PriaPlex Hair Support, 180 Caplets

Herbal Formula for Restoring and Maintaining Hair Growth and Vitality

U.S. Patented Herbal Formula Halts Age-Related Hair Loss in Men and Women While Promoting Healthy Hair Growth

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U.S. Patented Herbal Formula Halts Age-Related Hair Loss in Men and Women While Promoting Healthy Hair Growth
  • All-Natural Herbal Hair Support and Restoration Formula
  • Designed to support healthy hair and prevent hair loss associated with aging.
  • Supports hair health from the inside out, combining essence herbs traditionally used to reduce excessive hair loss with a unique blend of botanicals shown to invigorate circulation and nourish skin and follicles.
  • By supporting healthy circulation to the tiniest blood vessels (microcapillaries) PriaPlex aids in delivering vital nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • In addition to thicker, healthier hair many PriaPlex users also report improved skin tone, increased energy levels and overall health and vitality.

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How PriaPlex Works

All-natural herbal PriaPlex® is a U.S. Patented herbal formula that has been shown to halt age-related hair loss while promoting fuller, thicker hair growth in both men and women.

Clinical trials have shown that PriaPlex, if used uninterruptedly and at sufficient dosage, can stop abnormal hair loss within four to eight weeks. In some cases original hair color begins to reappear as part of the healthy new hair growth within six months after starting PriaPlex.

Age-related hair loss is caused by two major factors: hereditary-pattern baldness and microcirculatory dysfunction from the lack of nutrition to the hair follicles. Unfortunately, many current medical solutions have serious side effects. In recent years, there have been studies that show certain herbs can alleviate hair loss and shedding. However, until now, the current treatment options were limited to external use only, and therefore had limited effectiveness.

After 10 years of intensive research, development, and clinical evaluation—PriaPlex herbal hair support formula for men and women is now available.

PriaPlex addresses hair health from the inside out by combining essence herbs traditionally used to reduce excessive hair loss with a unique blend of botanicals shown to help support circulation to nourish the skin and follicles.*

The result is a unique, patented, all-natural herbal supplement for addressing age-related hair loss, promoting healthy hair growth and improving skin tone, energy, and vitality.*

See the Amazing Results!

(As referenced in the White Paper: Hair Loss a Widespread Problem)

New Option for Healthy Hair

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), conditions such as hair loss are addressed by balancing both the “surface” and “root” levels of the problem. Now, after 10 years of intensive research, development, and clinical evaluation, a patented, all-natural herbal TCM supplement is available in the United States to aid in halting age-related hair loss while promoting healthy hair growth.*

PriaPlex works by promoting healthy circulation in the tiniest blood vessels (microcapillaries) that supply nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. Our formula supports thicker, healthier hair, improved skin tone and overall health and vitality.*

Human Trials of PriaPlex in Alopecia Areata Patients

The most common conventional treatment for Alopecia Areata involves monthly injections of corticosteroids, and twice-a-day external application of 5% minoxidil. Treatment generally requires 8-12 weeks before hair begins to regrow.

The following cases show the results PriaPlex had for patients when compared to conventional treatment pathways:

AA Case 1: Mr. W. was a 50-year-old sales manager who had lost a large amount of hair in the occipital region. He came to the research center after being treated with steroid medications for one month. The steroids had not alleviated his alopecia areata, and the area of hair loss was continuing to spread. After one month of taking PriaPlex, Mr. W. reported significant improvement in his condition, and within two months all of his hair was restored.

AA Case 2: C. was a 15-year-old student with several bald spots across the back of her head. By the time C. came to the center, she had already completed a month of conventional drug treatment without any improvement and was emotionally stressed from additional hair loss. After taking PriaPlex for one month, her hair loss stopped and new hair started to grow back. Within several months all of her hair was restored.

AA Case 3: A family brought in a 10-year-old student who had begun to lose her hair. Her family had her treated by both Chinese and Western doctors, but there was no improvement and her hair loss was increasing. After 50 days of treatment with PriaPlex, her condition had improved significantly, with older bald spots filling in, and hair loss at newer spots significantly slowed.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Pleased with the results of the Alopecia Areata trial, the lab next began testing subjects with male pattern baldness, and the results were astounding!

Almost all men with stage 3 or 4 hair loss reacted within six months, regrowing fine hairs on the top of the scalp that grew thicker and longer over time.

Subjects with stage 4 to 5 hair loss were more likely to experience significant regrowth when compared to conventional treatments, as well!

The following images (Figures 5 – 8) document the results of four cases of male pattern baldness after treatment with PriaPlex.

Fig. 5. C., 43-years old, after taking PriaPlex for 1.5 years, revealing reduced hair loss, thicker, denser hair, and increased coverage across the middle of his scalp.

Fig. 6. Mr. L., 29-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for one year, revealing increased hair density and overall hair coverage.

Fig. 7. Mr. S., 38-years old, after taking PriaPlex for one month, revealing thicker hairs and increased hair density.

Fig. 8. Mr. D., 40-years old, after taking PriaPlex for eight months, revealing reduced hair loss and regrowth of original hair across the top of his scalp.

Human Trials with Alopecia Totalis

Following the positive outcome of the male pattern baldness trials, the researchers began to test the new formula on several women diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis. In extreme cases, Alopecia Totalis can result in the total loss of hair on the head, face, eyebrows and eyelashes within six months. Full recovery is rare with conventional treatment, and even when effective, new hair growth in patients with Alopecia Totalis is often incomplete.

The following cases show the results PriaPlex had for patients when compared to these conventional treatment pathways:

Fig. 9. Ms. Y., 26-years-old, diagnosed July 21, 2006, arrived at the clinic after being told her condition was incurable.

A.T. Case 1: Ms. Y., 26-years old, was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis in July, 2006. Early signs of hair loss were attributed to stress from work and school, but within two months all of the hair on her head (eyebrows included) had dropped out. Conventional treatment at two Western hospitals failed to address the problem, and by the time Ms. Y. entered the PriaPlex trial all that remained of her hair were a few black strands in the occipital region. (Fig. 9)

Fig. 10. Ms. Y., 26-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for six months.

Fig. 11. Ms. Y., 26-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 18 months.

After taking PriaPlex for just six months, new hair began to appear. (Fig. 10)

And after just two years of treatment, Ms. Y. fully regrew her hair. (Fig. 11)

Two years after the completion of her initial treatment, Ms. Y. reports that her hair is still full and strong, with good volume and no further loss.

Fig. 12. Ms. H., 28-years-old, prior to taking PriaPlex.

AT Case 3: Ms. H., 28-years old, experienced serious, unexplained hair loss in the summer of 2007, and within two months had lost all of her hair, including her eyebrows. (Fig. 12)

Ms. H. began to experience new hair growth within just one month of taking PriaPlex. (Fig. 13)

Significantly, Ms. H. reported that her previously white hair was growing back in her natural color—black! (Fig. 14) The researchers expected that newly grown hair would not regain its original color for at least 2 or 3 full hair cycles, so her case was especially interesting. Ms. H. reached a near-full recovery in just six months. (Fig. 15)

Fig. 13. Ms. H., 28-years old, after taking PriaPlex for 2 months, revealing thicker, longer hairs in her occipital region.

Fig. 14. Ms. H., 28-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 2 months.

Fig. 15. Ms. H., 28-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 6 months.

Restoring Hair Growth Cycles

Unfortunately, the current treatments available for hair loss are only effective at the surface-level, and are only available in topical form. Unlike PriPlex, these topical treatments are all restricted to addressing the “surface” issues involved in hair loss, instead of the “root” causes.

Increasing Hair Growth

According to animal studies, PriaPlex was found to enhance levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (Fig. 16) and Hepatocyte Growth Factor (Fig. 17) in hair follicles. PriaPlex was also shown to increase the number of active hair follicles (Fig. 18), while promoting faster growth and increased length of individual hairs. (Fig. 19)

Fig. 16. Increase in local hair follicle expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

Fig. 17. Increase in Hepatocyte Growth Factor concentration following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

Fig. 18. Increase in the number of active hair follicles following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

Fig. 19. Increase in hair growth following administration of PriaPlex for 15 days.

Coupled with the inclusion of botanical ingredients known to effectively enhance skin blood circulation, these findings suggest that PriaPlex’s mechanism of action is superior to that of currently available treatments.

Further, human case studies indicate that PriaPlex can prevent hair loss in 85% of subjects within six weeks while promoting hair growth, improving skin texture, and boosting energy levels. Each of these effects were listed in the patent applications that were subsequently approved in both Taiwan and the United States.

Numerous clinical cases have shown the US patented formula, if used uninterruptedly with sufficient amount, can stop abnormal hair loss within four to eight weeks. New hair generally begins to appear on the scalp in three to six months time. Additionally, original hair color is likely to emerge amongst white hairs six months later.

U.S. Patent Approval

After years of study, PriaPlex was successfully released as a new food-based formulation for reducing shedding. In 2010, a patent for PriaPlex was approved in both the United States (Patent Number: U.S. 7,838,048 subject: Medical herb composition for inhibiting shedding of a mammal’s hair and method for preparing the same).

Additional Benefits of PriaPlex

In addition to halting hair loss and increasing hair growth, the proprietary blend of nourishing herbs in PriaPlex have also been shown to support and benefit general health. Case studies have shown that those taking PriaPlex report experiencing increased levels of vitality and energy after 1 to 2 weeks, and improved skin tone and texture after 6 to 8 weeks.

Animal tests have also shown that the formula exerts anti-fatigue and liver-protective functions, and in vitro trials have identified significant antioxidant effects. And because PriaPlex is made with essence herbs traditionally used to support healthy endocrine and hormone levels, the formula may also aid in supporting healthy cardiac function. Animal studies have also revealed significant anti-aging benefits.

What is PriaPlex Made From?

Traditional Chinese Culture relies on ancient time-proven botanicals — here’s what we use in PriaPlex

Ligustrum fruit (Ligustrum lucidum Ait.)
Native to southern China, this herb has been shown to promote the growth and darkening of hair, and to stimulate the immune system.
Eclipta plant (Eclipta prostrata L.)
Native to India, Nepal, China, Thailand, and Brazil, this herb has been shown to promote scalp health and improve hair loss.
Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.))
Native to the northern and eastern parts of China, as well as Mongolia and Korea—this perennial plant is used as an immune stimulant, and it is shown to enhance T-helper cells in the immune system. The T-helper 1 & 2 cells are vital for fighting against antigens that might try to harm hair follicles, and other parts of the body. It is also used to detoxify the scalp, preventing infection and hair loss. It is nutrient dense with polysaccharides that promote growing thicker and healthier hair, and hair loss due to low cortisol levels can be linked to adrenal fatigue that this herb is shown to help mitigate.
Dong quai root (Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels)
Native to China and grown in the cool, high altitude mountains in East Asia, this fragrant, perennial plant (a member of the celery family) is shown to promote hair growth, length of the hair shaft, and sizeof hair follicles. It also is shown to act through hair cycle pathways to prevent hair loss.
Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa)
Native to China, this herb is shown to prevent hair loss by correcting the hormonal imbalances that may have triggered the process in the first place, while also providing the needed elements required in restoring the hair lost in the past. It has also been shown to enhance vitamin production needed to help in restoring the growth of hair, while combating stress-induced hair loss
Asian ginseng root (Panax ginseng)
Native to Manchuria and Korea, this herb has been shown to increase the thickness and density of hair, stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth, and reduce stress-induced hair loss


The recommended dose is 3 caplets, twice daily.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Safety & Efficacy

The surprising safety and efficacy of Tango formulas is a result of our innovative approach of combining time-proven herbal ingredients with modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing, and quality control standards.

In the United States new drugs typically undergo 3-5 years of human clinical testing before being approved for sale by the FDA. Unfortunately, serious side effects often don’t appear until a new drug has been taken by a larger number of people, over longer periods of time.

By comparison, herbal tonic formulas have undergone a constant state of development and refinement over periods stretching back thousands of years. This has contributed to a large and sophisticated body of empirical knowledge — gathered over countless generations — that reveals which herbs are safe and most capable of supporting human health.

At Tango, we stand behind all of our products’ safety and efficacy. In addition to using only the highest quality ingredients, we manufacture all our products in-house at certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. Our products undergo multilayered analytical testing — overseen by Dr. Richard Ko, former senior research scientist with the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch for 16 years, and currently a senior FDA consulting scientist.

6-Month, Money-Back Guarantee

We are dedicated to our customer’s health and well-being, and we proudly stand behind all our products and processes. That’s why, in addition to rigorous testing and safety protocols — we also offer a 6-Month, Money-Back Guarantee with all of our products!

You can rest easy knowing you have the worry-free relief and support you need.



What is the recommended daily dose of PriaPlex?

The recommended daily dose of PriaPlex is 3 tablets, 2 times per day.
Priaplex can be taken with or without food.

How much PriaPlex can I safely take in a day?

It’s not necessary to take more than 6 tablets in any given day to gain the full effectiveness of the PriaPlex supplement. The best results come from consistent use over many months.

How do I know PriaPlex is working for me?

PriaPlex is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should get to work immediately, restoring your overall health while also focusing on your hair growth and health.
After 5-10 days of use, you can expect to experience increased energy, strength, and stamina. These are signs that PriaPlex is correcting your internal metabolism in a way that will support healthier skin and hair growth.
After 3-4 weeks, you should note improved skin tone and color. These positive changes indicate improved microcirculation in the skin capillaries and better delivery of important nutrients for growth to the hair follicles.
Between 6-12 weeks of regular usage should result in decreased hair loss and the start of new hair growth. The hair growth will appear first like peach fuzz and likely where you experienced your most recent hair loss. (Hair growth at the top or vertex is the most common place to see initial results.)
After 6 months, you may notice the start of gray hair returning to its original color, and that the fine new hair thickens.
The likelihood and timing of hair growth will depend on the state of your health and the degree and type of hair loss you’re experiencing.

Are the results the same for men and women?

Yes. Both men and women experience the same relative results when using PriaPlex.

Do I have to take PriaPlex forever?

This depends on many factors including the cause of your hair loss, your general health, any conditions you have, and more. It’s possible that if hair growth is restored and you stop using the product, your results may begin to reverse.
However, since the benefits of using PriaPlex include improving and balancing your health on both the inside and the outside—you may wish to use the product as your main regular daily supplement.

When should I take PriaPlex?

The most important consideration in taking PriaPlex is to use it twice daily and consistently. Convenience makes regular use possible, so including PriaPlex in your regular supplement routine is a good idea.
You can take PriaPlex with or without food.
Morning and early evening are the best times to take the formula to spread out its benefits over a 24-hour period.
Some people take their evening dose of PriaPlex about 1 hour before bedtime to make sure they have the beneficial nutrients working while they’re sleeping, too!

I take over-the-counter/prescription medicines for my heart and blood circulation. Can I take PriaPlex with them?

You can take PriaPlex while you’re using other products for your circulation or any other condition.
Note: There is one exception to this rule, as you should not take PriaPlex if you are on Coumadin/Warfarin.

Can I take PriaPlex with other supplements?

Yes, you can take PriaPlex with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.
As a general precaution, you should always take PriaPlex or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.
If you have any questions about using PriaPlex or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can I combine PriaPlex with some of your other products like Vital Cell or Herbal Boost?

You can take 2 capsules, 2 times per day of Vital Cell along with your regular doses of PriaPlex and expect additional benefits from the promotion of blood circulation.
You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

Can a woman take PriaPlex if she is pregnant or nursing?

No. Unfortunately, we do not recommend that a woman take PriaPlex if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because PriaPlex is unsafe, but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in PriaPlex when pregnant or nursing.

Can children take PriaPlex?

PriaPlex is not recommended for children under the age of 18.
You can call our toll-free number if you have a child who may benefit from PriaPlex to discuss its use for their condition, including the proper dosage. The toll-free number again is 1-866-778-2646, ext 2.

Can I give PriaPlex to my pet (cat, dog, or horse)?

Yes, however, you should contact a holistic veterinarian for advice before you give PriaPlex to your pet. Your veterinarian will be the best person to determine what dose you should give to your pet, since animals vary widely in size and speed of metabolism. Both of those factors determine doses for animal supplementation.

Are there any side effects from taking PriaPlex?

PriaPlex does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

What do I do if I think taking PriaPlex is causing me discomfort?

The most common discomforts experienced by a very small percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions, such as skin itching or irritability.
These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.
If you should experience discomfort when taking PriaPlex and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund of the purchase price.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.