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12 reviews for AllerPhase Sample

  1. Donald Williams (verified owner)

    The AllerPhase sample did help keep my sinuses clearer.

    Donald Williams

  2. Sherri Lewis

    My son tried the sample pack,he said it worked really good.

    Sherri Lewis

  3. David Singer

    Works Great

    David Singer

  4. Suz

    Very happy with results


  5. Eleanor N

    Have just received AllerPhase recently in the mail. Haven’t had a chance to try it as my allergies are for grass and tree pollen, so I don’t need it at this time. From the reviews that I have read, it looks like it will really help a lot. Looking forward to great results!

    Eleanor N

  6. Judith Lowry

    It was an immediate made my sinuses open and i had no sneezing or mucus in my throat from sinus drainage.

    Judith Lowry

  7. Gary Moffett

    I have been using these eye drops for about 3 weeks now, and can already see an improvement in my vision!!!

    Gary Moffett

  8. Brooke Asbury

    it’s really difficult to write a review on this product. I have not taken it consistently like the label asks, be that as it may I do get through the night with 1 pee the middle. During the day I still have extreme urgency at certain times. Uncontrollable urgency sometime. However, I am going to reorder. I have only tried one bottles worth so who can say

    Brooke Asbury

  9. Andy

    It gave me a boost and cleared my congestion while I was traveling to a heavily polluted region. I purchased the free trial size so I would say its worth a try for allergies as I suffer from a multitude of airborne allergens.


  10. Veronica

    Very handy tool to promote the product.



    did’nt help me


  12. Robert Farrell

    I only took it a couple of times so far but it works great. The first time I only took one pill and wasn’t that noticeable. The second day I took two pills and had a great relief for my sinuses. Great product!

    Robert Farrell

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