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SleepCycle, 60 caps

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An advanced, all-natural supplement offering a comprehensive approach to promoting healthy sleep patterns.

  • Natural Sleep Aid for Supporting Healthy Sleep and Relief of Occasional Sleeplessness
  • Supports Restorative Deep, Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) Cycles
  • Our flagship formulas are modern versions of traditional essence herbs historically used to enhance energy, rejuvenate vitality and improve general health.


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Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules 30 to 60 minutes before retiring.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
L-Theanine 200 mg *
Melatonin 0.6 mg *
5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 50 mg *
Proprietary Blend 750 mg *
Common Herb Name (Latin Name) Pin Yin Name
Dang Quai root (Radix Angelicae Sinensis) Dang Gui *
Hops flowers (Humulus Lupulus) *
Lemon Balm Leaves (Melissa officinalis) *
Passionflower aerial parts (Passiflora incarnate) *
Polygala root (Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae) Yuan Zhi *
Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) *
Xylaria Mycelia (Xylaria Nigripes) Wu Lin Shen *
Jujube fruit (Semen Ziziphi Spinosae) Suan Zao Ren *
* Daily Value not established


SleepCycle is an advanced, all-natural supplement offering a comprehensive approach to maintaining healthy sleep patterns.* SleepCycle achieves this by combining traditional herbal extracts with state-of-the-art modern nutrients for a unique, safe and effective natural sleep formula to aid in controlling restlessness and occasional sleeplessness.*

Age-Related Sleep Problems

One of the biggest problems facing adults is the inability to achieve a deep, restful sleep, and by age 64 about half of all adults report some form of sleeping issue. (1) Age-related sleep issues have been linked to biochemical changes in the body’s internal clock that alter the normal response to external light cues (i.e. sunset, sunrise). This results in older people going to sleep earlier in the evening and waking up earlier in the morning. Older sleepers also tend to wake up more frequently during the night, resulting in fragmented sleep.

SleepCycle for a Deeper Night’s Sleep

Though people frequently tend to focus on falling asleep quickly, a far better indicator of sleep quality is the ability to wake up feeling refreshed, energized and restored the following day. Consequently, SleepCycle is not intended to act like a fast-acting sleeping pill that knocks people out quickly. Instead, SleepCycle works by gently promoting a state of calm as it initiates the natural process of falling asleep. Over time, SleepCycle conditions and maintains the overall quality of sleep by gradually extending the duration of deep, Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) and shortening the length of time it takes to fall into a restful slumber.

SleepCycle achieves this by combining traditional herbal extracts with state-of-the-art modern nutrients to deliver a unique, safe and highly effective natural sleep aid.

SleepCycle Ingredients

SleepCycle begins with two nutritional compounds, melatonin and 5-HTP, that have been shown to support resynchronization of the body’s biological clock to promote healthier sleep rhythms. SleepCycle also contains L-Theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea prized for its ability to maintain calm and relax the mind.


L-Theanine has been shown to regulate psychological and physiological stress responses, support cognitive performance, and relax the mind without inducing drowsiness. In research, L-Theanine intake resulted in a reduction in heart rate (HR) and salivary immunoglobulin A (s-IgA) responses to an acute stress task, which, say study authors, was attributable to an attenuation of sympathetic nervous activation. Thus, it was suggested that the oral intake of L-Theanine could cause such beneficial effects via inhibition of cortical neuron excitation. (2,3)

Melatonin, the hormone produced nocturnally by the pineal gland, serves as a circadian time cue and sleep-anticipating signal in humans. With age, melatonin production declines as the prevalence of sleep issues increases. In one study melatonin was shown to exert significant and clinically meaningful improvements in sleep quality, morning alertness, sleep onset latency and quality of life in patients aged 55 years and over. (4)

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)
An extract of the seed of the griffonia plant, 5-HTP is a necessary component for making serotonin in the body. Low levels of 5-HTP are associated with occasional sleeplessness and anxiety. In rats, 5-HTP was shown to alter sleep and brain temperature. (5)


Proprietary Herbal Blend with Wulinshen
(Xylaria Nigripes)

SleepCycle contains a well-known combination of natural plant extracts that have been used for centuries to maintain deep, restful sleep, including Hops, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Valerian root, Angelica sinensis, Jujube, and Polygala. These healing plants are traditionally endowed with relaxation and sleep-supporting properties.

Tang-Kuei root (Dong Quai, Radix Angelicae Sinensis)
Traditionally used as a sleep aid, Tang-Kuei has been used safely for centuries in traditional Chinese healing.

Hops (Humulus Lupulus)
Hops has been used traditionally as a herbal remedy for sleep issues. Its effects in studies can be attributed to three categories of constituents of lipophilic hops extracts. Though the alpha-bitter acids proved to be the most active constituents, the beta-bitter acids and the hop oil clearly contributed to the activity of lipophilic Humulus extracts. (6)

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
A novel pharmacological mechanism of action for the anxiety-modulating botanical Melissa officinalis L. (lemon balm) has been reported, and identified as a potent in vitro inhibitor of rat brain GABA transaminase (GABA-T). (7)

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate)
Passiflora incarnata has been used in sleep-support formulas for many centuries, and administration of oral Passiflora incarnata has been shown to aid in modulating anxiety. (8)

Polygala (Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae)
Polygala tenuifolia, an herbal ingredient found in traditional Asian sleep formulas, possesses several components, including 4,5-trimethoxycinnamic acid.(9) Study results indicate that the effects of Polygala in stressed animals might relate to its modulating effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. (10)

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)
Valerian has an adenosine-like action and supports the readiness to fall asleep. Its action is closely related to endogenous melatonin secretion.(11) In studies, extracts of valerian demonstrate positive effects on sleep structure and sleep perception. (12)

Jujube (Suan Zao Ren, Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa)
Semen Ziziphus jujube (SZJ), the seeds of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. var. spinosa, is widely used in Chinese traditional culture for sleep and relaxation, with studies showing that it exerts an inhibitory effect on glutamate (Glu) mediated excitatory signal pathways in the hippocampus. (13)

Wulinshen (Xylaria Nigripes)
Wulinshen contains significant amounts of glutamic acid, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate decarboxylase. GABA’s main function is to inhibit excitatory neuro-activities by exerting a sleep-promoting effect on the central nervous system. Glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) supports the synthesis of GABA, while glutamic acid assists the uptake of GABA to specific brain cell receptors.

Nine known compounds were isolated and identified in Xylaria nigripes for the first time, and their structures were mainly determined by MS and NMR methods. These include (1) 5-hydroxy-7-methoxy-2-methyl-4-chromanone, (2) 5,7-dihydroxy-2-methyl-4-chromanone, (3) 5-hydroxyl-2-methyl-4-chromanone, (4) 1-(2,6-dihydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxybutanone, (5) 5alpha,8alpha-epidioxyergosta-6,22-dien-3beta-ol, (6) (22E,24R)-ergost-7,22-dien-3beta, 5alpha,6alpha-triol, (7) euphorbol, (8) beta-sitosterol and (9) 2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-ethanol. (14)

Sleep Loss in Middle Age

In the first study of its kind, sleep researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that the quality and duration of sleep changed dramatically between the mid-20s and the mid-50s, with subjects going to bed and waking up earlier. The subjects also slept less, woke up more often during the night, and experienced fewer stages of deep sleep. (15)

According to study author, Dr. Julie Carrier, Middle age is a turning point for sleep. Some sleep patterns have already changed significantly by the time an average adult reaches age 30. Dr. Carrier observed that these changes are most likely tied to gradual age-related changes in features of the biological clock.

Research has already shown how disrupted sleep patterns are linked to significant age-related alterations in melatonin, the principal sleep hormone produced by the pineal gland. Melatonin levels are known to drop significantly after childhood and serve as one of the most dramatic markers of biological aging known. By the age of 60, nighttime melatonin production practically ceases, and by age 80, melatonin plasma levels are barely detectable.


SleepCycle is an advanced, all-natural supplement that offers a comprehensive approach to maintaining healthy sleep patterns. Unlike conventional sleeping aids that are designed to just put people to sleep quickly, SleepCycle targets each phase of human sleep with nutrients and plant compounds that have been shown to gently support the quality and duration of deep, restorative sleep, aiding the body in recovering from daily physical and mental stresses.


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15. University Of Pittsburgh Med. Center. Deterioration Of Sleep During Middle Age Related To Changes In The Biological Clock. Science Daily 25 June 1998.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



What is the recommended daily dose of Sleep Cycle?

The recommended daily dose of Sleep Cycle is 1-2 capsules, 1 time per day, 1 hour before bedtime.

How much Sleep Cycle can I safely take in a day?

You do not need to take more than 2 capsules in a day to gain the full effectiveness of the Sleep Cycle supplement.

How do I know Sleep Cycle is working for me?

Sleep Cycle is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should make a change for you in how you sleep. It should promote your sleep health so that you sleep more deeply and wake up fully rested.

You should expect improvements to occur quickly as many of our customers report dramatic improvement in the first few days of use. The change should be very noticeable. Instead of saying to yourself, “I think this might be helping me”, you really should be able to say, “Wow, I feel a lot better.”

Usually, very clear results show up in the first month of use for most people.

Do I have to take Sleep Cycle forever?

Everybody has a different set of circumstances that will determine how their sleep will be promoted when using Sleep Cycle. Your response to the supplement will be determined by your individual health circumstances. Issues with sleep may be long-standing over many years. This may determine how soon you notice positive changes and how long you may need or wish to take the formula.

However, the formula is strong enough so that men and women who will get benefits should expect them in the first month of use.

When positive changes in sleep health occur, you can lower your dose to one capsule per night and expect to see continued benefits. The reason for this is that, as with all true health-promoting supplements, Sleep Cycle provides restorative results.

When should I take Sleep Cycle?

The most important consideration in taking Sleep Cycle is to use it daily and consistently. You should take Sleep Cycle about one hour before bedtime.

Can I take Sleep Cycle with other supplements?

Yes, you can take Sleep Cycle with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.

I take over-the-counter/prescriptive medicines for better sleep. Can I take Sleep Cycle with them?

You can take Sleep Cycle while you are using other products for your sleep or any other condition. However, you should always take Sleep Cycle or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.

If you have any questions about using Sleep Cycle or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can I combine Sleep Cycle with some of your other products like Vital Cell?

Yes, you can take Sleep Cycle with Vital Cell or other Tango supplements. Many people find that the addition of Vital Cell promotes their results when taking Sleep Cycle.

You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

Can a woman take Sleep Cycle if she is pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend that a woman take Sleep Cycle if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because Sleep Cycle is unsafe but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in Sleep Cycle for pregnancy and nursing.

Can children take Sleep Cycle?

Sleep Cycle is not recommended for people under the age of 18.

Can I give Sleep Cycle to my pet (cat, dog, or horse)?

We do not recommend that you give Sleep Cycle to your pet as it is not suitable for common pet nutritional concerns.

Is Sleep Cycle tested for contaminants that could harm my health?

Yes, we regularly test batches of our formulas to make sure they meet strict quality control guidelines recommended by government regulatory agencies.

Are there any side effects from taking Sleep Cycle?

Sleep Cycle does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

What do I do if I think taking Sleep Cycle is causing me discomfort?

The most common discomforts experienced by a tiny percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions such as skin itching or irritability.

These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.

If you should experience discomfort when taking Sleep Cycle and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund for you.

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  1. Jennifer Haley

    This is a great herbal supplement! I received a free sample and gave it to my husband, who sometimes has trouble winding down and sleeping in the evening. He said that it really helped him feel relaxed and fall asleep faster.

    Jennifer Haley

  2. Lynn Fogarty

    After taking the Sleep Cycle I woke up feeling like I had a restorative sleep.

    Lynn Fogarty

  3. Patricia Berg

    Works great I am now getting a good restful sleep instead of waking up and staying awake for hours. If I wake up and don’t go back to sleep I take a Sleep Cycle and go back to sleep within a half hour.

    Patricia Berg

  4. Customer in Peoria IL

    I tried your sleep cycle sample according to the directions and did not find that it helped me fall asleep any quicker than if I had taken nothing.

    Customer in Peoria IL

  5. Nanci

    Yes …. it did work for those nights that you really need a good night sleep ?


  6. Carol

    I am sleeping well for the first time in a long time with SleepCycle. Customer service at Tango is outstanding. Knowledgeable and very caring. I was waking at 4 am this has now been resolved using this product. Thank you Tango.


  7. Coreen Hall

    This helped me to sleep through the night for the first time in years. Thank you so much for making this product.

    Coreen Hall

  8. Marie-Helene Roussel

    My husband is in the process of taking opiate and therefore has trouble sleeping and sleep cycle is a good product helping him a lot

    Marie-Helene Roussel

  9. Corrie

    I do not usually write reviews. I haven’t slept through the night in years. The first night taking this I didn’t wake up once. I feel like A new woman. Thank you Tango for making quality supplements.


  10. TRUE

    I felt more relaxed before falling asleep after trying this. I do not typically need help with this but I plan to have it in my cabinet just in case! Thank you.


  11. Boonnet Esharoe

    This product do give me a good night sleep.

    Boonnet Esharoe

  12. Tim Bruce

    I find Sleep Cycle to be very helpful in getting a good night’s sleep.

    Tim Bruce

  13. Jill Mackie

    Have had terrible sleep patterns for at least 20 years. I fall asleep easily, but wake up in middle of night and lie awake for about an hour, give up, get up and read, have a banana and after about an hour go back to bed and hope to sleep. At times I’ m awake at 3:00 and then get up for the day at 5:00. Had tried L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP with some success, but not enough. A doctor recommended I take 5 L-Tryptophan at bedtime. After a week I began to have vVertigo everyday. I stopped. I felt I just didn’t know how to use the product. The information and the reviews on your site are superb. I learned how to use sleep cycle and importantly some idea of use and how long it will take to kick in. I’m still not sleeping perfectly, but I’ve had a few nights of 7 or 8 hours of sleep and look forward to an even better record. Maybe I’ll be able to dream again for the first time in many, many years. Thank you so very much.

    Jill Mackie

  14. Katherine Allen

    I have used almost the whole bottle and have not noticed any improvement in length of sleep. I wake approximately every 2 hours.

    Katherine Allen

  15. DEBORAH KRUEGER (verified owner)

    I have used Sleep Cycle on and off for 9 yrs. Some nites I feel sleepy just after lying down, then other nites I toss and turn, end up reading for a half hour while Sleep Cycle kicks in. Lamenting the fact that I didn’t take it earlier so I would be sleeping already. Ya just never know.


  16. Amanda Combrinck

    For a long time, I struggled to go into the deep phases of sleep. SleepCycle has helped me go into deep sleep, and wake up refreshed. I have not experienced any side effects. I just wish it was cheaper.

    Amanda Combrinck

  17. Christopher Gould


    Christopher Gould

  18. Steven Beech

    Better than medications.

    Steven Beech

  19. David Singer

    I have tried sleep cycle for 10 nights. The verdict is out for me, I am still waking 3 plus times a night. Most nights with a bit of persistence I can go back to sleep. I do seem to be able to sleep a bit later. I don’t feel its made a big change.

    David Singer

  20. Robert Parkins

    Sleep Cycle is an excellent product. I have tried several ” sleep aids” in the past with mixed results. They help getting to sleep but waking in the middle of the night and getting back to sleep again can be difficult. I find with Sleep Cycle that not only do I get to sleep within five minutes or so, but I stay asleep for at least seven hours and feel rested the next morning.

    Robert Parkins

  21. Wayne Domin

    Both my wife and I use Sleep Cycle. I was trying another product from someone else but it did not fill the bill!! Working fine for the both of us!! I recommend it!!

    Wayne Domin

  22. William Polsom (verified owner)

    Great product. Went from being sleepy all day to being able to be alert and function all day.
    Highly recommend.

    William Polsom

  23. Peggy LANG

    I was very happy with my purchase and shipping is very quick

    Peggy LANG

  24. DEBORAH KRUEGER (verified owner)

    I have been using Sleep Cycle off and on for a few years. Tense
    moments slip away as this allows me to relax and find slumber
    soon afterwards.


  25. William Ryan

    I’m sorry to say this product didn’t help me at all. I tried it for 3 nights and then gave up.

    William Ryan

  26. Joey Wemple

    This item didn’t help with my sleep problem at all.

    Joey Wemple


    I’ve had insomnia since I was seven years old. From the time I began taking Sleep Cycle I have slept through the night and go to sleep faster. It’s a miracle. I also pair it with Trader Joe’s Calming Sleep Formula.


  28. kmo

    I’m someone who has trouble staying asleep. This didn’t keep me from waking up in the middle of the night, but maybe it works for people who need help falling asleep.


  29. Audrey Brady

    This medication did not work for me.

    Audrey Brady

  30. Bryan Arata

    Doesn’t work at all. In fact it has the opposite effect. It kept me up longer than ever.

    Bryan Arata

  31. Francis Benson

    After reading the contents of these capsules I/we decided to try them out. This product SHOULD work as advertised, but after using them we sent them back. We are in our seventies, and, we aren’t going to sleep well no matter what. Growing old is not for sissies! This product has all the right stuff, and may work well for you.

    Francis Benson

  32. Karen

    Happy to report that this product helped me stay asleep longer, and when I woke during th night, I could get back to sleep more quickly. It took several nights for me to really notice the difference. When I went to reorder, it was out of stock, and now that I don’t have it, I really know how well it worked! Will reorder as soon as it is back in stock!


  33. Bill Keithler

    This did not work for me–I found I could neither fall asleep in a timely manner, nor could I stay asleep for more than a few hours if I did fall asleep.

    Bill Keithler

  34. Mike

    Pills mailed and arrived quickly. Easy to swallow 2 pills, 30 minutes before bedtime.
    Started taking them with good results, fell asleep quickly and hardly woke up during the night.
    Although, after a week of daily use, I found I was more or less back to my usual wakefulness in the middle of the night – for 1 – 2 hours. The makers say “for occasional sleeplessness”. I think they are truly good for this , but to keep taking them , the positive effects wear off. I would still use them occasionally , with good results, especially if I am anxious or have a lot on my mind.


  35. Roy Lambert

    I take one pill when I go to bed and one in the middle of the night. best sleep ever.

    Roy Lambert

  36. george mooradian

    I take 10MG of Meletonin each nite. Is it good to take sleep
    cycle at the same time?

    george mooradian

  37. John Hill

    Recently, my sister-in-law told me she had been struggling with sleep issues for years. I suggested she try Sleep Cycle and gave her my partial bottle. She took 2 capsules and to her amazement and delight, she slept through the night! She continued to use my bottle while I ordered one for her. She said she still had trouble getting to sleep but when she did she slept through and that even upon waking, she went right back to sleep. She was very pleased. I learned that after the first night she began taking only one capsule and I suggested she take two or perhaps add a melatonin to help her get to sleep. She seems reluctant to do that and is very pleased with the improved sleep she is experiencing with only one capsule per night.

    John Hill

  38. Jim Miller

    Since taking these I am sleeping more soundly, having more energy throughout the day and not needing a lunch time catch up snooze.

    I thought I was sleeping well before and was pleased to learn it could be improved.

    Jim Miller

  39. Mark Westwood

    This product did nothing to help me sleep.

    Mark Westwood

  40. Madeleine Chaleyer

    I was sent a trial sample of Sleep Cycle with my regular order for Osteophase. I am under a fair bit of stress at the moment and the I haven’t been sleeping well. But I got a good nights sleep with Sleep Cycle. I will definitely be ordering more of this supplement.

    Madeleine Chaleyer

  41. ArtL

    Sleep Cycle is part of my daily pre-sleep ritual. Sleep Cycle contains several sleep enhancing products in addition to their proprietary blend of herbs. I’m still evaluating its effectiveness, and so far, the results look promising for better sleep.


  42. Ed

    Not necessarily helping fall asleep faster but I sure do wake up feeling energized in the morning. Last Saturday night I couldn’t fall asleep till almost 2:30AM ( I did take a nap during the day) and had a 7:30 tee time. My alarm goes off at 5:00. Hit the snooze a couple of times, got up, showered and shaved and felt great. My game sucked but I was fine. So it must be working for me. Great product.


  43. Vivian Walz

    My husband is in our retirement facility Care Center and the RN gives him two capsules every night before he goes to bed. Sleep Cycle has been approved by his Care Center doctor. It seems to help him sleep.

    Vivian Walz

  44. Aberg

    Seems to work well for my wife, but I continue to wake up around 3 every night. My wife notices that it makes her fall asleep earlier and easier which is a plus.


  45. greg wolfe

    I must say that I can sleep less and wake up more refreshed with this. Combines well with a little extra meletonin.

    greg wolfe

  46. Barbara Raphael

    Works great for my husband!

    Barbara Raphael

  47. Barbara Raphael

    Excellent product! Gives my husband a restful night’s sleep!

    Barbara Raphael

  48. Vivian Walz

    My husband is in our Care Center, and the staff sees that he gets it every night. It seems to work well for him. It is hard for me to tell exactly, since I am in an apartment in our retirement facility so I have to rely on what he tells me.

    Vivian Walz

  49. David Thornton

    Yes this product help me with sleep but I have a real bad problem to get to sleep because of prescription drugs so I did get relief and got some sleep I will recommend it to any one

    David Thornton

  50. Chris Ziarko

    Works great.

    Chris Ziarko

  51. Barbara Raphael

    Excellent Product. It works!

    Barbara Raphael

  52. Vivian Walz

    After trying other sleep aids for my husband, I ordered Sleep Cycle, and it seems to work the best for him so I ordered it again when the first order was running low.

    Vivian Walz

  53. steven fauci

    Hi folks,Steven here, I’ve been having trouble sleeping so I’ve tried different sleep aids. SleepCycle, for me was NOT the answer. A good night’s sleep, for me, is hit and miss. So I will continue my search for a sleep aid that can knock me out. Maybe it will work for you, I don’t know. Life is trial and error. I will continue to search for a good night’s sleep. Thank you to the folks at Tango for all your research for everyone that your products help.

    steven fauci

  54. Christine C

    My husband just started taking these a week ago and he feels they are already helping him sleep better. Will continue taking to see if good results continue.

    Christine C

  55. Nancy R Hill

    I have occasional problems staying asleep after the first 30-40 min. Then I lay awake for 2-3 hours! (One of the joys of menopause!) If I take Sleep Cycle the following night and additional 3-4 nights, I find my natural sleep rhythm again and may go weeks without experiencing the joys of sleepless nights!

    Nancy R Hill

  56. Ashley Whitty

    After one week of using this product I noticed I was falling asleep easier and also felt much more rested when waking. Prior to using this product I had several weeks of insomnia, even if I do wake in the middle of the night I am able to get back to sleep with much more ease. It is in capsule form and is easy to swallow without any after taste.

    Ashley Whitty

  57. Vera Chase

    Having only taken one dose, I’m not sure if this product is responsible or if I was so tired I finally fell asleep when I took it. However I did dream the night I took it, which is something I hadn’t done in many months and haven’t done since. I didn’t wake up tired as I usually do but I would have to take Sleep Cycle for a reasonable length of time to know for sure how effective it is.

    Vera Chase

  58. Linda Baker

    I read previous reviews before ordering this product which sounded pretty glowing, however that has not been my experience. Previously I took a sleep product from another company but I couldn’t sleep through the night with the product but was always able to get to sleep right away, so I was hopeful your product would improve my ability to sleep through. However, not only has it not helped me to sleep through, but I’m finding I’m not able to fall asleep for a while. So I doubt that I will be ordering Sleep Cycle anymore, and will probably return to the previous cheaper product I used.

    Linda Baker

  59. Vivian Walz

    I tried Sleep Cycle Wednesday night 1/2 hour before bedtime, and I slept quite well; but I need at least two bathroom trips during the night. I checked it last night (with my method, using a pendulum), and I could not have it. I’ll try it tonight to see how that works. Earlier, when I had a supplement with melatonin, I was not able to have it so that might still be the case.

    Vivian Walz

  60. Linda P

    I am a 61-year-old female with what I assume is a typical post-menopausal pattern of waking up 3 to 4 times in the night to urinate. Since I began taking Tango’s SleepCycle about a month ago, my sleep has become deeper and amazingly I am able to sleep all night long some nights without waking up at all or else just one time. I have recommended this wonderful new formula to several friends and relatives who also have difficulty getting the immensely important full night of restful deep sleep. And I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for developing this natural product. Warm regards and again many thanks, Linda S. Portland, Oregon

    Linda P

  61. Eileen V

    Dear John, I enjoyed meeting you via phone and am very pleased for the opportunity to tell you my positive experience with SleepCycle. I have always had trouble going to sleep. Even as a child, I remember staying awake for hours after everyone else was sound asleep. This was my normal habit for more than 40 years. In 2008 my doctor suggested SleepCycle. I could not believe that for the first time in so many years I was falling asleep very naturally and sleeping comfortably. I was also waking up refreshed for each new day. I have taken SleepCycle nightly for five years with assurance of its safety and health. Thank you SleepCycle for giving me a new lease on life! Sincerely, Eileen Vaught

    Eileen V

  62. AB

    Dear Tango, I use an excellent dental guard for mild sleep apnea, but have had occasional sleep problems since menopause almost 20 years ago. Prior to using SleepCycle, I was taking up to 10 mg of melatonin and the full dose of Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Sleep Formula. Though the melatonin always helps me fall asleep quickly, I would often awake after only 4-6 hours sleep and be challenged to get back to sleep without an hour of physical exercise and meditation. Adding SleepCycle, or taking it with melatonin alone, helps me stay asleep for the 7-8 hours I need. I sleep more deeply and often sleep through without any bathroom visits. Thanks very much for the other 8 outstanding Tango formulas I use regularly! AB


  63. Lisa H

    I tried your SleepCycle formula at a friend’s urging. And for the first time in I don’t know how long, I slept the whole night through, without waking up even once! It did the same thing the next night. I slept great. Finally, I’ve found something that helps me sleep, and it works without drugs. I wake up in the morning feeling, rested and happy. You have changed my life. I had forgotten what it felt like to sleep, deeply, every night. I am very impressed with your formula and your company. You’ve got a customer for life! – Lisa H.

    Lisa H

  64. Don F. Gates, L.Ac.

    With so many natural sleep aids on the market, many clients have told me how intimidating it can be to walk into a vitamin shop or health-food store and try to choose a good one. Even with a friend’s recommendation it can be tough, since no single herb or nutriceutical works across-the-board for everyone. By the time they come to me, they’ve usually tried at least a few, without success. I have recommended a number of products over the years to my patients, but since it debuted, these days I always start (and usually stop) with SleepCycle. The dosage can differ from person to person – a few can get a good night’s sleep as little as half a capsule! – but nearly everyone I give it to sends back glowing reports. So many of my patients love it, I now keep a careful eye on my SleepCycle stock… they don’t like it when I run out! Thanks for another excellent product. Don F. Gates, L.Ac. Grand Acupuncture Center 3931 Grand Ave, 2nd floor Oakland, CA 94610 510-428-9430 http://www.eastbaytcm.com

    Don F. Gates, L.Ac.

  65. A R

    Dear Tango, I’ve never, ever had trouble sleeping until recently. Looking back over my life, I see an unbroken chain of curling up, night after night — in my own bed, in hotel beds, on friends’ couches, on trains and planes and buses all around the world — and being asleep literally almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. I had always known people who suffered from occasional insomnia: my mother and mother-in-law and one of my oldest friends. They described hellish nights, this whole other world where occasional insomniacs live: those hours stretching on and on as they watch TV and pace the house while the whole rest of the world is asleep. I would listen to their tales of woe and realize how lucky I was. Until last year. Suddenly, because I had entered perimenopause, it started: Once or twice a week, I would climb into bed feeling tired as usual after a long day of work and exercise, but instead of dropping off to sleep I would find myself just … lying there, staring at the ceiling in the dark, totally puzzled and increasingly panicked as hour after hour slipped by. Sometimes I would finally fall asleep for an hour or so around 6 a.m., but usually I wouldn’t sleep at all, and the whole next day I would stagger around half-conscious and incompetent and really angry that my own body wasn’t functioning the way I was accustomed to. Reading about perimenopause on the Internet — and learning that occasional insomnia is one of the most common symptoms, and can plague women for five or more years — filled me with dread. I didn’t want to get started on prescription sleep medications. I didn’t want to get hooked on anything, and I didn’t want the side effects that so often accompany strong Western medicines. Then I found Tango’s SleepCycle capsules. I’m a cynical pessimist, so imagine my joy and relief when I discovered how well these work for me. They put me to sleep promptly, and I wake up seven or eight hours later feeling rested and completely normal: no side effects, no aftereffects. At last I know I’ve found something that helps. Thank you, Tango! A. Rufus.

    A R

  66. Amy M. Petrarca, MS, RN, L.Ac. Petrarca

    Dear Tango, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your formula, Sleep Cycle. I have been practicing as a Registered Nurse in a Critical Care settings for 15 years, mostly working the night shift in emergency departments all over the country. If you want to talk about a sleep disturbance problem, look no further than your night-shift hospital staff! Now that I have studied TCM, and have opened my own Acupuncture practice, many of my clients are health care providers who suffer from occasional insomnia. Because sleep is essential for proper health and wellness, occasional insomnia can be a miserable experience and a cyclic nightmare. I am having amazing results with Sleep Cycle. Health care providers now have healthier options than taking benadryl or Ambien to obtain proper sleep. It is wonderful to be able to offer an herbal and natural alternative to histamine-blockers and sedative/hypnotics. One of my clients could not sleep longer than 2 or 3 hours without taking prescription medication for several years. Now, with Sleep Cycle, she can sleep for 4 to 6 hours per night, which has completely changed her life! I have another client who after just one acupuncture session, and two weeks of Sleep Cycle, reports that she rarely wakes up during the night and feels that she is over 50 percent improved! Combined with weekly acupuncture sessions and other treatment modalities, Sleep Cycle is exactly what I need to help my clients get the rest they need to properly function both on-duty and off-duty. And now we can all sleep better knowing that the provider that may take care of us in the Emergency Department has had a good night’s sleep! With Respect and Gratitude, Amy M. Petrarca, MS, RN, L.Ac. San Francisco, CA

    Amy M. Petrarca, MS, RN, L.Ac. Petrarca

  67. Debbie Rose

    I am so thankful for SleepCycle. It has finally helped me get a good night’s sleep. I am 54 and have been having full body hot flashes at around 2 to 4 a.m. for about 6 weeks. I would wake up fully, and not be able to go back to sleep. I would be in a resting state, but not fully asleep. I was only getting 4 or 5 hours of decent sleep a night. I was used to getting 7 or 8 hours until recently. I have been on SleepCycle for about 2 weeks, and from the first dose, it has helped me. Depending on what time I go to bed, and what time I have to get up the next day, I have been able to sleep well for 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours now. If I wake up during the night, I am able to fall back asleep within a few minutes. Debbie

    Debbie Rose

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