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Following the publication of our recent review article on Rehmannia in the last newsletter (article here) we’ve received numerous requests for a list of formulas containing this amazing herb. The following chart details the seven current Tango formulas that include Rehmannia, along with brief descriptions of how the herb contributes to the overall benefits of each formula. As with all of our herbal products, these seven are based on tonic herbalism – the practice of combining traditional ‘tonic herbs’ into formulas with synergistic effects greater than those possible from taking individual herbs. All of our formulas are based on Jing, or essence tonics, and designed to be taken continuously for cumulative, long-term benefits free of unwanted side effects to aid the body in maintaining its self-regulatory capacity for optimal health.​

1. ArthriPhase® – Advanced Joint Relief and Comfort

ArthriPhase® is an advanced, front-line herbal formula that promotes healthy joints and circulation. The proprietary blend of herbs has been shown to work on numerous pathways to soothe discomfort and normalize inflammatory responses. In addition to helping keep joints flexible and comfortable, ArthriPhase supports healthy cartilage and joint tissues. (more)

Rehmannia: Catalpol, an iridoid glycoside found in Rehmannia, exerts protective effects on dopaminergic neurons to inhibit microglial activation, thereby regulating production of pro-inflammatory factors.*

2. CardioPhase – Healthy Heart and Cardiac Rhythm Support

CardioPhase contains a unique blend of herbs traditionally used to support normal heart rhythm and maintain cardiovascular health. In addition to aiding cardiovascular performance and circulation, CardioPhase contains herbs shown to support proper electrical transmissions involved in normal cardiac rhythms. (more)

Rehmannia: Studies show that Rehmannia glutinosa and its active principles possess wide pharmacological actions on the circulatory, immune, endocrine, cardiovascular and central nervous system. Studies suggest that Rehmannia glutinosa also supports peripheral microcirculation.*

3. Daily Movement – Gentle, Drug-Free Constipation Support

Daily Movement® is a safe, gentle and effective herbal laxative for occasional constipation and irregular bowel movements. Dr. Jake Fratkin designed Daily Movement utilizing traditional approaches to regularity. Instead of the strong, harsh purgative effects commonly experienced with western laxatives, Daily Movement works with the body to lubricate and moisten the intestines to provide a gentle, natural laxative to help maintain and promote healthy regularity. (more)

Rehmannia: According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, Rehmannia is highly effective at counteracting a “yin” deficiency that underlies a host of complications, including constipation.*

4. FloControl – Overactive Bladder Control Formula

FloControl® supports urinary tract health by supporting healthy bladder strength and muscle tone. FloControl helps maintain bladder health, especially during the night (nocturia). Additionally, in men FloControl has also been shown to enhance muscle tone to maintain and support normal urinary performance. (more)

Rehmannia: For over 1,800 years Rehmannia has been a vital component of
the most popular traditional Chinese herbal preparation for urinary frequency, based on its ability to “warm kidney yang” to relieve frequent urination. In animal studies the formula has been shown effective for modulating bladder target receptors to directly alleviate bladder overactivity.*

5. GingiPhase – For Healthy Gums and Teeth

GingiPhase® is a sophisticated herbal formula designed to support optimal gum health. GingiPhase contains essence herbs shown to aid the body in coping with biofilms implicated in serious gum health issues. GingiPhase also addresses inflammatory-modulating processes involved in gum health while promoting healthy blood circulation within the jawbone. (more)

Rehmannia: Rehmannia has been shown to protect alveolar bone tissues that anchor teeth firmly in their sockets by increasing bone alkaline phosphatase (AP), an enzyme that helps mineralize bone tissue. In addition to increasing alveolar bone density and preventing bone loss, Rehmannia aids in promoting healthy, strong gum tissues.*

6. OsteoPhase – Promotes Healthy Skeletal Bone Support

OsteoPhase® is a unique bone-support formula that works by helping the body regulate normal calcium balance, not by increasing calcium intake. The proprietary blend of herbal extracts and peptides in OsteoPhase have been well studied for their role in supporting bone health and calcium balance to aid in promoting healthy skeletal bone structure in men and women. (more)

Rehmannia: Rehmannia has a centuries-long track record for safely treating bone and joint issues. Recent research shows that Rehmannia helps maintain a healthy balance between osteoblasts (cells that create bone cells) and osteoclasts (cells that clear out old bone cells), a process that becomes severely imbalanced in osteoporosis.*

7. PriaPlex – Halts Hair Loss, Promotes Fuller, Healthier Hair

PriaPlex® is a U.S. patented herbal formula designed to reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth. PriaPlex provides a blend of herbs that include Rehmannia, a revered TCM herb used historically to restore youthful energy, rebalance essence and prolong life. (more)

Rehmannia: Research reveals that Rehmannia aids in mobilizing stem cells, the body’s built-in repair system, to replace worn out, damaged tissues with fresh, healthy cells. With age, stem cells can enter a senescent stage and stop working. Rehmannia has been shown to revert stem cells to a quiescent state, ready and available for reactivation to repair tissues involved in maintaining healthy bones, skin and hair.*

* These statements are for informational purposes only and have not been approved by the U.S. FDA. This information is not intended to provide personal medical advice, which should be obtained from a medical professional.

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