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27 reviews for SleepCycle Sample

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I could fall asleep quickly.


  2. Abby Mount-Burke

    I tried the 2 free capsules. I slept pretty well that night but was a little groggy in the morning. I am planning to purchase a month’s worth to try it out and am planning to start with 1 capsule to see if that works better.

    Abby Mount-Burke

  3. Amanda Combrinck

    The Sleep Cycle sample worked really well for me. I am now using the product regularly to reach the deep phases of sleep. I really wish it was cheaper!!!

    Amanda Combrinck

  4. Albert Latham

    I have a sneaking suspicion that these would work well if I gave them a fair shot, though.

    Albert Latham

  5. Victor Stevens

    Being an insomniac I tried the sample one night and my wife reminded me I sleep like a baby. I will order more.

    Victor Stevens

  6. Nancy Soto

    Only had 2 pills and did not think it helped me sleep

    Nancy Soto

  7. Tammie Dufrene

    Didnt work for me

    Tammie Dufrene

  8. Elizabeth Hess

    I only got the sample, received it about 2 weeks ago and have not tried it yet. I will be happy to give review in the next week or so after I have used the product. I can say however, if this one works like the others have it will be added to my future orders.

    Elizabeth Hess

  9. solomon carpio

    i has only one sample and it worked great.

    solomon carpio

  10. Jessie Vail

    They seemed to help me relax and go to sleep faster but I only had a sample of 2

    Jessie Vail

  11. AKJG

    Such a pleasant surprise! I slept quite well with this supplement.


  12. David C.

    Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I haven’t tried it. I rarely have a hard time falling asleep but I chose this as my free sample just in case.

    David C.

  13. Marta Holthaus

    I only had a one night sample so am looking forward to getting a larger quantity to try them for a few night in a row to see how they work with my particular sleep problems.

    Marta Holthaus

  14. Marta

    Hard to tell from a sample of one night but I like what the ArthriPhase is doing so will try this product and see how it works over a longer period of time


  15. Harold Hoffman


    Harold Hoffman

  16. C Kracker

    Each night I used a trial sample, I fell asleep sooner than I normally do.

    C Kracker

  17. D. Cruse

    Free sample, haven’t tried yet. Saving it for when I acually do have a sleepness night. Thanks Tango!

    D. Cruse

  18. Karen Steik

    Great for relaxing gently.

    Karen Steik

  19. Helga Mukhar

    I am sure it is a good product, but I could not tell any difference in falling asleep.

    Helga Mukhar

  20. Cynthia Taylor

    Good product

    Cynthia Taylor

  21. Deborah Doktor

    Very good

    Deborah Doktor

  22. cindy nosser

    like it!

    cindy nosser

  23. Pamela Frye

    I took the two sample capsules and this product did not work for me.

    Pamela Frye

  24. Robert Knull

    Just started taking, no idea yet

    Robert Knull

  25. DC

    Have not taken yet. Came as a sample.


  26. mike Gardener

    Did NOT work for me – I gave it the best chance to work that I could, but no luck to get back to sleep again after a 3 am wakening. I can nearly always get off to sleep as soon as I get to bed, but it is the early am wakenings and not being able to get back again to sleep, that is what I had hoped Sleep Cycle would remedy.

    mike Gardener

  27. Michielle Orsini

    This product was not strong enough for me.

    Michielle Orsini

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