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PriaPlex Hair Support, 180 Caplets

Herbal Formula for Age-Related Hair Loss

U.S. Patented Herbal Formula Halts Age-Related Hair Loss in Men and Women While Promoting Healthy Hair Growth.


What It Does

  • Support Hair Growth and Restore Lost Hair.
  • Prevent Hair Loss with Aging
  • Aids in Thicker and healthier Hair

How It Works

PriaPlex Supports hair health from the inside out. Developed using essential herbs traditionally used to reduce excessive hair loss. It has a unique blend of botanicals that invigorates circulation and nourish skin and follicles. By supporting healthy circulation to the tiniest blood vessels, PriaPlex aids in delivering vital nutrients to the hair follicles.

How to Take

  • 3 caplets, twice daily.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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6 Key Ingredients

PriaPlex Contains a perfect Blend of 6 Key Ingredients that that not only halt hair loss and increase hair growth, but also benefit general health. Increases the levels of vitality and energy, and improve skin tone and texture too.

Ligustrum Fruit

(Ligustrum lucidum Ait )

Ligustrum Fruit is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb to tonify the liver, tonify the kidneys and clear heat. It has anti-inflammatory effects, antibacterial effects, boosts the immune system, antioxidant effects, benefits circulation and protects the liver.

Eclipta Herb

(Eclipta prostrata L)

Widely used as traditional medicine for skin, liver and stomach problems, and for promoting hair growth.

Astragalus Root

(Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) )

Astragalus is used to protect and support the immune system, preventing colds and upper respiratory infections, lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver.

Dong Quai Root

(Angelica sinensis (Oliv. Diels))

Dong quai is used for menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms. It is also used orally as a "blood purifier"; to manage hypertension, infertility, joint pain, ulcers, "tired blood" (anaemia), and constipation; and in the prevention and treatment of allergic attacks.

Rehmannia Root

(Rehmannia glutinosa)

The root and parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Rehmannia is commonly found in herbal combinations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Medicine. Rehmannia is used for diabetes, “tired blood” (anaemia), fever, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and allergies; and as a general tonic.

Asian Ginseng Root

(Panax ginseng )

It is commonly touted for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It could also help regulate blood sugar levels and have benefits for some cancers. What's more, ginseng may strengthen the immune system, enhance brain function, and fight fatigue.

Consistent Use Recommended for months.
Daily Use Improves Metabolism. Supports Healthy Hair.
No Side Effects
Take this as regular daily supplement.
Consume with or away from meals.
Morning and Early Evening Best Time to Consume Formula.

Tired of Hair Loss with Aging?

Start Using PriaPlex Now.

Beadlet In Oil
All-natural herbal PriaPlex® is a U.S. Patented herbal formula that has been shown to halt age-related hair loss while promoting fuller, thicker hair growth in both men and women.
Delayed Released
This highly effective herbal supplement supports healthy hair from “the inside out” with a unique blend of “essence tonic” herbs that aid in restoring circulation to the follicles. In addition to reducing excessive hair loss and restoring fuller hair growth, users of PriaPlex often report on improved skin tone, energy and overall health.
Essenced With Mint
Numerous clinical cases have shown that formula, if used uninterruptedly and at sufficient dosage, can stop abnormal hair loss within four to eight weeks. New hair typically begins to grow at the vertex, or top of the head, in three to six months time. In some cases original hair color begins to reappear as part of the healthy new hair growth within six months after starting to use PriaPlex.

While losing some hair on a daily basis is normal, shedding more than 100 hairs per day is considered excessive and may indicate a serious problem. Contrary to popular belief, many people who suffer from excessive hair loss are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it. Hair loss affects every aspect of life — interpersonal relationships as well as professional ones (it is not uncommon for men to change their career paths because of hair loss).

fig 1
Fig. 1. Progressive loss of hair as classified on the Hamilton–Norwood chart, ranging from stages I through VII.

Male-pattern hair loss (Fig. 1), also known as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common form of balding, affecting roughly 40 million men in the US. Approximately 25 percent of men with male-pattern hair loss will begin to lose their hair by age 30, and up to 66 percent will begin balding by age 60. Male-pattern hair loss is closely linked to androgens — sex steroid hormones synthesized from cholesterol in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands. The primary androgens — testosterone, pregnenolone, androstenedione and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) — normally regulate male and female sexual development and behavior by binding to receptors on target cells throughout the body.

Another androgen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), has been identified by researchers as a primary cause of male pattern baldness. DHT is synthesized from testosterone by the enzyme 5alpha-reductase. When DHT binds to receptors in the hair follicle, it causes the hair roots to shrink, or “miniaturize.” DHT has also been shown to shorten the amount of time hair spends in the growing (anagen) phase from as long as five years to as little as two months.

In 1998, researchers discovered that men genetically prone to male pattern baldness have significantly higher numbers of androgen receptors in the hair follicles located across the forehead and scalp — exactly those areas where hair loss first appears in androgenic alopecia. Additional research has shown that these androgen-sensitive follicles also have significantly higher levels of 5alpha-reductase (1.5 to 3 times higher) and DHT than hair follicles from other areas of the scalp.1

Over time, DHT’s miniaturizing effect can shrink large adult hairs, resulting in finer, vellus hairs only 10% as wide as normal and barely an inch long. This leads to the “peach fuzz” common to early stage balding. At this stage if the effects of DHT aren’t reversed or halted in time, the hair follicles will shrink down until they eventually vanish, resulting in complete baldness in the affected area.

Hair loss isn’t exclusively a male problem — approximately 50% of all women over the age of 50 experience a similar condition, referred to as female androgenic alopecia (Fig. 2). Symptoms in women are generally less severe than those experienced by men, appearing as an overall thinning of hairs across the top of the head, and the gradual loss of hairs down the center part-line of the scalp. The reason women experience milder symptoms is due to hormonal differences — women produce significantly lower amounts of testosterone than men (about 95% less on average). Women also produce lower levels — about 60 percent less than men — of the enzyme 5α-reductase that converts testosterone into DHT.

fig 2
Fig. 2. Progression and severity of receding hair line in women with androgenetic hair loss is generally classified on the Ludwig scale, ranging from stages I through III.

Additionally, women produce higher levels of another enzyme, aromatase (estrogen synthase), that converts testosterone into the female hormone, estradiol. While males also produce small amounts of aromatase, research has shown that aromatase levels in the frontal and rear scalp follicles in women are 4 to 6 times higher than in men, which is why women rarely lose hair in these areas.

Hair follicles are among the most active and fastest growing structures in the body. Human hairs are produced by follicles — specialized organs that cover the entire body, with the exception of the palms and soles of the feet. Follicles are composed of three major structures — the dermal papilla, hair matrix, and hair shaft. (Fig 3).

fig 3
Fig. 3. Cutaway schematic of a hair follicle showing structure of shaft, bulb and microcirculatory vessels.

The dermal papilla, a pear-shaped structure located at the base of the hair follicle, is comprised of connective tissues and a capillary loop containing tiny blood vessels that provide the nutrients required for hair growth.

The papilla is surrounded by the “matrix” — a bulb-shaped collection of specialized epithelial cells that produce a protein, keratin, that actually forms the hair fiber. The matrix also contains melanocytes, specialized pigment cells that infuse the growing hair shaft with melanin, the compound that gives otherwise transparent hair its natural coloring.

Different types of melanin produce different colors — yellow, rust, brown, and black — that combine to produce a wide variety of hair colors, ranging from blond to brown to pitch-black. Red hair is the result of another type of coloring agent, the iron-containing pigment called trichosiderin.

Mature human hair growth occurs in three distinct phases — growth, transition and rest — that are collectively referred to as the hair cycle (Fig. 4).

  1. Growth Phase (Anagen):

    Each hair cycle begins with a growth (anagen) phase. This is marked by rapid cell division in the hair matrix that builds up layers of keratin to form a single hair shaft that grows out from the follicle at a rate of up to one inch per month. This growth phase typically lasts two to six years. At any given time, about ninety percent of all scalp hairs are in the active growing phase.

  2. Transitional Phase (Catagen):

    At the end of the anagen phase, hair growth ceases and the follicle enters the transition (or catagen) phase. During this phase hair matrix cells begin to die off as the follicle base and bulb begin to shrink. Over time, this shrinkage (miniaturization) pinches off the lower hair bulb, cutting off access to the blood vessels and circulation necessary for hair growth. At any given time, one to two percent of all hair follicles are in this transition phase, which usually lasts for between one to two weeks.

  3. Resting Phase (Telogen):

    The final stage of the hair cycle is the resting (or telogen) phase. During this phase, the mature hairs reside in the follicle five to six weeks before falling out. Approximately 10 percent of all hairs are in this transition period at any time, accounting for the normal shedding of thirty and fifty hairs each day.

fig 4
Fig. 4. Three stages of human hair growth: Anagen (growth) phase, lasts from two to six years; Catagen (transitional) phase, lasts from one to two weeks; Telogen (resting) phase, lasts five to six weeks.

After shedding the hair shaft, the follicle begins a new cycle of hair growth, marked by the swelling of the dermal papilla and the formation of a new capillary loop. As blood vessels reattach to the papilla, they grow and expand four-fold to provide the hair matrix with the nutrients necessary for growing new hair.The entire process — growth, transition and rest — makes up one complete hair cycle. Each hair follicle is limited to the number of hair cycles that can be completed — estimated to between 20 and 25 cycles — before reverting to vellus hairs (peach fuzz) and eventually disappearing.

In humans, the hair growing (anagen) phase is at its longest — ranging up to 7 years — and the transition/resting phases are at their shortest — lasting only about 4 months — throughout youth and adolescence. As a result of the great amount of time devoted to supporting hair growth in adolescence, hair is at its healthiest and most attractive throughout this phase of life.

Beginning at around age 35, changes in hair cycles begin to affect the density and overall appearance of hair. With each successive cycle, the amount of time spent in the growing phase is reduced, resulting in shorter, thinner hairs. Additionally, the amount of time spent in the resting phase lengthens, extending the period between when a hair falls out and when a new one grows back. The result of these changes is a gradual reduction in overall hair density and appearance.

Changes in hair color also begin to appear at this time. As pigment-producing melanocytes gradually die out, hairs begin to lose their luster and color, slowly turning gray and eventually becoming totally white.

While gradual hair loss is a normal part of human aging, for many people excessive hair loss, or balding, is a significant source of anxiety. Based on several characteristics, hair loss can be roughly divided into two categories — temporary and permanent. Temporary hair loss, which is usually caused by excessive stress, poor diet, hormonal imbalance and endocrine dysfunction, can often be restored within six months to two years after eliminating the underlying cause(s). Permanent hair loss is caused by genetics and is considered irreversible.

An ideal solution for hair loss would be one that 1) promotes new hair growth while extending the anagen (growing) phase, 2) lengthens the catagen (transitional) phase, and 3) shortens the telogen (resting) phase.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), conditions such as hair loss are addressed by balancing both the “surface” and “root” levels of the problem. Now, after 10 years of intensive research, development, and clinical evaluation, a patented, all-natural herbal TCM supplement is available in the United States to aid in halting age-related hair loss while promoting healthy hair growth.* By promoting healthy circulation in the tiniest blood vessels (microcapillaries) that supply nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, the formula supports thicker, healthier hair, improved skin tone and overall health and vitality.*

The earliest trials involved a group of patients diagnosed with Alopecia areata, or “spot areata.” In early stages, Alopecia areata causes clumps of hair to fall out with a gentle pull, leaving patients with one or more bare spots on the scalp. Alopecia areata occurs in young people at a rate of approximately 17 per 100,000 per year, and while the condition isn’t harmful, the psychological impact is problematic for young patients. Fortunately, the condition is generally temporary, and 80% of the patients eventually self-heal.

In addition to the form seen in younger people, a more pervasive form of Alopecia areata appears in women (and occasionally men) over the age of 35. Also characterized by extensive hair loss, the condition usually clears up within one to two years, but the psychological stress of going bald makes this condition a profitable area for treatments at hair loss centers.

The most common treatment for Alopecia areata involves monthly injections of corticosteroids, and twice-a-day external application of 5% minoxidil. Treatment generally requires 8-12 weeks before hair begins to regrow.

  • AA Case 1:

    Mr. W. was a 50-year-old sales manager who had lost a large amount of hair in the occipital region. He came to the research center after being treated with steroid medications for one month. The steroids had not alleviated his alopecia areata, and the area of hair loss was continuing to spread. After one month of taking PriaPlex, Mr. W. reported significant improvement in his condition, and within two months all of his hair was restored.

  • AA Case 2:

    C. was a 15-year-old student with several bald spots across the back of her head. By the time C. came to the center, she had already completed a month of conventional drug treatment without any improvement and was emotionally stressed from additional hair loss. After taking PriaPlex for one month, her hair loss stopped and new hair started to grow back. Within several months all of her hair was restored.

  • AA Case 3:

    A family brought in a 10-year-old student who had begun to lose her hair. Her family had her treated by both Chinese and Western doctors, but there was no improvement and her hair loss was increasing. After 50 days of treatment with PriaPlex, her condition had improved significantly, with older bald spots filling in, and hair loss at newer spots significantly slowed.

Pleased with the results of the Alopecia areata trial, the lab next began testing subjects with male pattern baldness. The results revealed that almost all men with stage 3 or 4 hair loss reacted within six months, regrowing fine hairs on the top of the scalp that grew thicker and longer over time. Subjects with stage 4 to 5 hair loss were more likely to experience significant regrowth; however, improvements in stage 7 male-pattern baldness were only noticeable close up, with thinner hairs becoming thicker and longer, but with little change on the forehead.

The following images (Figures 5 – 8) document the results of four cases of male pattern baldness after treatment with PriaPlex.

fig 11
Fig. 5. 43-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 1.5 years, revealing reduced hair loss, thicker, denser hair, and increased coverage across middle of scalp.

fig 12
Fig. 6. Mr. L., 29-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for one year, revealing increased hair density and overall hair coverage.

fig 13
Fig. 7. Mr. S., 38-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for one month, revealing thicker hairs and increased hair density.

fig 14
Fig. 8. Mr. D., 40-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for eight months, revealing reduced hair loss, regrowth of original hair across top of scalp.

Following the positive outcome of the male pattern baldness trials, the researchers began to test the new formula on several women diagnosed with Alopecia totalis, a condition that causes lymphocytes to attack hair follicles during the growth phase of the hair cycle. In extreme cases, Alopecia totalis can result in the total loss of hair on the head, face, eyebrows and eyelashes within six months. Full recovery is rare, and even with effective treatment, new hair growth in patients with alopecia totalis is often incomplete.

fig 21
Fig. 9. Ms. Y., 26-years-old, diagnosed July 21, 2006, arrived at the clinic after being told her condition was incurable.

AT Case 1:

Ms. Y., 26-years-old, was diagnosed with Alopecia totalis in July, 2006. Early signs of hair loss were attributed to stress from work and school, but within two months all of the hair on her head, eyebrows included, had dropped out. Conventional treatment at two Western hospitals failed to address the problem, and by the time Ms. Y. entered the PriaPlex trial all that remained of her hair were a few black strands in the occipital region (Fig. 9).

fig 22
Fig. 10.Ms. Y., 26-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for six months.

fig 23
Fig. 11. Ms. Y., 26-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 18 months.

After taking PriaPlex for six months, new hair began to appear (Fig. 10). After two years of treatment, Ms. Y. fully regrew her hair. (Fig. 11) Two years after the completion of her initial treatment, Ms. Y. reports that her hair is still full and strong, with good volume and no further loss.

AT Case 2:

Ms. L. had previously tried every other available treatment to reverse her hair loss, but all failed. She had been completely bald for eight years by the time she enrolled in the trial. After taking the formula for six months, there was no improvement in her condition and Ms. L. decided to discontinue treatment.

fig 24
Fig. 12. Ms. H., 28-years-old, before taking PriaPlex.

AT Case 3:

Ms. H., 28-years-old, experienced serious, unexplained hair loss in the summer of 2007, and within two months had lost all of her hair, including eyebrows (Fig. 12). Ms. H. began to experience new hair growth within one month of taking PriaPlex (Fig. 13). Significantly, Ms. H. reported that her previously white hair was growing back in her natural color, black (Fig. 14). The researchers expected that newly grown hair would not regain its original color for at least 2 or 3 full hair cycles, so her case was especially interesting. Ms. H. reached a near-full recovery in six months (Fig. 15).

fig 31
Fig. 13. Ms. H., 28-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 2 months, revealing thicker, longer hairs in occipital region

fig 14
Fig. 14. Ms. H., 28-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 2 months.

fig 15
Fig. 15. Ms. H., 28-years-old, after taking PriaPlex for 6 months.

Unfortunately, Ms. H. stopped taking PriaPlex after her initial treatment and experienced a relapse after six months


Each of these three cases had completely different results: the first successful, the second ineffective, and the third a relapse. Note that in the second case, researchers had previously predicted that newly grown hair would not regain its original color for at least 2 or 3 full hair cycles, so her case was especially interesting. From these three cases, the scientists concluded that the longer one waits before beginning treatment with PriaPlex, the greater the chances for permanent and unrecoverable damage to hair follicles. The scientists also concluded that early treatment at the first signs of hair loss improves the probability of total recovery. Additionally, treatments have to be continued until the underlying condition is eliminated to prevent a future recurrence of hair loss.

Modifying hair follicle growth cycles is a complicated and delicate matter. Current scientific research has managed to identify only a handful of the numerous growth factors and hormones believed to be involved in hair proliferation and growth. For example, Fibroblast Growth Factor 3 (FGF-3) and Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF-5) are both known to contribute to shifting follicles from hair growth to follicle degradation. Conversely, Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) and Fibroblast Growth Factor 7 (FGF-7) have been shown to support hair growth by lengthening the telogen (growth) phase of hair follicles. Additionally, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) and Endothelial Cell Growth Factor (EGF) have also been shown to aid in extending hair growth period.

Currently these growth factors and hormones are useful for filtering hair growth regulators and interpreting their mechanism of action. However, given the gap between the basic research (in vitro) and clinical applications (oral), most current treatments are limited to topical hair growth products. Saw palmetto extract, for example, can inhibit 5α-reductase in vivo, but has no effect when taken orally, which is why it is commonly used in topical hair products. Adenosine, which has been shown to enhance FGF-7 levels in hair follicles, is another popular ingredient for topical hair tonics. Last but not least, numerous plant extracts are added to hair creams to block the effects of FGF-5. Nevertheless, these topical treatments are all restricted to addressing the “surface” issues involved in hair loss, instead of the “root” causes.

According to animal studies the formula was found to enhance levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (Fig. 16) and Hepatocyte Growth Factor (Fig. 17) in hair follicles. PriaPlex was also shown to increase the number of active hair follicles (Fig. 18 while promoting faster growth and increased length of individual hairs (Fig. 19).

fig 16
Fig. 16. Increase in local hair follicle expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

fig 17
Fig. 17. Increase in Hepatocyte Growth Factor concentration following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

fig 18
Fig. 18. Increase in the number of active hair follicles following administration of PriaPlex for 28 days.

fig 19
Fig. 19. Increase in hair growth following administration of PriaPlex for 15 days.

Coupled with the inclusion of botanical ingredients known to effectively enhance skin blood circulation, these findings suggest that PriaPlex’s mechanism of action is superior to that of currently available treatments. Human case studies indicate that PriaPlex can prevent hair loss in 85% of subjects within six weeks while promoting hair growth, improving skin texture, and boosting energy levels. Each of these effects were listed in the patent applications that were subsequently approved in both Taiwan and the United States. And because PriaPlex is comprised of essence herbs traditionally used to support healthy endocrine and hormone levels, the formula may also aid in supporting healthy cardiac function.

Numerous clinical cases have shown the US patented formula, if used uninterruptedly with sufficient amount, can stop abnormal hair loss within four to eight weeks. New hair generally begins to appear on the scalp in three to six months time. Additionally, original hair color is likely to emerge amongst white hairs six months later.

It turns out stress does turn hair gray, and now researchers know how.

Stress triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response, which in turn causes pigment-producing cells that give hair its color to go into a frenzy and dwindle in number, researchers report online January 22 in Nature. As these pigment cells disappear, so does the color.

Gray hair has been linked to stress for centuries — think of U.S. presidents before and after holding office. But scientists didn’t understand how stress makes hair go gray.

“It was satisfying to question a popular assumption … [and] to identify the mechanisms that now open up new areas of work,” says Ya-Chieh Hsu, a stem cell biologist at Harvard University.

Hsu and her colleagues stressed mice by injecting them with a compound closely related to capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers. Within five days, the rodents’ hair turned white. After eliminating the immune system and the stress hormone cortisol as causes of the color change, the team discovered that part of the animals’ nervous system was depleting pigment cells from hair.

In hair follicles, cells called melanocyte stem cells color hair by converting into pigment-producing cells. The body can’t replenish the stem cells, so as these cells are used up, color vanishes. Sensory stress triggered a mouse’s sympathetic nervous system — which controls the body’s fight-or-flight response to stress — to release the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, the team found. That compound over activates the reservoir of stem cells, setting off a flurry of conversion into pigment-producing cells. That, in turn, rapidly uses up the stem cells supply.

It’s unclear why stress makes hair gray — an event also typically tied to getting older. But the work raises questions about whether stress-related graying is the same as aging, and lays the foundation for exploring other ways that stress affects the body.

Researchers recently completed a six-month, randomized, double-blind placebo controlled study designed to evaluate the efficacy of PriaPlex® for male pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia, or AA). Researchers enrolled 40 patients (31 male, 9 female) diagnosed with male pattern baldness. At the end of six months, 32 patients had completed the full trial, and 8 had dropped out due to non-compliance issues (5 in the placebo group and 3 in the treatment group).

The study found that 9 of the 17 treatment subjects taking PriaPlex (52.9%) experienced significant hair growth, as measured by dermatoscopy and clinical photographs independently scored by dermatologists blind to the treatment conditions (Fig. 1). By comparison, only 2 of the 15 subjects (13%) receiving the placebo showed any signs of hair growth.

fig 20

The primary goal of this short, six-month study was to determine the efficacy of the formula in the intention-to-treat population — i.e., men and women with androgenetic alopecia. The significance of these results, after only six-months of treatment, become especially apparent when compared to similar measurements after treatment with Finasteride for 1 year (44%), 2 years (61%) and 5 years (48%) of use (Fig. 2).

fig 21

One of the most interesting outcomes of the study was that each of the subjects receiving PriaPlex reported that their previous abnormal hair loss halted during the trial. In other words, PriaPlex completely stopped age-related hair loss in 100% of the cases.


By age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. About 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach 21. Contrary to societal belief, most men who suffer from male pattern baldness are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it. And hair loss isn’t an exclusively male issue — approximately 50% of all women over the age of 50 experience a similar condition referred to as female androgenetic alopecia. In this short six-month trial, 100% of both male and female subjects taking PriaPlex for androgenetic alopecia experienced a total cessation of abnormal hair loss, and 53% experienced significant new hair growth. In addition to stopping the progression of age-related hair loss, PriaPlex was shown to support restoration of healthier, thicker hair in existing follicles. Additional studies are underway to determine a fuller clinical picture of longer periods of continuous use of PriaPlex.

Clinical Protocols

Patients between 20 to 45 years old of both sexes with androgenetic alopecia were enrolled in the clinical trial. Exclusion criteria included hormone imbalances, metabolic diseases, cancers, unknown etiology of alopecia, infection, irritation or pain in the scalp. The pilot study, lasting 6 months, was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 40 patients. 20 patients in the treatment group received 6 caplets of PriaPlex® daily (3 grams), and 20 patients received placebo. Male patients were diagnosed with alopecia based on the Norwood-Hamilton scale, and female patients were diagnosed with alopecia based on the Ludwig scale. Dermatoscopy and clinical macrophotographs were recorded monthly and independently scored by three dermatologists blind to treatment condition. Each patient was monitored with full lab clinical tests to measure TSH, DHEAs, testosterone, estrogen, kidney and liver function tests, and complete blood count. Clinical endpoints include Norwood-Hamilton and Ludwig scale, Fatigue Symptom Inventory, self-reporting hair loss, and color of hair. Adverse events were also monitored (none reported). Chi-square test was 0.01 < 0.025 which showed statistical significant difference between the treatment and placebo group. Statistical data analysis includes use of student t-test and Wilcoxon rank-sum test, along with the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test (K–S test) for the testing for normality of the distribution.

After years of study, PriaPlex was successfully released as a new food-based formulation for reducing shedding. In 2010, a patent for PriaPlex was approved in both the United States (Patent Number: U.S. 7,838,048 subject: Medical herb composition for inhibiting shedding of a mammal’s hair and method for preparing the same).

In addition to halting hair loss and increasing hair growth, the proprietary blend of nourishing herbs in PriaPlex have also been shown to support and benefit general health. Case studies have shown that those taking PriaPlex report experiencing increased levels of vitality and energy after 1 to 2 weeks, and improved skin tone and texture after 6 to 8 weeks.

Animal tests have also shown that the formula exerts anti-fatigue and liver-protective functions, and in vitro trials have identified significant antioxidant effects. Animal studies have also revealed significant anti-aging benefits.

Age-related hair loss is caused by two major factors: hereditary-pattern baldness and microcirculatory dysfunction from the lack of nutrition to the hair follicles. Many current medical solutions have serious side effects. In recent years, there have been studies that indicate certain food material herbs can alleviate shedding; however, the treatments rendered are limited to external use.

After 10 years of intensive research, development, and clinical evaluation, PriaPlex herbal hair support formula for men and women is now available. PriaPlex addresses hair health from the inside out by combining essence herbs traditionally used to reduce excessive hair loss with a unique blend of botanicals shown to help support circulation to nourish the skin and follicles.* The result is a unique, patented, all-natural herbal supplement for addressing age-related hair loss, promoting healthy hair growth and improving skin tone, energy and vitality.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We Want You to Ask Questions

Seriously our team of nutrition experts and scientists has answers.

The recommended daily dose of PriaPlex is 3 tablets, 2 times per day. You can take the tablets with or away from meals.

You do not need to take more than 6 tablets in a day to gain the full effectiveness of the PriaPlex supplement. The best results come from consistent use over many months.

PriaPlex is a Tango Advanced Nutrition product that should improve your general health while also restoring hair growth and health.

After 5-10 days of use you can expect to experience increased energy strength and stamina. These are signs that PriaPlex is correcting internal metabolism in a way that will support healthier skin and hair growth.

After 3-4 weeks you should note improved skin tone and color. These positive changes indicate improved microcirculation in the skin capillaries and better delivery of important nutrients for growth to the hair follicles.

Between 6-12 weeks of regular usage should result in decreased hair loss and the start of new hair growth. The hair growth will appear first like peach fuzz and likely where you experienced your most recent hair loss. Hair growth at the top or vertex is the most common place to see results.

After 6 months you may notice the start of grey hair returning to its original color and that the fine new hair thickens.The likelihood and timing of hair growth will depend on the state of your health, the degree and type of hair loss you have experienced.

Both men and women experience male-pattern hair loss with age. PriaPlex is restorative for both men and women with this type of hair loss.

It is also equally effective in men and women when the cause of hair loss is not due to male pattern baldness.

Both men and women experience male-pattern hair loss with age. PriaPlex is restorative for both men and women with this type of hair loss.

Generally speaking, if hair growth is restored and you stop using the product, your results will begin to reverse and increased hair loss will result.

The most important consideration in taking PriaPlex is to use it twice daily and consistently. Convenience makes regular use possible, so including PriaPlex in your regular supplement routine is a good idea.

You can take PriaPlex with or away from meals.

Morning and early evening, or with dinner are the best times to take the formula to spread out its benefits over a 24-hour period.

Some people take their evening dose of PriaPlex about 1 hour before bedtime to make sure they have beneficial nutrients working while they are sleeping.

You can take PriaPlex while you are using other products for your circulation or any other condition. You should not take PriaPlex, however, if you are on Coumadin/warfarin.

Yes, you can take PriaPlex with and at the same time as you take other dietary supplements.

As a general precaution, you should always take PriaPlex or any other supplement at least 2 hours away from any medication to reduce any possible risk of interaction.

If you have any questions about using PriaPlex or any other supplement while you are using medications of any type, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

You can take 2 capsules, 2 times per day of Vital Cell along with your regular doses of PriaPlex and expect additional benefits from the promotion of blood circulation.

You can also call one of our product specialists if you have questions about how best to combine our formulas. The toll-free number for product questions is 1-866-778-2646, ext. 2.

No, we do not recommend that a woman take PriaPlex if she is pregnant or nursing. This is not because PriaPlex is unsafe but because there have been no safety studies performed on the ingredients in PriaPlex for pregnancy and nursing.

PriaPlex is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

You can call our toll-free number if you have a child who may benefit from PriaPlex to discuss its use for their condition, including the proper dosage. The toll-free number again is 1-866-778-2646, ext 2.

Yes, however, you should contact a holistic veterinarian for advice before you give PriaPlex to your pet. Your veterinarian will be the best person to determine what dose you should give to your pet, since animals vary widely in size and speed of metabolism. Both of those factors determine doses for supplements for animals.

Yes, we regularly test batches of our formulas to make sure they meet strict quality control guidelines recommended by government regulatory agencies.

PriaPlex does not cause drowsiness or make a person sleepy. It also does not contain any stimulants that might cause jitteriness or lack of sleep.

The most common discomforts experienced by a tiny percentage of people when taking any vitamin, mineral, or herbal formula are digestive upset or very mild allergic reactions such as skin itching or irritability.

These minor discomforts usually disappear by taking a lower dose or by taking the supplement with meals.

If you should experience discomfort when taking PriaPlex and it does not go away with these suggestions, then discontinue use and contact our product specialist for further recommendations at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2. If we cannot determine a way for you to continue use of the product to gain its benefits, then we will arrange for a full refund for you.

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    Waiting patiently So far nothing is happening yet may be its too soon to write a review. Its almost a month now and I have never miss a dose, morning and evening. I thing I need another month or two if this supplement is any good.
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    Thank You!
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    I had COVID August of 2021. My case was comparatively mild when I heard how bad others had it. I never heard that covid patients had the common denominator of hair falling out 3-6 months after they had it until mine started falling out like crazy and I told my hair dresser about it. I loved my hair. Nice full thick head. My brush started being full of it. I saw it on my shower curtain and bathtub floor. I was going to buy a mattress and while trying out the beds I had to go back and pick up my hair off the stores bed and pillows YIKES.... WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS. My pony tail was getting thinner and the right side of my hair was noticeably thinner than the left side. HELP!!! I ASKED MY NATURALPATH and she turned me on to PriPlex Hair Support. Beginning of second week my hair slowly started to stop loosing falling out. My nautralpathic doctor told me I will at least need two full bottles 6 tablets per day and that's what I did. After starting the second bottle I started to notice little short fuzzies growing all over my hair. Even though it looked horrible I was jumping for joy as it was clear my hair is growing back. I decided to stay on this product and am on the 4th bottle now but only taking 3 tablets per day starting the 4th bottle. The new growth is about 4 inches long now. Still sticks up after a blow dry and will take awhile to get caught up to my long hair even though my hair dresser cut it shorter so it could catch up easier. I recommend this product to everyone who also complains of a COVID hair loss. I also know of someone who takes it just to keep his hair thicker at the age of 72. He has the hair of a 30 year old. This also makes me want to just keep taking the maintenance of 3 tablets per day as long as I can afford it. If it can keep my hair nice thick and healthy now maybe I can look younger as I get into my 70's. I'm in my mid 60's and was surprised that it worked so fast and good. Can you tell I LOVE this product :-}
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    Thank you
  5. Ann

    Thank you
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    Karen Steik

    I have used this product for around 5 years and I couldn’t be more pleased. My hair is healthier, thicker and longer. I have taken this survey before and was suppose to get 10% coupon but never received it on my last order.
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    Kaare Westby

    A Brilliant product that I have been using for 8 years now. TCM is the best on the planet.
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    Cora Kurtz

    Thank you for this natural, effective product.
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    Janie Costantini

    Thank you
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    I already had good strong and long hair so I ordered PrialPlex because I noticed my hair was falling out more than expected. After taking 2 bottles I saw that my hair was increasing and the start up grey ones were growing back to natural color. I believe that if you want to use the product for hair maintenance it will work, and over time the hair will grow to its best state. I try to balance my foods and reduce stress levels as these are also factors to poor hair health and growth. It would be great if we can get discounts more often as overseas shipping cost plus product do add up. Thanks for this opportunity.
  11. Peter K.

    This stuff works. If you have age-related hair loss (i.e. not balding in your 30's) then I recommend you give this product a try. Going on 2 1/2 years now and the results are very noticable.
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    Valerie Bourland

    This product really works! Ordering again!
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    Karen Steik

    This is the best product for hair loss. Restores fullness and strength.
  14. Avatar

    Karen Steik

    Thank you. I sent a review but didn’t get my discount.
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    This product is the best. I have been using it for about 5 years and words can’t explain how great this works. I went from thin hair to a full head of hair.
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    ron vacovsky

    my review is encouraging. I've gone through 1 whole bottle. I believe that I am seeing a little improvement. I'm suffering from 4th stage of cancer. I've ordered 2 bottles and hope to find more improvement. gratefully, Ron vacovsky
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    ron vacovsky

    good review.
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    I have been using PriaPlex for about 5 years. The results are wonderful. It does take several months before noticeable difference but it is well worth the wait. It’s kind of expensive and I try to buy when on sale.
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    Peter J. De Angelis

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    Little over a year of using this. I’m hoping that there will be further growth than what I’ve seen so far. Still happy that no further hair loss has occurred.
  21. Peter Keefe

    Thank you
  22. Peter Keefe

    I'm in my late 60's and have been using PriaPlex for about 30 months now. I would guess that I have 30-40% more hair on top ( and at the crown) than I did 30 months ago....and that doesn't include the hair that I would have lost through the natural aging process. Hair growth started slowly, but after 3 months there was some noticeable new hair growth. Don't stop taking it and don't lower the dose as new growth has continued past the 2 year mark. If you were balding in your 20's then I'm not sure if this will work for you....but if you are just experiencing age related hair loss then I would highly recommend this product. Peter K.
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    Cora Kurtz

    After chemotherapy for breast cancer 23 years ago, my hair grew back nicely—but it has always been thin. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it got thinner. That’s when I discovered PriaPlex and it helped my hair grow and look fuller. I enjoy having some bounce again in my hair because it is thicker and healthy.
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    I have been using Priaplex for 2 months and noticed less hair falling out. I do not think I am out of the woods yet, but will keep taking it.
  25. Avatar

    Rebecca Parker

    Have had excellent results with this product
  26. Avatar

    Christine Z.

    I started taking Pria Plex in 2019 at the recommendation of my sister and the results were very good. Then I had a health issue and stopped taking anything but prescription medications. My hair started falling out within a month after I stopped taking Pria Plex. Since my health issue did not resolve itself for over six months, I was getting desperate. I am now almost back to where I was in early 2020 and would certainly recommend Pria Plex to anyone who experiences hair loss like I did.
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    have not seen any results yet
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    No further hair loss, but not sure if regrowth is occurring.
  29. Avatar

    Joseph B W.

    Plain and simple, Priaplex works! Been using over 5 years now
  30. Avatar


    31 year old male: Starting to see results after 6 months. Patience seems to be the name of the game. I think that I would have seen faster results if I started priaplex when I first started losing hair. I waited to use this after a couple of years of hair loss, prolonging the reversal process, possibly.
  31. Peter K.

    I would recommend PriaPlex to anyone who is noticing age related hair loss. (If you were balding in your 20's and 30's... not sure how this product will work.) After 3 months (for me in my 60's) the hair loss reduced and new hair growth started. Been taking it for about 18 months now and I am very pleased with the results.
  32. Peter Keefe

    For age related hair loss....this stuff works. I've been taking it now for almost 2 years and the new hair growth is very noticeable. Overall hair loss seems to have stopped. I was skeptical at first but the results are there.
  33. Avatar


    I've been using Priaplex for years now, and it's made a noticeable difference. I love what it's done for me, making my hair thicker than it had been before.
  34. Avatar


    Taking for 3mts and hair loss stopped, but no new growth.
    I will now make a further 3mts supply and hopefully I will
    notice some new growth
  35. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Continuing to buy this product as the results are outstanding with no side effects.
  36. Avatar


    I was not blessed with great genes. Thank goodness for PriaPlex! After starting it I really noticed the difference within three or four months. My hair stopped falling out and began to get thicker again. After a year or so I got casual and quit taking it. Sure enough, it began thinning again. At that point, I realized that PriaPlex was going to be my favourite hair product for life!
  37. Avatar

    patrick ferneini

    it really helps to grow hair and restore some white hair
  38. Avatar

    Satisfied Customer in Peoria, IL

    I ordered your product PriaPlex based on a recommendation from my sister who has used this product for some time. I think it has helped to make my hair feel thicker and it certainly looks better. I would recommend this to anyone with thinning hair
  39. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Supports hair growth , have been using this for the past two years
  40. Avatar

    Carol Boyce

    I?ve been taking priaplex regularly now for 2 months, 3 tablets twice a day, and I have gone from losing handfuls of hair daily to about a half a dozen hairs. Priaplex is a godsend! I will never be without it. My hair even seems to be less grey. What a bonus!!!
  41. Avatar

    Mark Apostol

    has not helped
  42. Avatar

    Gerald Ganley

    Received order promptly. Using as recommended and results so far so good.
  43. Avatar

    Whitney Caldwell

    Wonderful product. It has been very effective for me....easy to take. I have been taking it for years.
  44. Avatar

    Kaare Westby

    PriaPlex works for all kinds of functions in the body including hair restoration. Thank you!
  45. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    I've been using product for years, no side effects just less hair fallout. Will continue to reorder.
  46. Avatar

    Mary Kuleff

    My Husband and I have been using PriaPlex for over 4 years. His bald spot in the top back of his head has all grown back in. So far my hair has stopped falling out with new growth coming in.We take it twice a day. I give it 5. Mary Kuleff
  47. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    I have used for several years now and find less hair on the bottom of the tub and in my brush, and my hairline is still going strong.
  48. Avatar

    Mark Irish

    I?ve been taking the pills for about 4-5 months. Probably still to early to notice any real change in hair density or if any new growth has occurred. No side effects.
  49. Avatar

    Madhu Menon

    I have been using it for a few years. I see noticeable hair growth.
  50. Avatar

    CLANCY Cosgrove

    I use the product to replicate my natural colour and it seems to be working I can see dark roots of hair growing bringing my hair colour to it?s natural colour with much less grey . Cheers Clancy Cosgrove from Edmonton Alberta Canada .
  51. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Has helped to reduce hair loss
  52. Avatar

    Sherry McFee

    I have always had fine hair but as I aged my hair also became thinner. I began using PriaPlex three years ago and my hair has grown much thicker and healthier than ever. This is a great supplement and I will never stop taking it!
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    I have been using Priaplex for over a year . I found it really reduces white hairs and even reverses the process from white to original color . It also increases the hair volume I keep ordering it
  54. Avatar

    JoAnne M

    This product is amazing! I am the victim of bad hair genes on both sides of my family. When we have family reunions, there is always a workshop on how to make our hair look thicker. PriaPlex is the ONLY product I have found that makes a difference. It is the most important product in my beauty regime.
  55. Avatar

    Mark Apostol

    Have not seen any difference in my hair at all.:(
  56. Avatar


    My order (Priaplex) went to the Netherlands (Europe) in stead of Curacao (Caribbean). I am still waiting for my order.
  57. Avatar

    Boonnet Esharoe

    I am taking the third bottle of PriaPlex. Not much change to be noticed yet. I understand it takes a while to see the result. So I will take more of them to reach it.
  58. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Highly recommend as as can see improvement in hair growth
  59. Avatar

    Whitney Caldwell

    I have used Pria Plex for years to control hair loss due to stress and genetics. It has been exceptionally successful for me. Now I should have thinning hair due to age but it seems that Pria Plex is continuing to work. My hairdresser sees no hair loss.
  60. Avatar

    Mark Irish

    Received the PriaPlex Hair Support pills a few weeks ago, it?s too early to notice any new hair growth.
  61. Avatar

    William Bowne

    I've only been taking them for three weeks or so but my hair does seem to be thicker. Enough so that I'm going to reorder to see the long term effects. Worth it to me.
  62. Avatar

    Nyla Diegel

    I stopped taking pria plex for about 6 months. Now everytime I wash my hair it comes out in gobs and my nails are getting frail. I've also noticed my skin doesn't seem to be as soft as it was before quitting pria plex. Well I'm back on it for good. I know I'll be growing new hair again and my nails and hair will also revert to a healthy condition. Unfortunately, I also realize time will be the deciding factor for ultimate health once again. It will take about 6 months before I'll reach my previous optimum results once again. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase a product I can rely upon. Bless you all.....
  63. Avatar

    Michael Ericson

    Great product, it really works. I use it now just as a hair vitamin.
  64. Avatar


    I have been taking PriaPlex for several years. It was suggested by my practitioner who takes it himself. I have four autoimmune disorders and two of them involve hair loss. I started out taking six a day then after my hair stopped falling out I went to three a day. I have gone back to six a day because I noticed when I took six I didn't need to color my hair nearly as much. When I stop taking this my hair really sheds. Give it a try for three months. It's pricey but worth it.
  65. Avatar

    Linda Bolton

    Like everything else that's advertised to absolutely fix your problem, I was skeptical about Pria Plex. It is not inexpensive but it certainly helped my hair loss problem. I'm almost 72 years old but the vanity is still present and I searched and searched for a solution to my hair loss. Pria Plex has been the only thing that has done anything. Immediately I could feel a difference in the texture of my hair. It has now been 4 months since I started taking Pria Plex and I can tell there are some new hairs filling in the sparse areas (mostly at my front hairline and at the area down the middle of my head.) Recommend? Absolutely.
  66. Avatar

    Kip Wint

    There was a lot of hair thinning out in my scalp. And after looking at my older brother's bald head, it sure looked like that was what was going to happen to me. Not now. PriPlex not only stopped the loss, but now I have a lot of hair starting to grow in again. It takes a while to see results, but well worth it if you keep using the product.
  67. Avatar


    I have been using PriaPlex for several years now. My hair had become increasingly thin and sparse, and for me, my hairline was receding as well, creating a bald spot on both sides. I found PriaPlex and it worked, restoring my hair and my confidence along with it. No more worrying about lighting or how to comb my hair to cover! Recently, money was tight so I thought I would back off to half a dose, which after years on the product, seemed to still do the trick. Maybe I can skip it altogether, I thought. WRONG! I am back on a full dose and know that this has to be a non-negotiable for me and my budget. My confidence is priceless!
  68. Avatar

    Anthoulla Koutsoudi

    Bought for my son. He loves it and says it has halted his hair loss
  69. Avatar

    pualase John

    after taking more hair growing looks more healrthy hair
  70. Avatar

    Donna V

    I have been taking Priaplex for several months now and can't really tell if it is helping or not. I would be "over the moon" if I could definitely say that my hair loss had stopped or improved but to date I believe I am still losing the battle. Will keep you informed.
  71. Avatar


    I have just ordered my first 3 bottles of PriaPlex and are excited about the wonderful reviews others have written regarding the great success of this product. I have been losing my hair for some time because of stress in my daily life.

    Thanks Tango!
  72. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Showing improvement in hair growth
  73. Avatar

    Cora Kurtz

    After losing my hair during chemo several years ago, it grew out except for being thin in the temple area. More recently, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and noticed my hair was thinning. Thanks to PriaPlex, my hair has body and looks healthy again. Thank you for this rejuvenating product!
  74. Avatar

    Elizabeth Hess

    This product seems to be helping my hair loss tremendously. I have been using it for about a year and have a lot of new hair growth.
  75. Avatar

    John Meehan

    I have been using for seven(7) weeks, and amazingly I started to see some results in 4 weeks! I was almost completely bald on the whole top of my head, except for a couple rows of hair transplants, along my original hairline. These transplants were done 42 yrs ago, and are still 100% there! What's amazing is I've now got new hair growing almost everywhere on top!! I do use a far-infrared sauna once a day, that really dramatically increases circulation from head to toe, so that may be speeding up the absorption of the Pria Plex micro-nutrients! I have to tall you, I find myself going to the mirror over and over, each day, as it's so much fun to see the changes on an almost daily basis! I'll be taking photos every month too! Simply miraculous results so far!!
  76. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Highly recommended, has helped in restoring lost hair
  77. Avatar

    Stuart Dorsky

    PriaPlex contains good quality herbs which could result in health benefits. I have been taking this product for 6 months, but have not yet noticed any new hair growth on my receded hairline. I have ordered another 6 months supply. Will discontinue use if no growth appears in another 6 months.
  78. Avatar


    I have seen some new growth in less than a month and find the product living up to it's reputation.
  79. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    I have used the PriaPlex hair support for over 10 years and am happy to report my hair is looking great and feels thicker and has a glossy shine. The PriaPlex formula works all over my body not just my head, and also my nails are very healthy and strength. I highly recommend this product.
  80. Avatar


    I have not been taking these supplements long enough to see a difference. I believe it takes 3 months to see any results
  81. Avatar

    Emilie Wickett

    I have just started using PriaPlex capsules, so it is too early to note any significant results. Others who use it say I have to wait at least 4 weeks to ascertain its benefits for my hair. I received the parcel from Tango within the time frame they stipulated for delivery to Australia. It was well packaged and arrived in good condition. I really look forward to see some good results in a few weeks' time. Then, hopefully, I would be able to jack up my rating from three to five stars. Emy, West Australia
  82. Avatar

    Patrick Ferneini

    I think that his product can really help recover some hair loss but it needs a few month
  83. Avatar

    Joseph Merolillo

    Just started taking it,will let you know.
  84. Avatar

    So Cal Karen

    I just bought a six month supply so I'll know more in 6 months. Seems like a quality product, fine Chinese herbs. Good also for general well-being.
  85. Avatar

    Jeannette Milller

    Very happy with results so far. I am on my 3rd month of taking these tablets and am seeing an increase of dark hair. I had a hairdresser ask me if I had gotten low lights in my hair. I have also seen an increase in volume in my hair.
  86. Avatar

    Carol Nevin

    I have just been taking this supplement for hair restoration a couple of weeks. So I am unable to state any change at this time
  87. Avatar


    I have not finished the first bottle of PriaPlex yet. I have not noticed any changes since taking it, but have two more bottles to go after I finish this one. I plan to give it the full 90 days to see if I notice any improvement.
  88. Avatar

    Georgina Butler

    I?ve only been using it for a couple of weeks so I can?t really say, and am giving it 3 stars for now. It came within a week with no issues. My eyelashes and eyebrows seem to be doing well, and I have some very sparse growth on my temples although I?m unsure if those would have been there anyway. I?m a 25 y/o woman diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and as a result have androgenetic alopecia and menopausal-type loss of eyebrows, lashes and body hair. Pretty awesome tbing to go through when you?ve just turned 20. I use a bunch of other things right now, one of which is the oral and topical version of minoxidil.
    This is so far the only thing to ever have been effective in growing any hair on my body, but also makes me shed a lot more than I otherwise would and puts my hair into strange growth and loss cycles for 3 months at time. I would stop using it except my hairloss is so aggressive that I don?t really have a choice. I have no idea if Priaplex is strong enough to outdo minoxidil or even override the weird side effects it gives me. I plan to use it for a year or so anyway.
  89. Avatar

    Joseph B. Woolfson

    This product is part of my daily regimen for the last few years, and I am very happy with it. It works, plain and simple.
  90. Avatar


    My husband and I have been using PriaPlex for over 2 years and his bald spot in the back of his head is gone. My hair was getting so thin and it is a lot thicker now.
  91. Avatar

    Cedric Pollard

    I?ve only been on the product for 4 months and I?m beginning to see some regrowth in thinning areas on my scalp. I?m looking forward to seeing more positive results.
  92. Avatar

    Richard Schwalbach

    To early to tell for sure
  93. Avatar


    I was looking at my hair from 3 years ago and I can't hardly wait for it to start working again. I know it works!!!!
  94. Avatar

    David Pereira

    Showing results
  95. Avatar

    Ellen Alsobrooks

    I have been using Priaplex for more than a month and my hair feels fuller. It definitely feels better.
  96. Avatar


    This product works for me. I no longer see my scalp when I comb my hair. I love this product & I'm giving it a five-star. Thank you for this great product.
  97. Avatar


    I came back to Pria Plex because it works.
    I used it before and got excellent results.
  98. Avatar

    Shelly Jenkins

    Just started the supplements but cost was discount when I purchased several bottles, which was helpful.
  99. Avatar


    This stuff does work well!
  100. Avatar

    Joseph B. Woolfson

    I've been using for the last few years, and am happy with the product. I am seeing results, plain and simple!
  101. Avatar

    Kaare Westby

    The product has worked real well for me (78 year old caucasian male) for 7-8 years now.
  102. Avatar

    Margaret Flannery

    I am on my third bottle! I actually believe it is working for me. i had a bald spot on the back of my head and not on the top that most women have. There is no longer a bald patch and I see new, dark brown hair! My temples have also filled in with white hair and the rest of my hair seems fuller and thicker.

    Best of side affectrs....I do recommend a try.
  103. Avatar

    Joseph B. Woolfson

    I use the product every day for the last few years and am very happy with the product. My hairline is coming back, and lest hair is falling out.
  104. Avatar


    I broke my back, right hip, right ankle, right shoulder, pelvis, and tail bone. I have been put to sleep 9 times for surgery. After being put to sleep that many times my hair was falling out so fast I hardly had enough to even brush. I started using this product all the time and taking 5 every morning. wow my hair is past my shoulders now.
    People stop me and tell me how pretty my hair is an I always tell them it is because of PriaPlex. I feel they should furnish all my hair products since I advertise in all my doctors offices, and every time I go shopping or out to eat where ever. What a Blessing I was in great need of this product. Jean P. Oklahoma & Texas
  105. Avatar

    James Phelps

    I have been taking PiraPlex for 9 months now, my hair is healthier, stronger and more of it. I am 77 years old and I have taken 10 years off of my appearance. Thank you, I have recommended this product many times.
  106. Avatar

    Emile Verhaegh

    My order was delivered in Holland after the promised
    period of approximately two weeks.
    Order was properly packed
  107. Avatar

    Anthoulla Koutsoudi

    I have been buying this for some time for my son and he is happy that the product is helping him as he expected. I love that you send it out so promptly
  108. Avatar

    Whitney Caldwell

    Certainly has worked for me for over 5 years. Try it but it takes a few months to show the results.
  109. Avatar


    Sooo happy with the results!! Unlike others....It took me a good 8 months to see a REAL difference. I?m glad i stuck it out, was ready to quit after 6. So if your like me give it time, you won?t be sorry!!!?????
  110. Avatar

    Kaare Westby

    Excellent hair restoration/maintenance product.
  111. Avatar

    Lloyd Gilham

    less than a month taking it and have not seen any results yet.
  112. Avatar

    Rebecca Huth

    I have been taking the Priaplex for less than a month, so I haven't seen any change yet. I'm optimistic that it will live up to it's claims and I will definitely see results by the end of 3 or 4 months. Tablets are not too big and swallow easily and the taste is not objectionable.
  113. Avatar

    Mary Kuleff

    We have been using PriaPlex for over two years. So far both of us have have knot loss any more hair, and it has gotten a lot thicker.
  114. Avatar

    Margaret Flannery

    Hoping it works. Think i have some new growth around the temples plus my nails are growing and I can polish them.

    Will let you know if my 'cowlick' at the back is covered with new growth,
  115. Avatar

    Todd Gilligan

    My hairstylist always handles me about my thinning hair. But she noticed lately that it is truly getting fuller and hair is growing in places it had recently been very thin. This formula does work! Hair stylist approved!
  116. Avatar

    Treacy Ross

    This product so far seems to be working! I am really happy I invested in this product. I have been losing my hair for awhile now! It has been a nightmare to me cause I always had fine hair, but it was thick! I am really hopeful that this product will give me back my glory! I am confident that it will! I will let you know!
  117. Avatar

    Derek Snow

    I received my order quickly and well packe. I would recommend Tango to others.
  118. Avatar

    Elizabeth Hess

    I was losing my hair very quickly after menopause, and was becoming quite concerned about it as I have always had very thick hair. I have been taking this product for 3 months now maybe 4 but I have begun seeing all these new hairs coming in and the fallout has slowed down considerably. This product is wonderful but you must have a little patience to fully see results.
  119. Avatar

    Jesse Lopez

    I have been taking PriaPlex for only two weeks, but it does seem that my hair is getting thicker. I have tried many other hair growth products in the past and am tired of wasting money. Hopefully, this will be the one hair product that really works. I have had thinning hair for the last 8 to 10 years. I should be able to confirm the improvement in growth and thickness in at least another month of using this product The drawback of this product is that it is a bit pricey.
  120. Avatar


    I've been using PriaPlex for a couple years, and I continue to see the great job it's doing. Consistency and patience seem to be key, but I can't think of any downsides to this product.

    My fine hair is noticeably thicker.
  121. Avatar

    Valerie Bourland

    Bought this product out of desperation to try anything to restore my hair loss. I didn?t see results until using 2 bottles worth, but now have lots of little baby hairs growing in. I also noticed less and less hair falling out. I now seem to be on a normal cycle. I will continue to purchase product!!!
  122. Avatar

    james massaro

    PriAPlex works from the inside out. It restores healthy circulation to your hair roots. Expect to see hair returning in 3-6 months. You will also see your energy,strength, and stamina increase. Your skin tone and color will look healthier also. The only negative is that it's pricey.
  123. Avatar


    Super fast delivery on a great product. Progression is slow with this supplement, but steady
  124. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Long-time user now, very happy with product and recommend to anyone looking to stop hair loss
  125. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    This is a great product and really does restore your hair not just on your head but chest and legs and arms. It also gives my hair more body and shine. Easy to use and no side effects
  126. Avatar


    I have been very pleased with the product!
  127. Avatar

    tammy shelley

    I have recommended this product too many people. I do not know why but my hair was falling out in clumps in the shower and when I brush it. I started taking PriaPlex on the recommendation of my doctor. Since then I have been taking it for at least a year and I am not having nearly as much hair falling out. It is easy to order and ships in just a couple of days.
  128. Avatar


    I am Chinese, therefore I always like traditional herbs and spices. I?ve been purchasing PriaPlex since many years ago. I would highly recommended to all my friends. This product not just for your hair or skin. But It benefits you to your whole body and well being. Thank you PriaPlex
  129. Avatar

    Shirley Smith-King

    Product very easy to swallow.. Have not used the product long enough to comment on its results for hair growth.
  130. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Been using this product now for the last 3-4 years and have seen results.
  131. Avatar

    solomon carpio

    too early to say
  132. Avatar

    Michael Burnham

    The tables are a great size and easy to swallow. I have not been taking them long enough to see my hoped-for results of new hair growth. But my original hair seems to have slowed down in its falling out.
  133. Avatar

    Eugene Dmitriev

    I like this product. It strengthens my hair?s roots and allows my hair to grow and cover any possible bald spots. Plus my skalp isn?t dry anymore as often.
  134. Avatar

    Anne p.

    Unlike a lot of other reviewers. It actually took about 8 months to see results and i almost gave up.....So glad I didn?t!! Now i have a head full of hair. It?s truly amazing!! Glad i stuck with it. You will be too!!
  135. Eliza Walls

    I am a returning customer - after 2 years My health issues changed and I needed to boost my hair growth. In the past PriaPlex was a miracle cure to my thinning hair. The difference can be seen within 2 weeks - so, I am back to PriaPlex. The tablets are small in size and easy to swallow.
  136. Avatar

    elia verzilli

    excellent product
  137. Avatar

    Whitney Caldwell

    I have been using this product for several years with very successful results. It takes a few months to see results but well worth the wait. No negative side effects.
  138. Avatar

    Roger Lewis

    Pria Plex has helped my hair and beard show some significant growth while I have been taking it--something I would not normally
    expect for an 86-yearold guy.
  139. Avatar

    Sharon Roller

    I am passing along my INTEREST of the product. When I got away from it I noticed a difference. I plan trying it longer for a while again to check the results.
  140. Avatar

    Anne delCampo

    I think the PriaPlex is making a difference. I see thicker hair on the top of my head. have been taking it three months.
  141. Avatar

    Linda Otahal

    I purchased PriaPlex hoping it will help my hair grow back. I have read good reviews on this product and am hopeful it will work for me. So far I am pleased with the product and received it in a timely manner after ordering. I have only been taking the product for a few weeks so there has not been enough time to see results.
  142. Avatar

    Betty Ploman

    It seems to be working pretty well. So much less hair loss when I wash my hair now. Only a few strands/
  143. Avatar

    Todd Gilligan

    These are the only pills I?ve ever taken that truly show results.
    Thicker hair, less hair loss and a general enriched look of my hair Thank You!
  144. Avatar

    Patrick Ferneini

    i think these herbs are effective , i noticed hair growth just a few weeks after usage .
  145. Avatar

    Ronald MacDonald

    A couple of years ago, I was able to see my scalp, and experienced thinning eyebrows. I started taking PriaPlex around the same time, three caplets twice a day. I started noticing hair growth on about the third month. I now have a full head of hair and eyebrows. I endorse this product as excellent. Ron MD
  146. Avatar

    Betty Ploman

    My hair has stopped breaking when I wash it. I hardly have any hair to put in the trash since I started using the Hair Support.
  147. Avatar

    Greta Grubbs

    My hair has started growing back. I can tell the difference and so can my friends at work. Not only does the product grow hair and make it thicker it also gave me energy. Great product that actually works for me.
  148. Avatar

    G. Howell

    Love, love Priaplex. It is the best product sofar that I have some success with. All the natural products!

    Here is my personal regiment.
    79 Years old. Always had thin hair. At 50years old it started to thin out more and break. I was always picking up hair off the bathroom floor. But no more. I am doing a lot better.
    Twice a day I gently rub in a couple drops of Argan oil and massage my head. I take the recommended dose of 6 Priaplex a day. After 6 months I am beginning to see dark hair growth and best of all I don't have to color hair every 3 to4 weeks but once every 4 to 5 wks now. The less chemicals the better. Save money too. The daily massage brings blood flow and oxygen to the skin and the follicles.

    Geraldina Howell

  149. Avatar

    Cristian Olsen

    I having been using PriaPlex for a month, my hair is getting stronger and doesn't brake like it use to.
    I can see small grow of hair where there was no hair.
    I am buying my second bottle now :)
  150. Avatar

    Suzanne Labonge

    We are about to order second bottle anticipating good resultshave not noticed hIr results yet but vitality is goodp
  151. Avatar


    It really works. First of all I noticed that my eyelashes & eyebrows got thicker. My hair got thicker & grows very fast.
  152. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Very satisfied customer with this product, hair fall-out has been minimal and hairline is staying strong.
  153. Avatar

    Kayla Minish

    I have used this product for quite a while now. I took a break from it after a few months, because I wanted to see if 1) it made a difference, and 2) I was also trying to save money at the time. What happened was that my hair began falling out HEAVILY again within a short while of stopping! I bought more and within about 1 month the frightening fall of hair stopped. Again! Just like it had the first time I used it faithfully. So now - I do not ever want to be without it! And I am hopeful that I might soon even grow some new hair, altho just to stop the runaway 'balding' is reason enough to never want to run out. It already feels considerably thicker, so I think new growth may already be taking place. LOVELOVE this product!
  154. Avatar

    Mary Keithler

    I have been using PriaPlex for a number of months. My hair is shinier and has more highlights than I had noticed for a long time. The degree of hair loss I experience seems to have decreased as well. My skin also seems thicker than it had been. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing aging skin and hair.
  155. Avatar

    Vickey Nicholson

    I have been on the product going on 4 months and have not seen a real change on my hair. Will give it a little longer for results
  156. Avatar


    Im still consuming it, for my hair loss. I have yet to see the effects as it's been too short a time but I've heard that it's pretty promising :)
  157. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Repeat customer many times over, put simply, product works for me.
  158. Avatar

    Cynthia Gibb

    Regarding PriaPlex hair supplement, I am still on the first bottle in my CURRENT purchase history. So far, my hair loss seems to be somewhat less. I won't know for sure until having taken the product for several months. I will keep you posted.

    Thank you
    Cynthia Gibb
  159. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    Since using PriaPlex, my hair loss has practically stopped and regrowth has commenced
  160. Avatar


    I was cautious when I reached the 3 month supply mark. My hair definitely had lost a lot of density, but now at the 6 month mark I can say the shedding has slowed and my hair has grown back in. I definitely will continue for another 6 months to see if any additional progress. I am also experimenting with dosage - because 6 tablets a day is a bit much and rotating days on off of 6/3/6/3 seem to be fine at maintaining enough for health and maintenance. Wondering what Tango's thoughts are on this and the relevancy to the study they performed.
  161. Avatar

    Jean Adamson

    I've only been taking the PriaPlex for a week but I bought it based on the reviews of several people who experienced good results - after 4+ months. So I will be patient. The product arrives in a timely manner and the taste is, umm, interesting. Not objectionable.
  162. Avatar

    Edward Bentley

    Product is very easy to take but i have been using for only 3 weeks,i have not seen new hair growth yet.I am believeing I will very soon.Ihave no negatives to report. Thanks EB
  163. Avatar

    Charles Foltz

    Been using for 6 months now. No noticeable result yet.
  164. Avatar

    Whitney Caldwell

    PriaPlex has been very effective for me in helping thinning hair at my temples. But be patient, it takes several months to see the difference. Just take three tablets twice a day. I have been using it for several years and understand that this is a product that I will have to continue to use if I want a full head of hair.
  165. Avatar

    Pat Merris

    I've been using this product for three months. I can tell a big difference in just three months. Thicker hair, healthier, better texture. My stylist loves doing my hair!
  166. Avatar

    Robyn Stangel

    Started PriaPlex about 2-1/2 wks ago. Seems like less hair is coming out in the shower, but no noticeable new growth. One side-effect both I and my husband had/have is significant diarrhea, especially taking 3 pills 2x/day. But I am motivated to see if this product really works so I'm sticking with it. Note: These are not caplets, they are little brown pills.
  167. Avatar


    The product seems to be helping so will continue to use... Entering third month
  168. Avatar

    Valerie Atwood

    I've only been using PriaPlex for about 2.5 weeks, but I feel more energy and stamina than when I started. The ridges in my nails are flattening and fading. It's all good. Thanx, Valerie
  169. Avatar

    Joe W.

    I have been an ongoing customer for the last few years, and am very happy to say that my hair is not falling out anymore. Wonderful product.
  170. Avatar

    Anne Clement

    very prompt delivery only a few days and I live in Australia. Nice packaging easy to take tablets. Too early to know if they work am hoping ?
  171. Avatar

    Curtis Sellers

    On my 2nd bottle, taste is horrible but somewhat getting used to it. Still waiting on results and im not giving up. No bad side effects that i know of.
  172. Avatar

    Kaare Westby

    Excellent product, need 3-6 month use before it becomes effective.
  173. Avatar

    William Smith

    After several tries with other remedies for hair loss, I had no success until this product
  174. Avatar

    Haitama Ismail

    I haven't used the product long enough to really see a lot of hair restoration. I will continue to use for 3-6 months. I really appreciate the size of the pills and I take all three recommended pills at one time.
  175. Avatar

    Patricia Bowman

    I've been taking this supplement for three years. It definitely makes a noticeable difference in the amount of hair I have.
  176. Avatar


    I had stage 3B breast cancer and had radiation for 6 wks. and chemo every other Fri. for 15 months for 8 hrs. each visit. I have taken (3) bottles of Pria Plex and didn't know if it would work. I used to have thick hair before the chemo. Now it is thinning. Finally after taking the third bottle of Pria Plex, it looks like it is finally starting to work. I have noticed hair coming in where there wasn't any. I just ordered a 4th bottle and hope that it continues to help with hair growth !
  177. Avatar

    Juanda Smith-Hayes

    I was shocked (in a good way) to have received my order so fast. I have been taking the supplement as prescribed and am excited about the product and how easy it is for me to remember to take it. I will write again in a few months as a follow up. For now, the product is very easy to take, it is gentle on my system and I received it without delay!
  178. Avatar

    David Adkisson

    On my third bottle now it seams to do what Tango say's do wish had coating over pills, taste not pleasant or sitting with other pills makes all taste the same, Seams to be only down to them, but I still but them, Buy the way 61years young
  179. Avatar

    Eugene Dmitriev

    Great product to bring back vivacity and life to hair. Worth time and money though it is not cheap. I do believe this vitamin works but need a lot of time to take effect.
  180. Avatar

    Eva French

    PriaPlex seems to help my husband who is 68 keep from losing all his hair. He has been taking it for several years.
  181. Avatar

    Kolawole Ogundiran

    Amazing!! After reading so many great reviews, I decided to try PriaPlex. This wonderful product is the real deal!! What's important to me is that I didn't have an adverse reaction to it and saw a positive difference in 2 weeks - a thickening of hair in place of the open gaps on my crown. I'm surprised because I was working very late into the night on most days, wasn't sleeping enough, and wasn't eating well enough. My Immune system was challenged, and thought I wouldn't have the available energy much beyond my normal metabolism to help support the growth process. I was shockingly wrong, lol. Anyway...thank you very much to the creators of this product!
  182. Avatar

    BETSY Rose

    I haven't seen any hair growth but, I have taken less than one bottle so, will wait to see if it works after maybe 3 bottles. I will say I thought it would taste really bad but, if taken with food, it's not too bad !
  183. Avatar

    Gayle Bennett

    My husband, my son, and I take PriaPlex and have very positive results. Shipping is very fast! Thank you.
  184. Avatar


    I have been using this product for six months and have noticed a bit of new growth but I have also learned that the correct way to sustain hair and promote new growth or regrowth has to do with lifestyle changes as well and in particular the immune system within the gut microbiome.
  185. Avatar

    Helen Fong

    Would be lost without it. I make sure I never run out any product I have used that works
  186. Avatar

    Vince Doria

    I have been faithfully daily taking the prescribed dosages of Pria Plex for over 8 months. Although I am happy to report my hair is reverting to my natural hair color, yet I am still waiting for new hair to start growing.
    Should I increase my daily dosage? I would appreciate a response!
    Thank You!
  187. Avatar


    Hi there, I'm not certain and I believe it is barley a month but it seems my hair could be a bit thicker... stronger ? It could be just me thinking that. Not sure if the grey is going away though. Hopefully, as time goes on, I will see the benefits of the product
  188. Avatar

    Gary Slone

    It stopped my hair loss or at least slowed it down dramatically.
  189. Avatar

    Earl Hashimoto

    I've been using PriaPlex for about 10 months now and, although I did not develop a bushy head of hair, I have experienced primary growth initiations where I had nothing at all (on the top from back to front). This is gratifying in that nothing else had ever produced such results for me previously and, surprisingly, without religiously adhering to the recommended dosages (a six month supply lasted me 10 months). Therefore, I am motivated to give it a shot until the 2 year mark to see how far things can develop. If I continually experience progression, I will keep using the product to see if it ends up warranting a 5 star rating.
  190. Avatar


    Been taking it for six moths with positive results!
  191. Avatar


    I take this with hairbust and my hair is growing faster then it has ever. And I had baby fine hair and now it is full.
  192. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Satisfied customer, I use on a daily basis and have noticed a difference.
  193. Avatar

    Karen Steik

    Love, love it!
  194. Avatar

    Tammy Vincent

    My hair has got so thin,that i thought i would try priaPlex and I am starting to see hair growing in places where it had fell out,I am happy for every hair that i see growing where there was nothing around the hairline,thanks!
  195. Avatar

    Randall Johnson

    I have been using PriaPlex for 4 to 5 months. First bottle I started with a less dose recommended. Half or less. My mistake, and my refill was a little late on the next order. What I am noticing is that I am getting black hair growing on on the top of my head where the hair is slightly thin (my hair is white, and I don't like it). Eyebrows are starting some black hair. I am 67 and have a bald spot in the back. Slower back but I am seeing some light progress. The top and eyebrows black hairs are getting longer. I have hope it will continue.

    Randy Johnson
    Sugar Grove, IL
  196. Avatar

    Harry Kalajian

    I have only been taking Pria Plex for a few weeks. I see more dark Hair on my arms and legs. Notice nothing on my head yet'I will keep taking six pills a day
  197. Avatar

    Deborah Brown-Hill

    I've just finished my first bottle and I have noticed an increase in energy and my feet do not ache as much after standing for hours at my job. I purchased this supplement for increased circulation and I think it's working. I plan to keep on using it.
  198. Avatar

    Cora Kurtz

    My hair was getting thin several years ago because I am aging and because I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I read about PriaPlex and decided to try it. My hair dresser noticed the difference before I did! She commented about how much faster my hair grew that month and noticed it had more body. That reminded me that I had started taking PriaPlex approximately 4 weeks before my hair appointment. PriaPlex continues to help my hair grow and have body. At 76 years of age, I am pleased to have more body in my hair especially since my hair is fine and never has had much body.
  199. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    The product works for me. Very happy wiith it and will continue using.
  200. Avatar

    wendy thompson

    Pria Plex really DOES work to restore hair loss! I believe my thinning hair is do to natural hormone imbalance that comes to women with age (I am 70). I was skeptical, but desperate so decided to order 2 bottles. I started noticing a reduction in hair loss after about 2 weeks and after I finished my second bottle, I figured I wouldn't need any more. Wrong!! My hair again started falling out and I would literally have handfuls of it when shampooing. So, as long as I'm young enough to care how my hair looks, I will continue taking my Pria Plex. I have experienced no side effects and, on the positive side, I feel like it increases my energy and I'm less tired at the end of my day.
  201. Avatar

    Jean Ball

    caplets are easy to take.
  202. Avatar


    has noticeably reduced the amount of hair that comes out when my wife shampoos.
  203. Avatar

    Eugene Dmitriev

    PriaPlex Hair Support has helped me in the past to strengthen my hair and have more volume on top of my hair. I don't have to worry about having receding hair. I stopped for awhile and that was a mistake. So, now, I bought again and sure will be helpful. I only wish it was cheaper even though the tablets are made from organic materials. Thank you. Definitely useful and not a waste of money.
  204. Avatar

    Patricia De Young

    Such is the nature of alopecia It will take a minimum of three months to see how PriaPlex is working, I have great faith in the power of herbs and hope this combination of herbs will help to grow my hair. I will report back in three months.
  205. Avatar

    Patricia De Young

    I know from my work in this field that it takes at least 3 months (the life cycle of each hair) to show any result/improvement I look forward to success with this product and will certainly keep you informed. I would add that I have also recommended a topical lotion to be used in conjunction with the tablets as stimulating the hair follicles is important. Massage and gentle daily brushing (with a baby hairbrush if scalp is too sensitive)
  206. Avatar


    At 22 years old I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. I had been losing hair for the last 6 or more years and at the time of being diagnosed I had lost around 70% or more of my hair (I was lucky enough to have extremely thick hair to start with). I was prescribed both the oral form of Minoxidil and Spironolactone by my dermatologist but I was desperate to have my hair back as fast as possible. After a lot of online research I decided to also use a laser comb and to try PriaPlex.I started using all of these at around the same time and there was noticeable and immediate improvement. Lots of small shoots of hair began filling in the gaps (though still nowhere near what my natural hair used to be like), and my hair almost completely stopped falling out (less than a what is considered a ?normal? amount, being only a few strands a day was lost). The hair that grew was also a lot nicer, much smoother and appeared stronger than before. My hairline also came further in towards my face (though it had never receded prior anyway). And it grew really fast! In total I took 3 months of PriaPlex, then decided I would stop taking it to see if there was any change. When I stopped taking it the amount of hair falling out increased (still not an amount that would be medically considered problematic but I?d like to keep as much as possible!), and it also stopped growing as fast as it was. These were the incentives that are making me now go back to taking it. When I stopped taking it and these changes happened it showed me that PriaPlex was having an effect that was above and beyond that of the other medications and the laser comb. There were a few negative effects (or just things that were not so great). It improves the growth of ALL your hair, not just the hair on your head. Hair on my legs, arms, stomach, back, and ?fluff? on my face grew as well. The hair on my legs, arms, back and stomach grew darker as well (I?m becoming very good friends with my laser hair removal techs!), and may have tried waxing my face at one point. I also had much nicer and darker eyebrows, and my eyelashes even appeared to grow a little longer. BUT as soon as I stopped taking PriaPlex, all this hair stopped growing and went back to what it was prior. I would 100% recommend PriaPlex to anyone in my position, but if you don?t want the additional hair everywhere else on your body, make sure you consider the cost of hair removal as well.
  207. Avatar

    Marlene Ziegler

    I am not sure yet how well this is working however I have noticed that I do not have as much hair at the drain after my shower as before . I will get another supply as want to give it a good try and not just a few weeks and say good or bad
  208. Avatar

    Yanita Saragina

    Just coming up to 30 days of using this product.
    The pills were a little hard to swallow.
    I have not notice any changes to my hair.
    The white hairs are still white.
    No new growth
    But I am hoping if I try it a little longer I Might see something.
    So I'll do it for 1 more month.
  209. Avatar


    PriaPlex is the answer! Not only does it help me with my hair, but it helps my body with energy for physical and mental well-being!! I totally recommend it!!!
  210. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    Pria Plex does work and no more thinning hair for me
  211. Avatar

    John Perri

    I have only been taking this for a couple weeks
    No noticeable change as yet
  212. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    I've used this product for over a year now and am very happy to report that hair loss has stopped and hairline is looking good.
    Highly recommend
  213. Avatar

    Jo Ritter

    Both me and my husband are taking the PriaPlex. He was almost bald with a fringe of hair wrapping around his head, and he is growing hair in the bald spot. His barber was absolutely amazed. I am getting some brown hair in an area that it is really needed (my hair is white, but I dye it) and my lashes are growing. My eyebrows need plucking every other day. We love it. Jo Ritter
  214. Avatar

    Mary Lynn Brooke

    This product works for me and I am very grateful!
  215. Avatar

    Karen Steik

    I have been very happy with this product and the service I have gotten every time I have ordered it. Also, thank you for contacting me about not receiving the Sleep Cycle samples. I really appreciate your call.
  216. Avatar

    Betty Winter

    This appears to be working...time will tell
  217. Avatar

    Jeremiah Anderson

    I've been taking PriaPlex for over 6 months now. I've noticed a lot of new hair growth and that my hair loss is not as much as it used to be. I've also noticed that my original hair color has returned a little bit.
  218. Avatar

    cindy nosser

    Priaplex is really amazing in stopping hair loss, and I encourage everyone with this problem to give this amazing product a try!
  219. Avatar

    Joseph Berki

    Even though I haven't seen any hair growth in the three months l've taken priaplex, it looks healthier.
    I have a mole on the crown of my head which I can see through my hair and I have to be creative when I comb it. If there should come a time when I no longer see the mole I will know it's working for me. I have no side effects and feel great otherwise.
  220. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    I've used product the last 2 years and am satisfied that it is working.
  221. Avatar


    I have only been using this for one month. I can already see small amounts of hair starting to appear! I will continue to use this product for as long as necessary for desired results. So thank you Tango Herbs!
  222. Avatar

    karen weeden

    I always enjoy ordering from this company. I know I get good products and great help in figuring out what I may need and how to understand how the products work.
  223. Avatar

    Patricia Bowman

    I have been using this for over two years and it really keeps my hair very healthy and printed new growth
  224. Avatar

    Carl Pedrotti

    Need to try it for longer, but so far so good.
  225. Avatar

    sue Hoffpauir

    Second order, will keep on hoping that new growth is sustained. Have not seen hair color returning, though. ?
  226. Avatar

    Yumi Brickner

    I've been using the 2nd bottle now. Although I don't see any sign of improvement yet (amount of hair loss or new growth), I am committed to stay with it for a while.
  227. Avatar


    I only got PriaPlex two weeks ago. Easy to use with no side effects. Not sure if my hair seems a little fuller but time will tell. I like being able to take it with food in your stomach. Expecting a fuller head of hair but thinking it will take 6-10 weeks for more results to show up.
  228. Avatar

    Patricia Cusimano

    I have been taking PriaPlex since Jan 2016 and it has made my hair slightly thicker.
    Cons: Quite expensive.
  229. Avatar

    Chris Bowers

    Been on PriaPlex for 3 weeks now so I'm giving it 4 stars because it hasn't been that long to give a 5. But I have noticed some crucial things in my fight against age related hair loss as well as androgenic alopecia. Now my hair always feels more moisturized, almost like it feels as if it just air-dried after shampooing and conditioning it. I've noticed my hair growing stronger and faster. Thicker hairs. My temples were coming back decent with Propecia and everything else I do but once I added PriaPlex...boy oh boy, my hair is loving me. And as for the skin tone theory, yeah, that's real. I'm not a pale white ghost anymore. Very nice, even flush. Blood circulation through the skin is on point. I believe that is very major component to this supplement because follicles, lots of times starve to death from the loss of nutrients it needs. Not because you're not eating a proper diet, but because blood circulation is everything when it comes down to delivering nutrients to the follicle. So A+. It's working. It really is. Like I said, only thing i have not really seen yet is the increase of energy assumption. But hey, its early still and i just want to thank you all @ tango and all the researchers who made this supplement a reality. There are so many snake oils out there and to have real evidence and honest people working on the fight against non-sense hair loss is truly a blessing. You all are awesome and deserve every penny of your riches that will continue to bless you. When you're honest, hard working, and passionate about something you become successful and all the benefits are well deserved. Congratulations on your achievement PriaPlex! It's the real deal people. Hence the price and out of stock at times scenario. Don't be foolish, that tells you right there! I'm a normal average guy that takes a lot of pride and how I look, self-confidence does amazing things in other parts of your life. I'm not making a fake statement to get paid. I'm a Christian and would not do that. These people deserve a firm handshake and drinks on the house. Only thing I hate about writing this review is not being able to show you pictures! God bless, keep fighting, don't give up and thank you PriaPlex and Tango!
  230. Avatar

    S Flaws

    Great product. Fast shipping.
  231. Avatar

    Mary Lynn Brooke

    I can't believe how well this product works and there are absolutely no adverse side affects. Very important to me.
  232. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    I'm happy to say that my hair growth has returned
  233. Avatar

    Loan Nguyen

    I have just used this product a few days ago but it seems good.
    The loss of my hair is less then.
  234. Avatar


    Good service. Good Product. I recommend it!
  235. Avatar

    jerry squires

    My wife has been using PriaPlex for six months and we have noticed less and less hair that comes out during the shampoo and brushing.
    Hard to tell if new growth is occurring yet She is pleased and will go another 6 months..
  236. Avatar

    Lynda Cross

    I'm in my fourth month of taking Pria Plex. I thought I was going bald above my forehead, but that is not the case. It's a slow process but I can't see daylight on my scalp anymore.
  237. Avatar

    John Fasitta

    It works-even when your follicles won't!
  238. Avatar

    Janet Bradwell

    So far this product is proving to be true. This is only my second bottle and I do see improve in my scalp and a few new hairs are popping up. So we will continue to use it and see
  239. Avatar

    Liza Sanguinetti

    This is a truly amazing product! Since I started taking it my skin looks great and there is new hair growth where I had suffered loss due to grave illness. This product delivers on its promise. The only problem is that you have to be very consistent on taking three pills twice a day, or you will notice difference. Love it!
  240. Avatar

    Radames Villalon

    Too early to tell, but so far so good
    We will let you know in two month
  241. Avatar

    Siu Teo

    I have use PriaPlex for a while now, I find it really to prevent hair loss, restore the origin hair colour.
  242. Avatar

    Edith Schulman

    I love this product. Not only has it helped my hair but my nails are strong and growing long without splitting and my joints feel better. I attribute it all to PriaPlex.
  243. Avatar

    Patricia S

    I have more energy after taking the supplement for a couple of weeks. I noticed the first surge of energy about four days after I started taking the supplement. I like the taste and the texture of the pill also. I am looking forward to other good things happening!
  244. Avatar

    cindy nosser

    Still trying it out, seems to work, need more time, but excited about the possibilities, as I don't seem to be losing as much hair!!
  245. Avatar


    My family has been using this and we love it! Can definitely see the difference in my hair. Will definitely continue to order.
  246. Avatar

    Yumi Brickner

    I have just started to take the product so I can't review the product yet. When I received the package, there is no product in it, just the brown paper stuffed inside. I called the customer service very upset and received a message stated that the customer service dept. phone lines are too busy and was told to leave a message and phone number. Since I did not receive a call from them, I called again a few hours later and this time I was able to speak to a gentleman who happened to pick up the phone. He has stated that he is not a CSR but one of the officer. I explained what happened and he assured me to send the product right away. I did received the product a few days later. I know that mistakes happen but please tell the shipping dept. to double check the package before shipped out.
  247. Avatar

    marie suchoza

    I bought priaplex for my son{age55} this is his second bottle. He noticed since he useing the supplements, he has more energy. Don't know how his hair is progressing at this stage.
  248. Avatar

    Edward Musick

    I've used this for an entire year now. I just ran out and I'm debating if I should purchase more and give it more time. I failed to note a reduction in the rate of body or head-hair loss, and I didn't notice new hair growth. It is possible that I do have more hair at the crown of my head, but it is difficult to see and judge, so I am giving this product a low score. It is an expensive product, and even a 10% coupon doesn't offset the cost sufficiently, at approximately $800 per year. I haven't found that any other natural approach to preventing hair loss helps either.
  249. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    My hair is not falling out anymore. Holding strong at 51 and will continue to use the product.
  250. Avatar

    Lynda Cross

    I read in Miracles cures from the vault about hair loss and the use of Pria Plex 2x a day for 6 months. Decided to try it. It's been 2 months and there is hair growth all over my head. Hooray!
  251. Avatar

    Christopher Roberts

    Been taking for 3 weeks, have not seen any results yet!
  252. Avatar

    Lisa Kelly

    I noticed my hair starting to grow in more after only a few weeks. It's also healthier and more luxurious. Can't tell yet if it's getting rid of my white hairs, but if it simply continues to increase my hair growth, I will be very happy! It may also have helped with urinary leakage, I've started other supplements so I couldn't say for sure, but since this is a remedy for liver/kidney imbalance, I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to the Pria Plex. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from hair loss or just wanting healthier hair.
  253. Avatar

    Suzanne N

    I have only been on this caplet for about 3 weeks. Have noticed less hair falling out when I wash it. I'm going to try it longer to see what happens.
  254. Avatar

    Sharyn Berki

    I have only been using your product for about 3 weeks and the one thing i've noticed so far is that there is much less hair loss on my comb. I have not had any side effects at all and I do intend to order my second bottle.

    S. Berki
  255. Avatar

    Peter Luciano

    I have not taken PriaPlex long enough for a fair evaluation. The supplement literature indicates at least six months' use before seeing results of hair restoration. However, I will say that all the ingredients are sound and could have other benefits, as well. Also, having used PriaPlex for four months I think I see a decrease in hair loss and graying. I am fairly certain of this. At this point it is too soon for me to give an unequivocal thumbs up, but I am satisfied enough to continue using PriaPlex. I would tell someone concerned about hair loss to read the literature and if they need a little encouragement I would say it's worth a try.
  256. Avatar

    cindy nosser

    have only been using a short time, but noticing hair loss has almost completely i think new hair growth is next, so grateful to see this possibility...thanks
  257. Avatar

    margaret greer

    On my second bottle - I now definitely notice less hair on my brush, so I know it's working. Whew! You have to be patient to see results.
  258. Avatar

    Nicholas Hosein

    Been using this for about 3 years and while my hair is not getting terribly worse it also isnt growing back to fast. Will keep using simply because without it id probably be completely bald right now.
  259. Avatar

    Lynn Brooks

    Seems to be working, so I keep taking it.
  260. Avatar


    I have been using PriaPlex for about 5 months now. I have seen great improvement in hair growth and hair volume. My hair stylist has noticed the difference as well. I could not be more pleased. I had absolutely no adverse side affects with any of the other supplements or HRT that I take on a daily basis.
  261. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Shipped quick, very effective in my case, will continue buying.
  262. Avatar

    Nadyne Ichimura

    I ordered for my husband and he seems to think his hair is getting thicker so I ordered some more.
  263. Avatar

    Linda Phillips

    Taken one bottle and so far I have not seen a difference. And the pills need to be coated. They are to hard to swallow for me. Linda Phillips
  264. Avatar

    Patricia Cusimano

    I have been taking PriaPlex for a little over 3 months and have not seen any additional hair growth, but I realize that a six-month regimen is necessary before improvement is noticed. Therefore, I will try it for another three months.
  265. Avatar

    Lanette Best

    I've really been struggling with losing my hair the past several months. Decided it was more of an internal thing but decided to take it easy on the coloring, brushing, curling and washing. Anyway, I have been more consistent with not going a few weeks in between bottles and my hair is slowing coming back. Oh, by the way, I just turned 68!
  266. Avatar

    Michael Asbridge

    This product has helped regrowth and reduced the thinning process, amazing
  267. Avatar

    Desperate user

    Just been a week but I do feel a difference in the texture of the hair, excited to see the progress !!
  268. Avatar

    John Morabito

    Uncertain if product actually works. Definitely does not darken white hairs as it claims too do.
  269. Avatar

    James Harris

    The caplets are easy to take and while I have been taking supplement for about three weeks, I can see a few dark hairs coming in around my temples. I think that is a good sign that something is taking place. I am anxious to see what happens over time.
  270. Avatar

    Cora Kurtz

    A diagnosis of hypothyroidism and also simply aging resulted in hair loss. I loved having hair that extended to my shoulders. But the thinning hair looked stringy so I had it cut shorter. After seeing product information about PriaPlex, I decided to give it a try. Several weeks later I had a hair trim. My hairdresser said, "Wow, your hair grew longer and thicker than usual. What have you done? It took me a few minutes to remember and then I told her about taking PriaPlex. She said, "Continue taking it because it makes your hair look lovely". My fingernails have also become stronger since being on PriaPlex and my skin looks smoother. I've recommended it for others who have a problem with thinning hair. It made me a believer in the product.
  271. Avatar

    Carol V.

    I am into my third bottle now and I think I am loosing less hair. I am patiently waiting to see new growth.

  272. Avatar

    Tricia Brown

    I have not missed a day of taking 3 tablets two times a day for over a month now. I see no difference in my thinning spots yet but I'm hopping to see some fill in starting soon. These are easy to take.
  273. Avatar

    Bonnie Addison

    I have not noticed a big change but I do see little hairs coming out so I am hopeful. Thank you
  274. Avatar

    Joseph Woolfson

    Repeat customer, definite improvement over the last 3 months, would highly recommend
  275. Avatar

    Dr Patrick Dua

    This is the first time I have ordered PriaPlex. So I need some time to try it. I definitely anticipate a positive outcome based on the information I had gathered prior to ordering. The only problem I don't understand is why the item cannot be shipped to a German address. Thanks for the smooth transaction.
  276. Avatar

    Frederick Mattson

    Seeing some substantial regrowth on frontal crown areas and much less hair loss. Still looking for top of head regrowth but very encouraged so far. Just started 3rd month.
  277. Avatar

    Scarlett Barger

    I really don't have anything yet on Pria Plex. I recently started taking it therefore it has not had a chance to do what is designed for. I have high hopes and will get back to you after I taken it for a sufficient amount of time. Scarlett Barger
  278. Avatar


    I've used this product for 9 months with little result. If I have new hair growth, it is slight. I plan to use the remaining 3 month supply and see how it goes.
  279. Avatar

    Timothy Harris

    Im seeing a change in my facial hair and nails my nails are stronger and my facial hair is growing faster

    I shave my head daily but I will let it grow out in a couple of weeks

    Thank You so far
    Timothy W Harris
  280. Avatar

    Margaret Greer

    I'm only on my second bottle, but I think my hair has slowed down on its fallout. I intend to keep on - I know it takes some time. I do wish the pills were a little more "slippery", for ease of getting them down. But otherwise I have no complaints except that I wish I could put my order on an autoship! I date the bottle-cap when the bottle arrives, so I have an idea of when to reorder. Don't want to run out.
  281. Avatar

    Jeremiah Anderson

    I've been taking PriaPlex Hair Support for a couple of weeks now. It is very easy to use. The herbal caplets digest easily and smell like great herbs.

    I look forward to noticing stoppage of my hair loss and new hair growth.

  282. Avatar

    Ray Ballew

    I'm only three weeks into program and thus have nothing to report. I am hopeful that the product will at lease work a little.

    I'll report more as I use the product more.

  283. Avatar


    I bought PriaPlex for hair restoration of a section of hair in the
    front of my head. The section was the entire length of my head,
    my hair thinned, and I part my hair in the middle, and on both sides of this part my hair was very thin, with hair on one side thinner than the other. I could see too much of my scalp.
    Every time I looked in the mirror, I would see it, and became very bothered.
    After reading all the information about this product, and looking at the pictures, I decided to give it a try, especially that it has a money back guarantee.
    I never write reviews, but this product worked so well I had to.
    It's been about three weeks, taken as directed, and my hair filled
    in. I can't find or see the the thinness, and almost can't believe it worked so fast. My hair has also come in Brown, my real color. I've been dying my hair, and I almost need a touch up, so I can tell the new hair is Brown, the hair next to it is White.
    My hair is also filling in underneath, when I part my hair not exactly in middle, the hair is Brown
  284. Avatar

    Peter De Angelis

    -I have been an heavy supplement user for over 40 years, being active as a non-competitive natural bodybuilder and also a martial artist. For over twenty years I have had the typical "male pattern baldness for which I have tried multiple products, including Rogaine. Many products make claims but few deliver the results. PriaPlex is one of the few exceptions, and I can see definite results within a few months of use. The hair loss has been stopped cold in its tracks. I have also noticed the greying around my temples seems to have stopped.

    I also believe there is an overall "tonic effect to the body as a whole. I have made PriaPlex a must have as part of my supplement program.


    Peter D.
  285. Avatar

    Carol Van Driest

    I have been taking this for just under a month now and I think it is too soon to know if it is helping me. Sometimes I think I am loosing less hair then before but then, I am not sure. Only time will tell. I will keep taking this and trust that the results will be good.
  286. Avatar

    Dennis Gonzales

    I've just started taking this supplement. I have a positive frame of mind; so I believe this product will deliver on its promise to promote hair growth and color restoration.
  287. Avatar

    Lanette Best

    I've been struggling with age related hair loss off and on for the past few years. When I take this product the shedding stops and I see new hair growth. Incredible product.
  288. Avatar

    Diane Tintor

    I have only begun to use this product for one month but I have seen some improvement in my hair. There is less hair loss when brushing or after washing and my hair looks and feels (texture) better. It does appear that there has also been some new growth. I plan to continue.
  289. Avatar


    My hair stopped falling out and I went from white to gray
  290. Avatar

    Lawrence OMalley

    after 30 days I'm noticing my 70 year old silver hair color darkening. no thickening yet. I ordered 3 extra bottles for my wife and 2 sons
  291. Avatar

    Alvin Lopez Jr

    Ive only had it for a few weeks, but seems to be working. If it keeps working I will be getting another order. Im very satisfied and thank you.
  292. Avatar

    William McCary

    I have been taking the Pria Plex supplement for hair regrowth for the last seven weeks and have noticed little hairs beginning to break the surface of my scalp. It is too early to say this is success, but it does offer me hope that this product will continue to stimulate my scalp and hair follicles and I will continue to experience new growth.
    The supplement is easy to take and has no side affects. I will continue to take this for several months and then reevaluate the results. My hope is that I will see great results. I am a senior citizen.
  293. Avatar

    Sue Harkins

    The order of 3 bottles was received within a few days. After using this product for approximately 2 weeks, the beginning gray hair at my temples and underneath has already started to turn back to my original color! Also, instead of 5-6 hairs coming out after shampooing, I now only find 1 or none! I have had no ill effects whatsoever from taking the recommended 6 pills a day.
  294. Avatar

    Robin Salmon

    I m pleased so far with this product. I am using it in conjunction with better eating habits. This far I can actually say I am seeing slow but certainly hair growth and less fall out with this product. I will continue using it and ordering. Thanks so much

    R S
  295. Avatar

    Diane Clinkscale

    I am just now starting my 2nd. month bottle. After 1 month usage I haven't noticed any change in hair growth or thickness. I am willing to give the product up to 3 months to see a difference if any. As of now the jury is still ou ton it's effectiveness.
  296. Avatar


    I've been using PriaPlex for almost a year now, it gives me energy besides new hair growth and help with the skin.
  297. Avatar

    Scott Fictum

    Have been using it now for over 3 months. I don't really notice any difference. But I wouldn't say my hair is any worse either.
  298. Avatar


    I saw my hair dresser today, she has been aware of my hair loss problem for years. She has seen for herself how much I lose in her salon. She looked at my scalp carefully today and said I have new growth all over my head. She's very impressed. I'm very excited! She's not supposed to recommend supplements for her clients but she asked for the web site and of course I gave it to her. She'll find a way to get the info to others that have a problem with hair loss. THANK YOU PriaPlex!!!!! More than 5 stars!!
  299. Avatar

    Karen Bolin

    I have been taking PriaPlex Hair Support now for a couple of months. I do see that my eyebrows are becoming fuller. I know everyone is different as far as results. I will continue to take this product because I do believe in its efficacy.
  300. Avatar

    73 yr old female

    I have been using the PriaPlex Hair Support caplets for about six months. So far, I haven't seen much new hair growth even though my hair seems thicker, and the hair loss has stopped for sure. Very encouraging!. I know it takes time so I am very optimistic that I am on the right track with this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  301. Avatar

    Lawrence OMalley

    I've used a little over half of my first purchase of PriaPlex and what I see so far is a little darkening at the roots of my grey hair and a slightly smoother surface of my 71 year old face.
  302. Avatar

    Robert Knull

    Just started and looking forward to seeing real results.
  303. Avatar


    Thank you - It works :-) I took it for 3 months before starting to see an improvement and on the 4th month I have new growth and fuller head of hair. Even my sister commented on it and now she wants to try it too . defanetly ordering more .
  304. Avatar


    I began taking PriaPlex October 24 and in one week saw a big decrease in hair loss. Now I'm seeing new hair growth and a bit more volume on the top of my head. I'm about to place my second order and will be sharing it with my son as well. This is a great supplement for me and hopefully for my son too.
  305. Avatar

    Suzettr Jablonski

    This supplement seemed to fortify my hair - seemed to grow faster and thicker
  306. Avatar

    Olive Palmacci

    The product is very good, I have noticed my nails improving and my energy level also. Unfortunately, my second order I have not yet received, apparently, according to Mail Boxes an incorrect labeling was placed on my order and it will be next week before I receive it. I will continue ordering this product as I am sure I will eventually see an improvement in my hair. I have a thyroid condition and it may take longer. OMP
  307. Avatar

    Joan Simpson

    Perhaps I need to use for a longer period pf time
  308. Avatar

    L Redditch

    I have been using PriaPlex for nearly two years. I began having problems with increasing hair loss. I had known about PriaPlex for several years so was ready to order after the problem became impossible to ignore any longer. I noticed a slowing in the rate of falling within a few weeks but it took a few months for the condition to stabilize. I still have some hair loss occurring but not like it had been. I believe my scalp has been filling in nicely so I am happy with that. The best would be for the gray to go away. I am pleased with the results so far. One other thing, I had to stop for a while and the falling started up again so you need to keep up with using PriaPlex as directed.
  309. Avatar

    ruby Scott

    I have only been on this product for about 2 weeks. I see that I have not got that much hair falling out as before so in a month or so I will probably see hair growth again where I am thinning.
  310. Avatar

    Nicholas Hosein

    Been using it for 2 years. My hair has not fallen out but the growth back is pretty slow. Overall will keep using it.
  311. Avatar

    Karen Bolin

    I have just started to take this product and am encouraged by results of other users. It is too early to see results for myself, but I am confident this product will help to restore my hair.
  312. Avatar


    After only a week of taking PriaPlex I noticed a marked difference in daily hair loss. I've been losing too much hair for several years now. I'm excited about this product.
  313. Avatar

    scott fictum

    I've been taking this product now for 33 days. So far, I have not noticed any difference. I still have almost 2 months left of my order. We'll see what happens then
  314. Avatar

    Susan Hunter

    Made my order and received right away. Will be able to give more of a review after taking the PriaPlex for another couple of months
  315. Avatar


    I am from India and have just used PriaPlex for the first time and have already started seeing positive results. I am going ahead to for the second bottle to see more good effects. I recommend this product for all (male/female)
  316. Avatar

    Kim Thomas

    I have just started taking the PriaPlex formulation. I received my order and started immediately that evening. If these caplets effects are as strong as their smell, I am going to see tremendous results. I feel that there is no question that this is a potent blend of herbs and have high expectations on the outcome.
  317. Avatar

    True Believer

    This request for a review came after I have taking PriaPlex for little more than two weeks; too soon to tell.
  318. Avatar

    Robert Lee

    Product was promptly received. Thanks for your efficiency.
  319. Avatar

    J. W. from NY

    Hair is definitely not as gray as it use to be and stopped falling out, and my hairline is filling in. Very happy with product.
  320. Avatar

    James Meyers

    Taking them now on a daily basis. Too early to tell any results, not giving up though!
  321. Avatar

    Joshua Headley

    i have taken this for about 2 months now and have seen a bit of improvement in my hair growth. Looking foward to the next 4 months.
  322. Avatar


    I am a male with developing male-pattern baldness. I have used this product for less than 3 months. Based on the information I've read, this may not be enough time to see significant results, and indeed I cannot report any noticeable results. I ordered enough product for three more months, and hope that by the time I use it, I will see new hair or will at least stop losing as much hair. This product is a significant investment, but I'm interested in a natural solution and will give it more time. I will try to update my review later.
  323. Avatar

    Brian Fairlie

    I am in my mid sixties and the balding process was well underway. It has taken some months but I am actually seeing new growth - hair looks fuller. I recommend this product.
  324. Avatar

    Carolyn Woltje

    I do not take any kind of medications, so I was concerned how my body would react to 5 to 6 of the PriaPlex vitamins each day. I have not had any kind of side effects. I cannot wait until my hair starts growing back. I am so tired of looking at my scalp each time I look into the mirror.
  325. Avatar

    Bontia Antie

    Taste bad but I just started taking them. If they help my hair the taste is worth it
  326. Avatar

    Gerry Rodriguez

    I started taking PriaPlex about 1 year ago. I was noticing that my hair was thinning which I believe has to do with taking Thyroid medication which I have to take. After a few months my hairdresser noticed new growth & although I have very little grey hair for my age, the new growth was coming in my normal color brown. Very pleased . While my hair will never be as thick as it was before my Thyroid issues , I am not losing hair as I once was. Expect continued success.
  327. Avatar

    Gary S

    Received quickly, Time will tell if it really works
  328. Avatar

    Cynthia Shearin

    I am very satisfied with this product. It works well but you use it consistently.
  329. Avatar

    Jeanne Barrett

    My husband and I both started Pria Plex at the same time. Both of our results were remarkable: new hair growth, darker hair color, less hair loss. Additionally, I experienced improved facial skin texture, i.e., decreased, more relaxed wrinkle line under my right eye. After taking Pria Plex for about a year, my husband discontinued it. Now, two years later, he is resuming Pria Plex as his hair is without much color. He is now convinced that Pria Plex contributed to his nice dark brown hair! I have been taking Pria Plex the entire time, and continuing.
  330. Avatar

    cary n

    By all rights I should have much less hair than I do. My family history of hair loss seemed to be including me but over the years I have taken great pains to research and do what I can to keep from being a family hair statistic. When I read about PriaPlex I knew it was something that I needed to add to my regime. I have been a steady user ever since it was introduced and I am holding my own instead of losing ground as time goes by. I feel confident about what PriPlex is doing to my hairline and intend to stay with it for a long time.
  331. Avatar

    Evie K

    To whom it may concern, Thank you so much for two great products. Last summer a friend suggested I try some of your supplements. I purchased a bottle of PriaPlex and MetaPhase. I am so pleased with both products. Several years ago I had some surgery and subsequent hair loss. Previous to this I had a beautiful white hair with body and nice texture. I was told that I would lose my hair but that it would grow back fuller and thicker. This did not happen and that is when my friend recommended trying PriaPlex. I am so pleased that after using it my hair loss has lessened if not stopped all together and it is beginning to have some body. This is not only a product I will continue to use but recommend to others in this situation. I wanted to try the MetaPhase because I have always struggled with weight and especially with curbing the sweet/crab area. After beginning MetaPhase I had less of a a desire for carbs and had fewer cravings between meals. It was especially hard to resist eating before going to bed but now its not a problem. I know my health has gotten better by just not ingesting so much sugar and my ability to stick with my diet--even through the holidays--was greatly aided by taking MetaPhase. I so appreciate knowing that Tango Advanced Nutrition is a business that cares about the quality of their products. It is nice to see such dedication to your customers. Thank you again. Sincerely, E.K.
  332. Avatar

    John S

    I am quite happy with my experience with Priaplex. I'm a white male in my thirties and have always had coarse, thick hair, and wanted to maintain the fullness as I reached into my thirties and beyond. I started noticing a little thinning, and on advice from my chiropractor, began using Priaplex (her husband has been taking the product with good results). I've been on the product for about 120 days and I can honestly say my hair is growing noticeably faster. My barber has mentioned this several times and has asked me what I'm doing differently. Also, I've noticed that fullness has been restored in the front hairline, about which I'm quite pleased. I've tried a few different products and shampoos prior to using Priaplex, but this product is the only thing that I believe is actually making a difference. John, 38, Atlanta, GA
  333. Avatar

    Nancy C

    I wanted to tell Tango how much I appreciate your wonderful PriaPlex formula. Ever since I can remember, I have had thin hair and weak fingernails. Since I have aged (I am over 80) my hairline has receded back from my forehead, and my nails were very weak. I read about PriaPlex in the catalog and ordered one bottle, and first noticed that my nails were stronger. With my second bottle, I can see my hair coming in at my normal hairline. This product is beyond all expectations. I thought I was going to have to ask for a refund because I didn't expect it could work as advertised. You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw the results. Thanks, Tango. I'm a fan forever. Nancy C.
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    Susie Van Buskirk

    Dear Tango, I really love your new hair support formula, PriaPlex. I have been taking it for almost 2 years now, and it is really the answer to many of the problems I developed after years of low thyroid. One of the symptoms of low thyroid is hair loss and hair thinning, especially in the eyebrow areas. For years I looked like I had half-moon eyebrows. But now my eyebrows have grown in darker and have filled in the area over the eyes. My hair has also thickened and filled in, especially in the thinning temple areas. Some of my gray hairs have been replaced with darker hair, and no more gray has shown up! I have more hair in my side-burns and forehead area--everywhere that had receded has come back! I am also now shaving my legs and underarms again after 10 years! I am really happy with this product. Thank you Tango for a wonderful product. I love the great shine and healthy look my hair now has!!! Susie Van Buskirk San Rafael, CA PS: I am also taking OsteoPhase and GingiPhase as well. I love all these products!
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    James F

    I started losing my hair when I was 19. It started receding in typical mail pattern baldness. I am now 66 and I have a horseshoe around the sides and the back of my head, and I'm about 70% gray. My eyebrows have been totally white for the last few years. I have a few strands that grow longer on the sides that I put over the top ? I know its futile, but it's better than nothing. After 6-8 weeks of taking PriaPlex I noticed the color of a few strands of hair changing, first in my eyebrows and later on my temples. A few of my eyebrow hairs had grown in brown. That's what made me look at my hair more closely, and I noticed that some fuzz had started growing on the crown of my head. At first I thought it was my imagination, but on closer inspection, I confirmed that hair actually was growing. My mother had always told me that I could stimulate hair growth by brushing my scalp with a soft brush, which I have done for years with no result. I believe that PriaPlex has provided my body the nutrients it needed to re-grow hair. After 3 months on PriaPlex I found there were fewer hairs in my brush. As opposed to subjective results, this is a change I can really see, so I know its working. I am very happy with my results and plan to continue taking PriaPlex in the hopes of more hair regrowth and color change. -James F.
  336. Avatar

    Terry Grubaugh

    I have used your PriaPlex for almost 3 months now. I originally purchased it due to the herbal extracts in the ingredients. I have had energy drain for the last 30 years and haven't found anything as good as this product for increased energy (66 years old now). (I wasn't interested in the hair growth properties). The doctors had me on depression medicine, B12 shots, dietary changes, allergy meds, & etc. PriaPlex works great for me for increased energy and I thought you should know. One main story sticks out in my mind. When I was feeling really poor, I got a complete physical every year. I told the 'new ' doctor my health problems and he ran tests on me for a month. When all the results were in, he said he couldn't find anything wrong and this fatigue was 'all in my mind'. Also, when I told him I was trying different kinds of vitamins, he said I was just pissing money down the drain. I had a grand mal seizure in the next 2 months for which no cause was found. I never saw that doctor again and most doctors couldn't do anything for the fatigue. So I went to lots of coffee, vitamins, and energy drinks just to get through a day of work. Trouble with these remedies was that they would work for just an hour or two and on top of it was restless sleep nights. On top of the fatigue I would be allergic to wheat products for about a year, then fish for a year, then milk products for a year. I took the weekly allergy de-sensitivity shots for a year with no results. I figured that my immune system needed a boost. Then one day 1998, a substitute doctor had me write down everything I ate for one month. After looking at the data, he sent me in for a glucose test and found that I had hypoglycemia. Now I had had that test done before along with a diabetes test and they found nothing. The doctor said his mother had had the same symptoms and it took 20 years to find it because symptoms would vary in intensity depending on age, stress, & diet. You always feel like you have a low grade flu and his mother said the same thing also. A dietician put me on a special diet, which stopped the seizures but not all the fatigue. So I kept looking for a supplement to get more energy. While trying different supplements, I noticed the ones which had a energy benefit were herbal extracts. Now, all I had to do was find the right mixture. When I read about PriaPlex, your hair growth supplement, it looked like it might work and it did !! I can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested. I constantly get more 'stuff ' done during the day. The fatigue is 70% gone. Terry G.
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    Richard H

    I am a disabled vet. I had radiation in 2008 and my hair fell out in places and never grew back. In 2011, I had radiation for 3 weeks and had further hair loss. I didn't think anything would help my hair short of surgery. Then In January 1014, I read the article about PriaPlex and thought it sounded pretty good. I started taking it and kind of forgot about it. But after about two and a half months, people started telling me my hair looked thicker and shinier in front. Friends said that they used to be able to see through my hair in the front, but they now they can't because the hair is thicker and fuller. They wanted to know what I was taking and where they could get it! I got out my glasses and looked in the mirror, and sure enough, my hair was fuller and healthier looking. Furthermore if feels thicker and combs better. I think my complexion has gotten better and people have commented on that too. I started at 6 capsules a day, but after a month I wanted to stretch it out so now I have been taking between 3 and 6 capsules a day. I wouldn't talk about a product unless it works. I've been taking it for about a year now, and I've had no more hair loss, only growth in the last year. You've got a great product here ? it works. Richard Hancock
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    Eliza W

    I first heard of PriaPlex in the HSI newsletter, which suggested the product for women who are losing hair, especially on top of our heads. I had been addressing my condition of an under active thyroid for the past 6 years, but I was still losing my hair. I started seeing my scalp through my hair (on the front top of my head) and freaked out. Women cannot be bald :( I had tried many supplements, topical creams and liquids, but did not see any results after 60 days. Yours was the first product I tried which showed results within 4 weeks. Within 45 days I started seeing tiny hair growing. Besides that my hair became fluffy and alive: fuller with more body and the gray hair slowly returning to the old shade. Like all people who reach their goal I stopped using PriaPlex and within 5 months I reverted to hair loss. My health condition did not improve enough for me to stop hair supplements. I am back to using it again - but I wish it was more affordable so women on restricted incomes could afford it. -Eliza W.