ArthriPhase Sample

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9 reviews for ArthriPhase Sample

  1. Karen Steik

    I have severe arthritis and it doesn?t help but again what does?

    Karen Steik

  2. Serena Knight

    I enjoy getting an extra serving with my order.

    Serena Knight

  3. Timothy Crockett

    It?s a great pain reliever

    Timothy Crockett

  4. Todd Gilligan

    I tried this as a sample and completely noticed relief.

    Todd Gilligan

  5. Daniel Wood

    I’m a pain management therapist and my timing to try this product was faulty. I fell on my knees and re-injured my ITB and hip rotators. I’m doing self-help techniques to restore function and should have waited to take one when I completed the task. I do recall I had no ill effect from it and felt a bit better after several hours, but I’ll save the other sample, until I am stable.

    Daniel Wood

  6. andrew oldenburg


    andrew oldenburg

  7. Bill H.

    Took one day when my arthritic shoulder was really flared up. I had no improvement in pain or ROM. Of course it was only a sample pack with only 2 pills.

    Bill H.

  8. Gary Lawson

    We tried a sample pack of ArthriPhase to check that we aren’t allergic to any of it’s ingredients. We didn’t have any negative reactions and plan on buying a full bottle. We will write more after we have taken more. But, so far, every other product we have bought from Tango has been effective and given positive results. I gave four stars just on Tango’s quality. We need more time to accurately assess this product.

    Gary Lawson

  9. Peter De Angelis

    -With only two capsules in the sample and using same, I can’t possibly come to any kind of conclusions, other than to say that the product was easy to take in its capsule form and looks interesting from the label. I may try this at a future date, as I have severe spinal stenosis with sciatic pain.

    -Peter D.

    Peter De Angelis

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