 tablets in a day to gain the full effectiveness of the PriaPlex supplement. The best results come from consistent use over many months.

How do I know PriaPlex is working for me?

PriaPlex is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should improve your general health while also restoring hair growth and health.

After 5-10 days of use you can expect to experience increased energy strength and stamina. These are signs that PriaPlex is correcting internal metabolism in a way that will support healthier skin and hair growth.

After 3-4 weeks you should note improved skin tone and color. These positive changes indicate improved microcirculation in the skin capillaries and better delivery of important nutrients for growth to the hair follicles.

Between 6-12 weeks of regular usage should result in decreased hair loss and the start of new hair growth. The hair growth will appear first like peach fuzz and likely where you experienced your most recent hair loss. Hair growth at the top or vertex is the most common place to see results.

After 6 months you may notice the start of grey hair returning to its original color and that the fine new hair thickens.

The likelihood and timing of hair growth will depend on the state of your health, the degree and type of hair loss you have experienced.

Are the results the same for men and women?

Both men and women experience male-pattern hair loss with age. PriaPlex is restorative for both men and women with this type of hair loss.

It is also equally effective in men and women when the cause of hair loss is not due to male pattern baldness.

Do I have to take PriaPlex forever?

Generally speaking, if hair growth is restored and you stop using the product, your results will begin to reverse and increased hair loss will result.

However, since the benefits of using PriaPlex help improve and balance your health on the inside and the outside, you may wish to use the product as your main regular daily supplement.

When should I take PriaPlex?

The most important consideration in taking PriaPlex is to use it twice daily and consistently. Convenience makes regular use possible, so including PriaPlex in your regular supplement routine is a good idea.

You can take PriaPlex with or away from meals.

Morning and early evening, or with dinner are the best times to take the formula to spread out its benefits over a 24-hour period.

Some people take their evening dose of PriaPlex about 1 hour before bedtime to make sure they have beneficial nutrients working while they are sleeping.

I take over-the-counter/prescriptive medicines for my heart and blood circulation. Can I take PriaPlex with them?

You can take PriaPlex while you are using other products for your circulation or any other condition. You should not take PriaPlex, however, if you are on Coumadin/warfarin.

Can I take PriaPlex with other supplements?

Yes, you can take PriaPlex with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.

As a general precaution, you should always take PriaPlex or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.

If you have any questions about using PriaPlex or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can I combine PriaPlex with some of your other products like Vital Cell or Herbal Boost?

You can take 2 capsules, 2 times per day of Vital Cell along with your regular doses of PriaPlex and expect additional benefits from the promotion of blood circulation.

You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

Can a woman take PriaPlex if she is pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend that a woman take PriaPlex if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because PriaPlex is unsafe but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in PriaPlex for pregnancy and nursing.

Can children take PriaPlex?

PriaPlex is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

You can call our toll-free number if you have a child who may benefit from PriaPlex to discuss its use for their condition, including the proper dosage. The toll-free number again is 1-866-778-2646, ext 2.

Can I give PriaPlex to my pet (cat, dog, or horse)?

Yes, however, you should contact a holistic veterinarian for advice before you give PriaPlex to your pet. Your veterinarian will be the best person to determine what dose you should give to your pet, since animals vary widely in size and speed of metabolism. Both of those factors determine doses for supplements for animals.

Is PriaPlex tested for contaminants that could harm my health?

Yes, we regularly test batches of our formulas to make sure they meet strict quality control guidelines recommended by government regulatory agencies.

Are there any side effects from taking PriaPlex?

PriaPlex does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

What do I do if I think taking PriaPlex is causing me discomfort?

The most common discomforts experienced by a tiny percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions such as skin itching or irritability.

These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.

If you should experience discomfort when taking PriaPlex and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund for you.


Directions: The recommended dose is 3 caplets, twice daily.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3
Servings Per Container: 60 caplets
Amount Per Serving %DV
Proprietary Blend 1500 mg *
Common Herb Name (Latin Name) Pin Yin Name
Ligustrum fruit (Ligustrum lucidum Ait.) Nu Zhen Zi *
Eclipta plant (Eclipta prostrata L.) Han Lian Cao *
Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.)) Huang Qi *
Dong quai root (Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels) Dang Gui *
Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa) Sheng Di Huang *
Asian ginseng root (Panax ginseng) Ren Shen *
* Daily Value not established

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  • Avatar

    Peter K


    Been using Priaplex for several years now…it really does work. Within a few months the hair loss slowed or completely stopped. Then, new hair growth was visible on the crown as well as the upper forehead area. Your finger nails and your eyebrows will also show the effects with increased growth.
    If age related hair loss is affecting you….I highly recommend this product!

    June 4, 2024
  • Michael Asbridge

    Regrowth after covid hair Loss

    After a bout of covid I noticed hair loss and thinning, but after going back on the PriaPlex for a month or two my hair came back stronger. The difference is noticeable, especially when I run my fingers through my hair, it feels full and thick again. Thank you, PriaPlex.

    February 24, 2024
    Verified Review
  • oneno2nd

    Priaplex really works for hair —I’ve been a licensed acupuncturist for over forty years and I’ve seen it work for a clients for whom I’ve prescribed it. I believe it has numerous other benefits, such as for thyroid deficiency, but this is the one for hair!

    Priaplex really works for hair —I’ve been a licensed acupuncturist for over forty years and I’ve seen it work for clients for whom I’ve prescribed it. I believe it has numerous other benefits, such as for thyroid deficiency, but this is the one for hair!

    November 3, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Anonymous

    Pria Plex

    I’ve been using this product for almost 7 years. It takes a few months to see results but once you do you’ll be amazed! I can’t be without it. I love knowing I’ll always be able to keep my hair as long as I’m using this awesome product!!

    July 23, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Edith Schulman


    I had strong nails when I was young but after 3 kids they became brittle and broke off. I started taking PriaPlex 10 years ago because my hair was also thinning. It did bring my hair back but it also gave me back the nails I had when young. I quit taking it but after having Covid my hair is again thinning out so Im back on PriaPlex (one month now) Im believing it will bring my hair back. But I might add….even after years of quitting PriaPlex my nails have continued strong. It must have corrected something in my system. Also I have tried every thing under the sun for my hair and NOTHING worked for me!!! In fact, some of the so called remedies made my hair even thinner and was coming out every time I washed it. I was on another very expensive product just before PriaPlex and my hair was coming out in gobs every time I washed. PriaPlex has stopped that in just one month.

    June 23, 2023
  • Anonymous

    PriaPlex Hair Support

    Over a year ago, I noticed that I was finding more hair in the shower drain, so I started investigating various products that may help my hair to grow back. I had purchased a few Tango products and read a number of reviews on Tango’s PriaPlex, so I decided to try it. I think I finished off two containers and noticed new growth around my forehead, and my hair definitely started to feel thicker. I was satisfied at the results and mentioned it to a couple of my friends. I stopped using the product after finishing off the two containers, because I felt that my hair had become thick enough and was no longer falling out. Recently, I noticed that once again I am witnessing more hair on my brushes and combs and in the drain.. . My system must be missing some choice supplements to help hair growth… I feel it is time to purchase a supply of PriaPlex, again. I like the product because it contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I would definitely recommend PriaPlex to anyone having a problem with thinning hair.

    October 9, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Anonymous

    Covid Hair Disaster

    I had COVID August of 2021. My case was comparatively mild when I heard how bad others had it. I never heard that covid patients had the common denominator of hair falling out 3-6 months after they had it until mine started falling out like crazy and I told my hair dresser about it. I loved my hair. Nice full thick head. My brush started being full of it. I saw it on my shower curtain and bathtub floor. I was going to buy a mattress and while trying out the beds I had to go back and pick up my hair off the stores bed and pillows YIKES…. WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS. My
    pony tail was getting thinner and the right side of my hair was noticeably thinner than the left side. HELP!!! I ASKED MY NATURALPATH and she turned me on to PriPlex Hair Support. Beginning of second week my hair slowly started to stop loosing falling out. My nautralpathic doctor told me I will at least need two full bottles 6 tablets per day and that’s what I did. After starting the second bottle I started to notice little short fuzzies growing all over my hair. Even though it looked horrible I was jumping for joy as it was clear my hair is growing back. I decided to stay on this product and am on the 4th bottle now but only taking 3 tablets per day starting the 4th bottle. The new growth is about 4 inches long now. Still sticks up after a blow dry and will take awhile to get caught up to my long hair even though my hair dresser cut it shorter so it could catch up easier.
    I recommend this product to everyone who also complains of a COVID hair loss. I also know of someone who takes it just to keep his hair thicker at the age of 72. He has the hair of a 30 year old. This also makes me want to just keep taking the maintenance of 3 tablets per day as long as I can afford it. If it can keep my hair nice thick and healthy now maybe I can look younger as I get into my 70’s. I’m in my mid 60’s and was surprised that it worked so fast and good.
    Can you tell I LOVE this product :-}

    June 29, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Anonymous

    Great Product

    I have used this product for around 5 years and I couldn’t be more pleased. My hair is healthier, thicker and longer.

    March 19, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Kaare Westby


    A Brilliant product that I have been using for 8 years now. TCM is the best on the planet.

    March 7, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Cora Kurtz

    Thank you

    Thank you for this natural, effective product.

    February 26, 2022
    Verified Review

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