OcuPhase Eyedrops

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  • Contains 1% NAC (N-acetylcarnosine), a naturally occurring antioxidant and antiglycating agent.
  • Safe for use by people with: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD/AMD), and Floaters.
  • Research with N-acetylcarnosine, as with it’s parent compound carnosine, demonstrates that it is effective not only in supporting healthy vision but also in increasing the transmissivity of the lens to light.
  • Helps to combat “dry eye” and other forms of eye irritation, such as blurry vision, night glare, and computer eye strain.
  • Each box of OcuPhase contains two resealable vials containing a total of about 200 drops.


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12 + Mix and Match Discount $33.96


Suggested Use: For general preventive use, the recommended amount is 1–2 drops daily. Those with eye problems may want to use 2 drops twice daily or as needed.

OcuPhase also contains 1% N-acetylcarnosine, a naturally occurring antioxidant and antiglycating agent that helps protect the active ingredients from glycation. OcuPhase also contains ophthalmic lubricating agents to combat “dry eye” and other forms of eye irritation. Each box contains two vials containing five milliliters each.

Each package contains two resealable vials containing a total of about 200 drops, which allows for only a small amount of product to be exposed to oxygen at a time. Unopened vials can be stored in the refrigerator to extend shelf life.


  • If you experience eye pain, changes in vision, continued redness or irritation of the eye, or if the condition worsens or persists for more then 72 hours, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • To avoid contamination, do not touch tip of container to any surface.
  • Replace cap after using.
  • Do not use if seal is broken.
  • If solution changes color or becomes cloudy, do not use.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


Active Ingredients: Glycerin (lubricant) 1.0%, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (lubricant) 0.15%

Inactive Ingredients: Sterile water (ophthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.4), N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) 1.0%, buffered with boric acid, citric acid, and potassium bicarbonate, and, as a preservative, purified benzyl alcohol.


Good nutrition is a key element of preventing numerous age-related issues, including the health of our eyes. As we age our eyes become more susceptible to a host of challenges that can lead to irritation, discomfort and changes to vision. Colors may be dulled or distorted, and there may be an annoying halo of light around bright objects, causing a glare effect.

Applying lubricating eye drops several times a day can help to alleviate discomfort. Additionally, a number of nutrients have been shown to benefit eye health and good vision. One of these, carnosine, is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids (alanine and histidine) connected by a chemical bond. Based on research performed mainly by Russian scientists, it is believed that carnosine’s antioxidant properties support healthy vision by inhibiting a chemical process called glycation.

Glycation leads to deleterious chemical complexes called AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that result from common but undesirable reactions between blood sugars, such as glucose, and proteins in many parts of our bodies, including the lenses of our eyes. The sugar-protein complexes become chemically cross-linked and degrade cellular functions. The aptly named AGEs are thought to be an important factor in the aging process.

Carnosine eye drops have been shown to aid in delaying vision senescence in humans by restoring the natural structure of proteins in the lens.


N-acetylcarnosine (NAC), like its parent compound, carnosine, occurs naturally throughout the human body. Both compounds are found primarily in the heart and skeletal muscles (the word carnosine is derived from the Latin word for flesh) and in the brain. Carnosine was discovered in 1900 in Russia, and it is in Russia that most of the recent research on the N-acetylcarnosine derivative has been carried out. Research with N-acetylcarnosine, as with carnosine, demonstrates that it is effective for improving transmissivity of light through the lens.

The structural difference between NAC and carnosine is that one hydrogen atom in carnosine replaces an acetyl group (CH3CO-), and this substitution occurs at a nitrogen atom. An important chemical difference between carnosine and N-acetylcarnosine is that carnosine is relatively insoluble in lipids (fats and fatty compounds), whereas N-acetylcarnosine is relatively soluble in lipids (as well as in water).

This means that N-acetylcarnosine may pass through the lipid membranes of the corneal and lens cells more easily than carnosine, and may thereby gain access more readily to the cells interior, which is primarily aqueous. There, the N-acetylcarnosine is gradually broken down to carnosine (and, perhaps, to histidine), which then exerts its beneficial effects.


Carnosine and N-acetylcarnosine eye drops appear to be a safe, effective means for supporting eye health, comfort and quality of vision in aging humans.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What is the recommended daily use of OcuPhase?

For general preventive use, the recommended amount is 1–2 drops daily. Those with eye problems may want to use 2 drops twice daily or as needed.

Can children use OcuPhase?

OcuPhase eyedrops are not recommended for children under the age of 12 years.

What if I experience any discomfort when using OcuPhase eyedrops?

If the eye tissue becomes more inflamed, red, irritated or uncomfortable after using this product, immediately discontinue the use of product and consult an eye physician if necessary.

351 reviews for OcuPhase Eyedrops

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  1. LINDA MENCHEN (verified owner)

    I know that this product helps because my vision changed after I started using it. I had used it in the past to decrease cataracts and stopped after a couple of years. Eventually the cataracts grew again so I know I have to keep using the drops to control the cataracts.


  2. B L

    Have taken for several years hoping my bones are stronger because of this…

    B L

  3. hugo lopez

    I still don’t know whether or not this drops will work for me. I was diagnosed by an eye doctor thata cataract is forming in my right eye, I’m trying to avoid the intraocular len. I hope that after three months I can see a difference

    hugo lopez

  4. Karen Eyo

    Arrived and packaged well

    Karen Eyo

  5. Karen Eyo

    Arrived and packaged well

    Karen Eyo

  6. James Pierce

    The product seems to be working fine.

    James Pierce

  7. Bradley BOLTON

    So far so good.

    Bradley BOLTON

  8. Vickie Newsome

    I have just begun the use of these, but have ordered another refill. I am thankful for natural healing!Thank you

    Vickie Newsome

  9. Jen

    I will have to leave a more detailed review later as I am only on my 1st bottle.
    I can say product got here fast and was packed well 🙂


  10. Hyatt Field

    I have been using product for a couple weeks and so a little early to evaluate. No problems so far and I am looking forward to good results. Will be glad to review again after I can tell more.

    Hyatt Field

  11. Robert Stark (verified owner)

    I”m quite pleased with OcuPhase eyedrops so far. Been using them for about a month and have noticed some improvement in close up vision. I have cataracts in both eyes but one is worse than the other and I’m hoping for improvement to them. I have also noticed the eyedrops are very soothing when my eyes start to dry out towards the end of the day.

    Robert Stark

  12. Ricky Johnson

    It is very hard to tell its effectiveness,
    Since this is a amino complex for reversing
    age related condition in eye. It’s okay.
    Packaging could be better.

    Ricky Johnson

  13. Robert Slootweg (verified owner)

    I received my OcuPhase eye drops a few days ago, so it is to early to know what those drops will do, but I am confident that they will improve my eye sight.

    Robert Slootweg

  14. Athena Weimer

    these drops really help my dry eye, been using them now for 2 months. Wish the bottle was a bit better, tips over easy and wastes drops. Double the price of other drops but these work for me, the other drops I tried did not. So for me- so far worth it and will continue to use them.

    Athena Weimer

  15. Bonnie Beck

    It is doing such a good job on my eyes. Thank You So Much !!!

    Bonnie Beck

  16. J Platt

    I have been using OcuPhase eyedrops for over a year and I can see a difference in my overall vision clarity. However, because I am on a fixed income it is difficult to be on a consistent daily program. I sometimes run out of the drops and have to wait a month or so to start back up. However, I think that my overall opinion of the product is, that it works to help relieve dry eye symptoms and blurred vision associated with cataracts. I will definitely purchase again. This is my personal opinion.

    J Platt

  17. Lois Henry

    I am on my second order of OcuPhase. When I am faithful and remember to use it I thought it had lessened the dry eyes waking me up at night. I have cataracts that add to the issues. I am pleased with this product b/c I notice less haziness when I use it faithfully. And I awaken to dry eyes less. At my recant eye exam I had sharper vision on charts that the optometrist hadn’t expected I would be successful in reading. I attribute it to the OccuPhase claim that it lets more light into the eye. I do think so.

    Lois Henry

  18. Blvusette

    I’d read the OccuPhase Drops help cataracts in lieu of surgery so have been trying them for approximately 4 months now. My eyes seem to be getting better but I won’t know for sure until I have my next appointment with my opthalmologist. Meanwhile, my dry eye problem for which I had been using NanoTears twice daily, seems to be improving with these drops as well. The actual bottle is somewhat difficult to use since you have to puncture the tip with just the right amount of pressure so you don’t get too much or too little. If you tip the bottle over, it also leaks, wasting the drops. I would like to see a better designed bottle that is easier to use.


  19. lea reedy

    So far, so good. Have used one vile so far. No stinging. Planning on long term use before giving an evaluation.

    lea reedy

  20. Tammie Harris

    I am pleased with the ocuPhase right now I don’t seem to have as many floaters in my eyes.

    Tammie Harris

  21. Tony Venuto (verified owner)


    Tony Venuto

  22. ALLAN

    a soothing product for the eyes


  23. Lisette Roberts

    I haven’t been using the drops long enough to tell if they are impacting my cataracts but the customer service was outstanding. I received my order the next day – what a surprise! Punching a small enough hole in the bottle can be a bit tricky, I’d like to see a better method of accessing the drops – it’s much to easy to create a hole that too big. Then if it’s small enough, it’s hard to get the drops to come out.

    Lisette Roberts

  24. Jeanna Tendall (verified owner)

    These eye drops are very effective at relieving my dry eye symptoms. They are very soothing and also reduce the serious discomfort in my eyelids.

    Jeanna Tendall

  25. Dr.Larry Carter

    The OcuPhase Eyedrops helps eyes very much. However, the producer has stop filling the containers for some time. And it seems to be done a little more at a time.

    Dr.Larry Carter

  26. Roger Tourville

    Have not used very long, but it has a great soothing to my eyes. seems better than “Natural Ophthalmics” which I am trying also..

    Roger Tourville

  27. Jessie Vail

    I have only used one bottle of these. They are quite soothing. The bottle is soft and easy to use. They sting a little at first but that goes away. I am hoping they help my cataracts but it’s too early to tell.

    Jessie Vail

  28. Laura Austin

    I use OcuPhase daily to keep my eyes moist. I get a box of 2 and keep them in the frig to help keep the bottles fresh. Well done Products!

    Laura Austin

  29. Bayne Boyes

    The delivery system is very good to ensure the correct dosage and protect against bacterial exposure as you don’t have to touch the spout. It’s too early to assess the impact; probably another 30 days is needed.

    Bayne Boyes

  30. Ray Brown

    I am just in the first two weeks of using Ocuphase eye drops.

    Ray Brown

  31. Raymond Provencher

    I had such high hopes for this product. The drops still cause a sting to my eyes when using them. I have discontinued and will try again later hoping that this burning sensation will stop.

    Raymond Provencher

  32. George Young

    Working smoothly with no discomfort. Just beginning use so long term not a factor yet.

    George Young

  33. John Whitley

    It may just be me but I believe the OucPhase Eyedrops help me see better. While I have only been using them a couple of weeks my right eye does not seem to be as bleary. I hope to not have to have cataract surgery. Only time will tell.

    John Whitley

  34. Rita

    I did not realize how much pain I had in my eyes until I used OcuPhase the first time! What a relief! And my optometrists never told me that I needed OcuPhase! In addition to the relief I see better with the use of OcuPhase as recommended by the manufacture. I recommend OcuPhase for use by anyone – it has sure helped my situation!


  35. Alice Russell

    I ordered these for a friend who had been diagnosed with a cataract but didn’t feel comfortable about the surgery. He is being diligent with using the drops and says his eyes feel better. He knows this is not a quick fix. They are easy to use. I used one vial for myself. Yes, I would highly recommend. I hope you will check back in a couple of months for an update.

    Alice Russell

  36. Richard

    I find it necessary to persevere with application of Ocuphase Eye Drops as obvious improvement in vision takes time. Daily drops to three times daily is necessary.


  37. Elaine Fisher

    So far I do like the drops, even though do have a punch to them. I have not felt much dryness until day before yesterday when it was a little worse than since I have been taking the eye drops. I clean my lashes twice a day because I have blepharitis (not sure of the spelling, but they have also been a little irritated the last couple of days also, so I am not sure what is going on.

    Elaine Fisher

  38. Daniel Wood

    About four month ago eyes were checked showing moderate cataract development. I decided to try this approach 1st before eventually leaping into surgery that my wife had on one eye-total bill-$19,000. She had 3 different vials of drops post surgery to put in and she had a problem requiring more drops. Also additional visits to the doctors office. I have been using the drops for about 3-4 months, but I need to check. At 6 months I will have my eyes re-checked to see if there is any noticeable change. I have read testimonials reflecting use at 1-3 times per day and I use it only at night. It does lubricate my eyes well and wake up with no accumulations in them. If the doctor notes positive change in my cataracts, I will increase frequency of use and take the supplement of NAC (N-acetylcarnosine). My wife puts the drops in for me, but occasionally I do it myself even though I have a tremor in my hand. By having my wife do it for me I have been able to determine the proximity of the bottle to my eyes. I am usually on target or close, and if I can get the drop that missed into my eye, I’m good with that and don’t use another drop. By my analysis these drops, if they are indeed effective, I will see. The alternative is to progressively see and focus less and less until an eye doctor deems it necessary to remove my fogged lens. They won’t do the surgery until they get bad, whereas I might feel I needed it, long before the decision is made to remove the cataract. I certainly pray this works!

    Daniel Wood

  39. Mary Keithler

    A drop of OcuPhase eye drops in each eye 2-3 times a day rejuvenates your vision. I have tried keeping my eyes shut for 60 seconds after administering the drops and do find it more helpful. My eyes get tired from the bright sun in Colorado. One thing I would change would be the packaging. It is ok for everyday use, but I find when I fly the drops tend to leak out of the container with all the atmospheric pressure changes.

    Mary Keithler

  40. Charles Crawford

    Just starting so too soon to tell although seems to relieve dryness and I do wear semi perm contacts more comfortably. Acuity unknown at this time.

    Charles Crawford

  41. Michael Hovel

    started second vial of ocuphase drops and there seems to be enough of an improvement with glare that I plan to continue use.

    Michael Hovel

  42. Janeen Hornick

    The vials are easy to use and I think that the product is working. I will report again after my next order.

    Janeen Hornick

  43. Carrol Mooney

    I just received my drops. They seem to be improving my eyes. Don’t have the blurring like before in right eye.

    Carrol Mooney

  44. Sandy Gower (verified owner)

    Too early to tell if this product is working as I need to use it for at least 3 mths to see the end results.

    Sandy Gower

  45. Peggy Madak

    Easy to use, eyes feel more moist than over the counter products I have use and I have used many brands. Eyes also feel refreshed and not dry at all.

    Peggy Madak


    I’ve only used these eye drops about 2 weeks now & so far am very pleased with the progress in my left eye. The drops are soothing & I feel the drops will do the trick. Keep fingers crossed for me!


  47. John Vargas

    been using the drops fro two weeks, have not seen any changes in my eye sight.
    One thing that has happend is the floaters my doctor told me about are not there since using the drops.
    I will be going back to the doctor in a year and see if the cataract ye mentioned is gone then will have a much better review to tell.

    John Vargas

  48. Doris Funck

    Had Cataract diagnoses in April. Was scheduling surgery when decided to try OcuPhase. There is definite clearing in that eye in 2 months. Excited to see what happens in 6 months.

    Doris Funck

  49. Janet Laster

    I have used this product for nearly a month, and while I don’t find any remarkable changes I do believe there is an some increase in focus/sharpness of vision. I was told I had beginning cataracts (age 67) but “nothing to write home about”. I have noticed much less of the dry eye since using it. I will continue with these two bottles and order another set when they are completed.

    Janet Laster

  50. Connie Walker

    I just started using OcuPhase about a week ago so am waiting for more results. It is easy to use, and as other reviews have stated it does sometimes burn a little when first put in my eyes but that doesn’t last very long. It does lubricate my eyes and they feel refreshed after I put the drops in.

    Connie Walker

  51. Mark woodmansee

    We have used product twice now and worked faster than promised,Thank you

    Mark woodmansee

  52. William Brown

    So far it seems that my eyes are improving.

    William Brown

  53. Doris Funck

    It is early but it seems the eye with a cataract is getting clearer. Was scheduled for surgery but decided to try this for 6 months. One complaint: Difficult to carry in purse because lid does not seal completely. Lost probably half of first vile because leakage.

    Doris Funck

  54. Ben Ward

    eyes are not as tired nor burning at night

    Ben Ward

  55. David Ferguson (verified owner)

    was advised to use drops to help vision, so far have notice a slight improvement, look forward to seeing after long term use

    David Ferguson

  56. Cheryl Hill

    I have just started the OcuPhase Eyedrops so I believe it is a little early to say one way or the other if they are helping I think in this case time will tell. Thanks, Cheryl Hill

    Cheryl Hill

  57. Lenore Lanka

    My eyes seem to feel less stressed.

    Lenore Lanka

  58. Michael Arnoldi

    I bought the item to eliminate cataract problem & I am using it twice daily with the hope that it works (that is why only 4 stars right now) In one month I used only 1/2 of of one bottle , so it should last me 4 month ( that’s about $10 per month) and if it works, it’ll save a lot of money for cataract surgery.

    Michael Arnoldi

  59. Susan Ogle

    I am using the drops as a prevention. It does seem that the size of the drop can vary from each use.

    Susan Ogle

  60. Bruce Crawford

    I’ve only been using them for 2 weeks but they seem to help with the nighttime driving glare.

    Bruce Crawford

  61. James O’Leary

    Convenient, easy to use. Have high hopes for helping with floaters and cataracts.

    James O’Leary

  62. James Hagar

    I am pleased with the eye drops. They have started to show improvement and I will continue to use them. thanks, JWH

    James Hagar


    Easy to use. I can already see some improvement in my vision.


  64. Antonio Zammit

    I am sending this review based on my experience relative to my previous order of the product as I haven’t received my recent order yet. For some unknown reason it has been stuck in mail processing. I can rightly say that OcuPhase Eyedrops is a product that delivers what is said about it. I tried it last year, on and off, just as a precaution to tired eyes. My sister also used it twice for issues resulting from contact with polluted dust. She had an issue with her eyelid that was resolved in 3 days flat. I will now be using the eyedrops for an issue I have in my left eye. Will keep you posted on the matter.Thank you for your service and best regards.

    Antonio Zammit

  65. Miles McGrail

    Skeptical. Tried it gingerly. Looked good. Eye charts improved. Nigh time clock across room improved. Beginning to get impressed. Cell phone easier to read. Looks good so far. Pretty fed up with BIG PHARMA and VA. Might even obviate need for laser. Thanks. We’lll see…

    Miles McGrail

  66. Jim Matysik

    The OcuPhase eyedrops are working. Jim

    Jim Matysik

  67. anna janssen

    my eyes feel much better, less red and i hope the little spots will

    anna janssen

  68. Julie Bidal

    I purchased this product to see if it could help with issues that were just beginning to develop in my eyes. My appointment with the optometrist is next month, Oct. 12th, so I won’t know until then if it worked. However, I have a friend who had a persistent issue in his eye that nothing could help and we tried 2 drops in each eye. Like magic, his eye has cleared up and I’m about to stop the treatment, giving him a few more days of treatment. Thanks!

    Julie Bidal

  69. Barbara D’Addario

    This is a very fine product. I ran out a few months ago and did not order right away. I felt the difference. Will order from now on shortly before I run out. Has helped my eyes .

    Barbara D’Addario

  70. Laura Austin

    About 5 years ago my eye doctor noticed a small issue on my right eye. I started taking OcuPhase and every year, she told me it’s stable. Now I’ve noticed she says I have a “very small ” issue and there is still no need for surgery, and don’t let anyone tell me to have surgery. I put a drop in each eye morning and night. Stings a little sometimes-my only complaint. I’m very happy with this product.

    Laura Austin

  71. George Lutz

    I have issues in both eyes. I’ve been using OcuPhase eye drops for about a month and I’m beginning to see difference. I have very high hopes they will resolve the issue without my needing surgery.

    George Lutz

  72. Harley DILLON

    My eyes were tested for glasses recently and was told I had a small problem forming in both eyes. I knew of OcuPhase and immediately ordered them, knowing that they were helpful for eye problems. Although it is early days, I’ve found over a fortnight of use that they have greatly relieved the discomfort I’ve been experiencing. In time I hope they will remove the problems completely.

    Harley DILLON

  73. Hugh Macaulay

    Good product and has been working as claimed. Would definitely recommend. Only drawback is that it is pricey

    Hugh Macaulay

  74. JT

    I used to use Carno-see which had Vitamin C as a preservative. I am not sure whether it was an important ingredient. I had such good results that after a year, the doctor had to do a double take when I asked how my right eye looked. He had said there is nothing there. I said you had seen something a year ago.. he looked at his records and said he had made a mistake. I am hoping that this product will work as well because my problem is back. OcuPhase doesn’t burn quite as much as the previous version. I find the dropper bottle is easy to use if I am close to the mirror and steady my hand on my cheek.


  75. Jacqueline Boling

    I have a real good friend that has real high pressure she has started using it too has not has her eyes checked yet but she says here eyes do feel a lot better. I’ be been using it on my second bottle and I love it!! Eyes feel better than ever used to have real dry eyes that’s all gone. Using it more for prevention now. When my friend gets her eyes checked will let you know Thank you so much!!

    Jacqueline Boling

  76. Sarah Young

    They have worked quite well to help my dry eyes. It is too soon to tell if there will be any other effects. The small size with the two vertical ridges makes it easy to use. I just have to remember to not be too aggressive tightening the cap.

    Sarah Young




  78. dennis heydt

    I have used the drops for about 3 weeks now and when driving at night glare from headlights seem to be getting less than before the drops.

    dennis heydt

  79. James Darragh

    My dog’s eyes are clearer and she is seeing better. Jim Darragh

    James Darragh

  80. Beverly Harner

    My eyes have been changing over the last several years – mostly dryness and I have tried many brands of eyedrops. OcuPhase works best for me, providing immediate long-lasting relief. Thanks for a great product!

    Beverly Harner

  81. Dr.Larry Carter

    I have an issue with my right eye. I been using OcuPhase Eye drops for sometime now. It has reduced the problem and I have clearer vision in the eye now.

    Dr.Larry Carter

  82. Bobbi Grogan

    I have only been using these eye drops for two weeks, and the scratchiness and itching are so much improved. I will continue to use them and highly recommend them to my family.

    Bobbi Grogan

  83. Christine Nishimura

    This one really seems to help my mother with her dry eye and irritation overall!

    Christine Nishimura

  84. Kenneth Herndon

    Thus far I cannot make a judgment call about the product given I just began using the drops. The next several weeks will be a more reliable time to review.

    Kenneth Herndon

  85. Dr.Larry Carter

    The OcuPhase product has reduced the size of my eye issue and continues to gradually clear up the sight in my eye.

    Dr.Larry Carter

  86. Gary Pate

    Real simple to take, still have not taken it long enough to determine results. One downside, can’t tell when it will sting or not. To me if feels like an eyelash in the eye, lasts 5 seconds or so.

    Gary Pate

  87. Pamela Frye

    I have ordered this product for the 2nd time. Since I was diagnosed as having the beginning of a problem in my right eye, I thought I’d give it a try. So far, I can’t really comment on the effectiveness because I have not used it long enough and I have not had my eyes rechecked, but will be happy to comment when I do have them rechecked. Shipping was quick.

    Pamela Frye

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